After a very lengthy process of weighing up the pros and cons of getting a vasectomy – which principally boiled down to potential immune consequences vs. strength of desire not to have another baby – my husband Ian decided to go ahead and have a vasectomy.

I said “Ian decided” because whilst I helped with research and discussion, there’s no way I would ever tell anyone to have surgery. I made it clear that I would be 100% supportive of whatever he decided.

His main deciding factors were that our last two children had been conceived whilst using birth control. When I got pregnant with Hugo (our last) both the doctor and the midwife said, “I don’t know how you got pregnant!” I said, “We don’t know either, we’re calling it the Immaculate Conception.”

So, Ian weighed up our incredibly high fertility against his extremely strong, robust body and immune system – he’s never had anything more than an occasional flu bug his entire adult life – and decided that for him the mental/emotional benefits of a vasectomy outweighed the physical risk. And he went ahead and had a vasectomy

Needless to say, I took one look at the traditional medical post-vasectomy care procedure (drug painkillers and antibiotics) and devised him a holistic one. When he went in for his first post-vasectomy checkup, the doctor (who has two clinics and ALL they do is vasectomies) was astounded. Ian had no pain at any time and the doc said he didn’t even look like he’d had a vasectomy. He asked Ian what he did and when Ian told him, the doctor requested a copy of my protocol to hand out to his patients, to give them the option of medical vs. holistic post-vasectomy care.

So, in case you are considering a vasectomy, here is that exact same protocol:

1.  Rest & Ice

Immediately following vasectomy, lie down on the couch or bed for the entire rest of the day with an ice pack (or ziplock bag filled with ice cubes) on top of the incision site. You can have your penis up or down, whichever is more comfortable.

Before placing the ice pack, remove about half of the gauze and place it in a clean plastic, ziplock bag, for later use. Otherwise the gauze pad is too thick and the cold cannot penetrate the tissues adequately.

Your body and psyche have undergone a significant event. So you need to just lie back on the sofa (read, watch tv, nap) and just rest like a king for the remainder of the day. Even eat your meals reclining on the sofa so there is no compression or downward pull of gravity on your genitals. Remember, sitting is not enough, you need to lie down or significantly recline (with just your head/shoulders raised) in order to release the pressure on your testicles.

2.  Arnica

Take an oral homeopathic remedy called:  Arnica Montana 30CH

Take 5 pellets under the tongue, every three hours for the first day.

Then take 5 pellets, 3 times per day for the next two days.

Do not touch the pellets with your fingers, just tip them from the cap directly into your mouth.

Do not eat/drink anything really aromatic like coffee, mint, eucalyptus, wild oregano oil, etc. for 20 minutes before or after the dose, as this interferes with the remedy.

Also apply Arnica cream or gel (the cream is recommended, as the gel tends to make the pubic hairs sticky) directly to the scrotum. Don’t rub in, just apply with light strokes twice per day for 4 days. Don’t skip this step as the effect is really remarkable.

Arnica is used for any bruising, sprains, strains, post-childbirth, sports injuries, etc. Traumeel is another topical cream you can use as it contains Arnica and is also very effective.

3.  Wild Oregano Oil

If you’re concerned about infection, or just want to take something as a preventative, then wild oregano oil orally is the strongest herb you can take. It is also an anti-inflammatory. I offer a free report on wild oregano oil (look for the pink box on the left side of the page) if you want more information.

Get either Joy Of The Mountains brand, or, North American Herb & Spice brand in the 1 ounce liquid dropper bottle.

Shake well and take 5 drops orally (shoot to back of mouth and then follow with lots of water), 3x/day for one week. Best if taken on an empty stomach, but not necessary. If you use for longer than two weeks, then you must follow with probiotics. See my video on YouTube for the easiest way to take wild oregano oil.

If it looks like infection is developing (or you want a preventative treatment), then also apply diluted wild oregano directly to the scrotum. Dilute 8:1 with organic olive oil for suspected infection (8 drops olive oil to 1 drop wild oregano oil) and 10:1 for protective effect, shake well and apply topically 4 times per day.

Wild Oregano Oil is antiviral, antibiotic, antiyeast and antifungal. It is also anti-inflammatory. However, it has a very “hot” sensation when touching any mucous membrane (that lasts about 2.5 minutes), hence the video provides a way to ingest it with no discomfort. Diluting it with olive oil, as directed, makes it comfortable for applying directly to genitalia.

Note: My husband followed steps one and two, but as his immune system is very strong, he only took 5 drops of wild oregano, 3x/day on the first day only. He experienced no swelling whatsoever and no pain.

4.  White Willow Bark

It is likely that just from following steps one and two above, you will not experience any pain. But if you do, then use white willow bark instead of drug painkillers.

Aspirin was actually derived from white willow bark, which has traditionally been used by First Nations people (brewed into a tea) as an effective analgesic. Take two capsules for any pain. Up to 4 times per day. Best if taken with some food.

NOTE: The herbs listed in this protocol should be available at any good quality, natural health store.

Natural Post-Vasectomy Care

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  • “The failure rate for a vasectomy is less than one percent. But your vasectomy is no immediate guarantee against pregnancy because of the sperm stored above the part where the vas deferens was cut. Thus, your physician will want to test your ejaculate for sperm. Generally, in most men the semen becomes sperm-free after eight to 10 ejaculations following the vasectomy. Until your physician has determined that your ejaculate does not contain sperm, you should continue to use contraception,” said Dr. David E. Larson, editor-in-chief of the “Mayo Clinic Family Health Book.”

