2019 UPDATE: Unfortunately, my dental clinic in Vancouver has now stopped using this machine. The problem they found is that many of microtubules branch off sideways (not just straight down), so the light/sound was not reaching the end of these sideways branches.

Well, hopefully someone figures out how to grow teeth this century! We have so many animals who can re-grow teeth and entire limbs, I honestly have no idea why this is taking so long to figure out…


Those of you who heard my teleseminar with Dr. Ara Elmajian a few years ago, know that he strongly advocated against root canals, and in 30 years had never performed one.

Dr. Elmajian’s clinic in Vancouver has a stellar reputation and when his own daughter’s tooth was in dire straits, he refused to do a root canal on her tooth and pulled it.

Well guess what? There is a new machine that Dr. Elmajian is now using in his clinic and it does… wait for it… root canals! This amazing machine uses light and sound to clear out and sterilize not just the root of the tooth, but the microtubules as well.

Here’s the very simplified layperson’s description of how it works: First of all, the dentist does not drill down into the root or root branches of the tooth. The laser is only inserted in the top part of the tooth, which is filled with liquid. The laser must be accurate to a distance of 0.1 micron, so that it can stop the instant the laser hits the liquid. Which creates a BAM of sound and light (conducted by the liquid), which travels down through the root structure and branches off into all those dozens of microtubules which are normally impossible to sterilize.

Here’s a quick 3-D animation of how this PIPS (Photon-Induced Photoacoustic Streaming ) machine works:

And here’s the full 1-hour lecture (at a dental convention) of exactly how this procedure works and why it is superior to anything else we currently have. Don’t worry, it is easy to understand as he explains everything really well with lots of pictures:

This is extremely exciting for those of us who have been waiting for a viable alternative to traditional root canals – other than having our teeth pulled!

New Photoacoustic Root Canal Technique

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  • Thanks for this info, Jini, it helps to have a better understanding of the issues and how the technology works. I’m seeing Dr. Elmajian on Friday. I knew there was a reason I just wasn’t comfortable getting a root canal this Spring. The tooth has continued to bother me off and on and it’s time to deal with it. The alternative is having it pulled and putting in a metal post with an eventual crown. We’ll see how things go…

    1. LIZ – Please let us know how things go and what you think of the procedure – that will be really helpful to other people thinking of trying it. You may also want to get the 3-D x-ray done while you’re there, it’s amazing how much shows up on there. I did only one quadrant the first time (saving money, didn’t know if it was necessary) – when I saw the results and how much was going on that I was unaware of, I had them do my entire jaw. It is absolutely worth every penny – plus allows you to formulate a long-term plan, rather than patch work as each new thing “pops up”. If I was a dentist, I actually wouldn’t touch anyone’s mouth unless they had the full jaw done with the 3-D xray. This is not a panoramic x-ray, it is a completely different technology and allows you to see a 3-D rendering of bone vs. tooth structure, sinus cavities, etc. Turns out that I had a 25 year old wisdom tooth extraction site that was so infected the bone was nearly eaten away – all that remained was a shell. This did not show on any other x-ray, and there was no other sign of it existing other than a cough that kept returning. And when I tuned into the cough, I got the message that it was something with my teeth. So I assumed root canal infection etc. But nope, it was the entire wisdom tooth cavitation site! Anyway, I could go on! But let us know how it goes for you…

  • Oh, weird! I mean, it’s awesome, but weird. Root canals can be one of the most uncomfortable of dental surgeries. I wonder how this new machine can help with that problem. Unfortunately, I fear that many people avoid going to their dentist because of fear of procedures like root canals and fillings. They may be necessary evils in order to have good dental health, but the better you take care of your teeth, the happier you will be.

  • Hi Jini, I have been using your Absorb Plus for about 20 days now, plus Healthy Trinity for about 10 days, and of course adding Udo’s oil to my shakes. I am getting a lot of gas and now crazy cramps, sharp ones that i don’t normally get. I suffer from IBS and have had attacks of Diverticulitis in the past. Do you think the products are causing my gas and cramps? If so, what do I eliminate to start finding out what is causing so much gas…A lot of my bowl pain is caused by trapped gas. I think my sigmoid colon is thicker because of the repeated attacks of diverticulitis….Help!!

    1. Hi Mark,

      You could be experiencing a die off effect as the probiotics populate your gut and compete with the existing gut flora. If you’re not using wild oregano oil in conjunction with the probiotics (as detailed in Jini’s Wild Oregano Protocol) then we’d definitely recommend adding that to your regimen as it will speed the process of populating your gut with good flora. Also, you’ll definitely want to check out the link below to another one of Jini’s blog posts where she talks about some of the things you’re experiencing:


      If you’re already using wild oregano oil and have tried some of the things Jini talks about in the blog post, then we’d recommend eliminating the healthy trinity first and trying the “cautious/sensitive approach” to probiotics that Jini outlines on page 175 of her Listen to Your Gut book where you start with one strain and work your way up as your body acclimates.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

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