STOP PRESS!!!April 2020 Update


My family and I have now been cavity-free for 5 years. Click here for all the details of my TOOTH DECAY HEALING PROTOCOL.


I found studies showing that nanoparticle (atom-sized/angstrom) minerals are also effective at maintaining and increasing bone density in mouse models:

“The results of our in vivo studies indicate that administering nano calcium carbonate and nano calcium citrate can enhance the serum calcium concentration and maintain the whole-body bone mineral density in ovariectomized mice. These data suggest that nano calcium carbonate and nano calcium citrate are more bioavailable than micro calcium carbonate and micro calcium citrate, respectively.”

My mother and numerous LTYG Wellness Circle members are now using Bone Matrix to treat bone loss.

How Much Should You Take?

For osteoporosis: some experts recommend 1 tbsp, 2-3x/day for 3 months if you are suffering from osteoporosis, then get re-tested. And don’t forget your daily Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2– also crucial for bone formation.

For regular users: 1 tablespoon per day is recommended. I take 1 tbsp per day and my 2 older kids (aged 7 & 10) take 2 tsp – because they don’t eat/drink a lot of raw milk. My youngest child (aged 4), who consumes a lot of raw milk and raw cheese, only has 1 tsp every 3-4 days.

You can take it straight, or mix it in any liquid, but obviously, I’m going to recommend you take it after you’ve brushed your teeth and swish it around for as long as you can and then swallow – you might as well protect your teeth at the same time!

Normal Calcium Builds Up In Your Arteries

The great thing is, you don’t need to worry about taking too much calcium when it’s in this naturally-occurring atom-sized form. The calcium in Bone Matrix is the same size and form as the calcium you would get from green leafy vegetables. Nano-sized calcium does not behave like powdered calcium supplements, which can build up in your arteries and cause heart disease:

A report in the International Journal of Cardiology states that excess calcium building up in the aorta is the “main cause of hypertension in old age.”

So this is really good news for people with osteoporosis or taking steroid drugs or other medication that puts you at risk for osteoporosis – because you can supplement at higher levels without fear of heart disease.

We are now carrying a variety of atom-sized (nano) minerals in our LTYG Shoppe – including all the ones mentioned here.

I wish you healthy teeth and strong bones!

Oh and my next challenge?… I want to figure out how to regrow teeth! I’ll keep you posted….

Original Post 2010:

Those of you who have subscribed to my blog for the last couple of years know that I have been desperate to find a solution to the tooth decay that has been plaguing my family.

I had new tooth decay at every check-up from the time I became pregnant and throughout the next 10 years. Yes, I know that pregnancy and extended breastfeeding often result in increased tooth decay, but I had hoped my diet and supplementation would have remedied that. My two older children also had cavities; my 7 year old had 2 cavities and my eldest had 6 cavities by age nine! The only child who did not have any cavities was my youngest who had been fed raw cow’s milk from the time of weaning at 18 months.

This rampant tooth decay plague was particularly galling when we were the only family I knew who ate unprocessed, organic food, fermented and raw foods and used stevia whenever possible. My kids ate the least candy and processed food of ALL their peers, yet their dental health was worse than many of their friends. What was going on?

I won’t bore you with the extensive research and experiments I tried to resolve this issue, but a big lightbulb went off when I read a clinical trial out of the University of Maryland Dental School where they had mixed some of the minerals used by the body to make bone, in nanoparticle-size, together with the filling material, and used it to fill cavities in decayed teeth. And the result was a reduction in subsequent tooth decay in the teeth filled with this mixture.

That got me thinking… I wondered: if the kids and I held a bone-building nanoparticle mineral supplement in our mouths and swished it round our teeth every night, would it have the same effect? Would it heal our tooth decay, or at least stop any new decay from forming?

So I found the best nanoparticle atom-sized mineral bone and tooth supplement I could: Bone Matrix and we began holding it in our mouths after brushing our teeth every night, for as long as we could. This usually meant about 1-2 minutes for the kids and 3-4 minutes for me. Then we swallowed it. The kids took 1-2 tsp and I took 1 tbsp. After three months of this, we all went for a dental check-up and GUESS WHAT?


I truly cannot express the absolute glory and elation we felt at finally being free of this scourge. Our next dental check-up was also clear. These nanoparticle minerals even healed over existing decay on my daughter’s front milk teeth.

Her two front teeth had half rotted from drinking rice milk from a bottle after weaning (we didn’t have access to raw cow or goat milk at that time) and were a medium brown color. Well, these two teeth became white again and the dentist pointed out that they had also hardened up – the same as normal teeth.

HOWEVER, at our third check-up, we switched to a new dentist who did thorough x-rays and what did we find? Tooth decay between certain teeth. My daughter also had new decay in a molar that just naturally had a deep crevice in it (easy for microbes to nestle in).

Also – and here’s the important part – previously, as part of our healthy diet, my children had recognized the importance of limiting and avoiding sugar. After two clear check-ups though, my 7 year old daughter felt the minerals were a magic wand, so she could eat as much sugar as she wished! Of course, I continued to keep their sugar intake low at home, but as your kids get older and participate in sports, playdates, sleepovers, etc., you lose control of a large chunk of their diet.

Previously, my children would control themselves when they were away from home – knowing the importance of minimizing sugar. My 10 year old continued to be careful with his sugar intake, but my 7 year old went a little wild and took on a no-holds-barred approach to eating sugar at friend’s houses, birthday parties, sporting events, etc. And guess what? Yep, at our third check-up she had 2 small patches of decay, whilst my 10 year old continued to have none. In that span, my 4 year old had also begun having playdates and joined a swim club and I noticed his sugar intake had gone up significantly and likewise, he too had one patch of pre-decay (softening) on one tooth.

So whilst these nanoparticles minerals may be a missing piece of the puzzle in your battle against tooth decay, they certainly aren’t a magic wand and they don’t seem to affect tooth surfaces they can’t reach – like between teeth – and they can’t make up for a diet poor in nutrients and/or with continual sugar consumption. But if you’ve got the diet part handled, and you’re flossing well, then these minerals may result in a big improvement in your dental health.

And one last caution: If you’re drinking whey protein shakes or elemental diet shakes, then be extra careful to brush and floss well around the gum line. Whey protein and maltodextrin are very sticky and if you don’t clean them off properly, you can get decay at, or just under the gum.

Obviously, there is still a missing link in the tooth decay puzzle though – aside from diet, genetics, minerals, saliva pH, etc – that no one has identified yet. And I sure wish someone would! Well, I will keep going with our experiments and maybe the dental community will figure it out someday…. In the meantime, let’s press on and keep sharing information.