  • I just went under the knife and had a vasectomy…
    I have worked in the operating room for 14yrs. I was petrified and more nervous then my weeding day.
    I am 4 days post op and have pain from my left testicle up into my left lower quadrant. I know this is comon and is a risk that comes from the surgery.
    Is it to late to try your technique, and will whole foods carry the product.
    I am really getting over this pain and constant ach from that are, it’s just so uncomfortable. Again I knew that surgery was a risk but the choice was a good one.

    I had heard that in some cases the pain can last up to 6mo and in some rare cases the procedure had to be reversed.
    Unfortunately in my case I had an unreaviling epiditamus and most of it was taken out. I only have one small incision over the right testicle, so my assumption is there was a lot of pulling and torquing to get to the left.

    That about sums it up!


    1. No it’s not too late! My cousin just had his vasectomy a few days ago and is following this protocol and all is well – he said the hardest part of it is the ‘lying horizontal’ part. I said, yes, but you need to get gravity off your testicles, otherwise it is a constant pressure.

      Yes, Whole Foods should sell everything you need. Traumeel or Arnica will work well topically – depending on which one they have.

      Also, I sense an emotional component to your condition. If you can’t clear your fear and past experience (due to your job) using meditation, then book with an EFT Therapist – one session should be all it takes. Please don’t let this manifest any further into your physical body, just get it cleared.

  • Hubby had a vasectomy in Oct and healed well. Then nearly 8 weeks later he gets an infection. Dr said this could be a recurring problem, but certainly didn’t mention this prior to surgery. Any thoughts on preventing this again?

    1. If it were my hubby, I would make up an 8:1 or 7:1 dilution of wild oregano oil and apply it topically, once per day, for 1 week as soon as possible. In addition, at the first sign of any discomfort, tenderness, itchiness, etc. I would apply it 3x/day for at least 1 week, or until symptoms subside (max. 3 weeks). Dilution instructions and more info here:

  • Thanks for the response! So just to be sure, would he put the oil directly on the testicle? I thought it was strange that it was only one side that got infected… but we’re definitely looking to avoid antibiotics if this were to happen again. Thanks again!

  • My husband had a vasectomy 5 days ago and continues to have moderate pain and bruising. He was seen post op and Dr said he had a blood clot that would resolve itself. Any suggestions for the continuing pain?

  • I would also apply the arnica cream or diluted wild oregano topically (anti-inflammatory) until it subsides. Dilute 7:1, so 7 drops of olive oil to 1 drop of wild oregano oil.

  • I’m considering having the procedure. I am mostly worried about the immune response. Is this a significant problem and concern?

  • Hi Justin, you will have to do your own research on the incidence/risk of the titanium clips provoking an immune response. And immune reaction of course is VERY person-specific and depends on the strength and resilience of your present immune system. Ian has a very strong immune system. But I figured, if you don’t need to put an irritant in there, why do it? Hence we requested the shorten, cauterize and sew procedure, rather than the more common titanium clips.

  • Hi, I am considering having a vasectomy and wanted to know if you would recommend the surgeon that did your husbands. I am extremely nervous about the procedure but it needs to be done. I would like to meet with someone that will provide all of the information (good and bad) about the procedure, and also willing to prescribe holistic recovery. Your response is greatly appreciated.

  • Hello, I happened to find your website about one week before my procedure. After researching and finding that a lot of cosmetic surgeons recommended arnica for bruising, I went down to the local health store an bought what I needed. The results were as stated, no pain or noticeable bruising while following the protocol. I’m now 4 days post-op, doc did a check yesterday, I look and feel great! Only discomfort I had was a slight dragging feeling (fixed with supportive underwear) and the wound site healing. Hopefully this helps others. Now if we could just do something about that pre-op anxiety 🙂 Thank you for sharing the information, I will recommend to others!

  • Hi there! My husband had his vasectomy done 3 months ago and still has pain depending on a way he twists of what not. He went to the post-op checkup after a week and he was extremely swollen and bruised. He was clamped twice on one side as it he Dr’s didn’t think it worked, so they re-did it (this all happened in the very first surgery). He has now seen a urologist and they tell him he has 2 minor hernias. We don’t know if those hernias were there before (he never had pain there before) or if the surgery caused it. Any thoughts on what to do from here? Thanks!

  • I had a vasectomy 10 days ago and my wife was researching natural care while I was in there having the procedure done. When I walked out, she said she had a plan and we went right to Sprouts Market and found everything we needed. I did this exact plan as stated and I had almost no bruising and my pain was completely gone by the second morning! It was amazing. Ice is huge. I did 20 min and 20 min off and set my phone timer each rotation for the the entirety of the first day. You’re right the cream is the way to go as well. I’m feeling good and back to normal routines! Thank you for the post! I’m glad I was able to recover so fast as well as using natural remedies. Excellent stuff.

    1. Hello Seth,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us and It’s really great to hear that you’re feeling better. I’m so pleased for you, and congratulations for being so proactive with your health!

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Interested in any update on Ian, since it’s been a few years. Have any autoimmune or other issues cropped up which could possibly be related to the procedure, or does it seem to have gone without incident? Also, is there anything additional that we should consider for the protocol? Thanks!

  • Vasectomy 35 years ago. Now with a larger than a marble size granuloma. Should I try your post. Ice and low dose aspirin help. The size is not diminishing. TY

  • Dear Witch People

    Wish I had seen this before got my vasectomy. Been two weeks and now I have a hematoma the size of a baseball and it hurts. Goes from balls to inside. I assume I didn’t lay down fast enough and I let my balls deal with gravity before resting for a week.

    Any suggestions on getting the baseball size lump out? Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Ashley,

      Yes , it can be taken orally post-vasectomy. However, if you are too weak to take anything orally or to apply the cream, then just rest and start on the following day – Listen to your gut.

      Cris B
      Customer Care

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