Here’s a little story from Dr. Goldberg for you, to kick off this topic:

“We had a 47-year-old female patient, who following the advice of her Holistic, Functional Gynecologist, had a complete hysterectomy, plus a bilateral mastectomy based only on having the BRCA II gene. This was followed by a year of DiflucanĀ  prescribed by a local Naturopath and being placed on Thyroid Replacement Therapy because her T3 level was one point below normal. She now has silicone breast implants to boot. Pretty frightening, all in the name of being ‘natural’. We are increasingly seeing this type of scenario.”

Dr. Paul Goldberg specializes in chronic disease reversal and healed himself of severe rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis in his twenties. Now in his sixties, he continues to experience robust health, but his daily supplement list consists of nothing more than a multi-vitamin. WHY? Because his daily, normal life supports the innate healing ability of the human body.

We talk about some of these “common sense measures” in this teleseminar. And I have to say, it gave me a tremendous feeling of hope and vision for something I have believed in and promoted for a long time. As Dr. Goldberg says:

“Odd how we are expected to conduct large scale, double-blind, case control studies on the employment of sunlight, fasting, liquid diets, emotional counseling, extended rest and sleep, pulling people off poisonous habits (e.g. drugs, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, etc.) – what we view as common sense measures. Also, a great deal of time is given to each patient and effort is made to sort out etiological (disease-causing) factors.”

For example, did you know that 1/3 of female patients are on thyroid hormone replacement – without the effort to first find out why the thyroid is unbalanced and employ natural corrective measures – and that it can take as little as 1 year (and as long as 7 years) of even natural or bio-identical thyroid supplementation for your own thyroid gland to atrophy and cease functioning? So how ‘natural’ are bio-identical hormones and dessicated pig thyroid (Armour Thyroid) if they cause your own thyroid gland to cease functioning?

Having done two in-depth teleseminars on balancing hormones, this call really hit home for me in a number of areas – listen in and you’ll find out why and no doubt have a few ‘eureka’ moments yourself! Just click the PLAY button, or download it:

Did you also know that in order to get your Vitamin D from sunlight, you shouldn’t shower for an hour afterwards – your body needs that fatty sweat layer to convert the sunlight to cholecalciferol?

LOTS more gems in this call and hopefully you will feel empowered with renewed faith in the healing ability of your own body.

You can reach Dr. Goldberg directly at the or post your questions in the Comments section here below.

Medicalizing Life’s Problems – Rather Than Solving the Root Issues

7 thoughts on “Medicalizing Life’s Problems – Rather Than Solving the Root Issues

  • my dad had a bald head and he was happily out in the sun in Maine as a wilderness guide. But as an older man he had many skin cancers removed from his head. How does that work with what you are saying?

  • Hi Ibi:

    I am a strong believer in “all good things in moderation”. Note I did not say “all things in moderation” since unhealthy or unethical things such as cruelty, murder, rape, heroin, should not be employed at all…not even in moderation.

    Sunlight is under the category of “all good things in moderation” for it is not only one of the foundations of health it is essential for human health just like water or exercise. Like water or exercise, however, too much, even of a good thing, can be hazardous to your health. We would not want to be dropped in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for then we would drown…but we still need water in moderation. I have seen patients who have damaged health badly by engaging in heavy exercise two to three hours per day every day for years, thus tearing down their bodies faster than their bodies could repair themselves and thus became seriously ill over time…but we still need moderate amounts of regular activity to enjoy good health.

    Sunlight in EXCESS, like water or exercise can be damaging. In your Father’s case, there were likely at least two factors at play. First he had no protection on top of his head to protect himself from excessive sunlight. I can relate as I am part of the “bald brotherhood” myself just like my Dad and my Grandfather were! So I do take care to wear a hat now that I am somewhat follicle deprived, when I go outside for long periods in intense sunlight, which I often do.

    Secondly, you mention your Father spent a great deal of time in the sun. Thus he received a lot of solar radiation, likely an excessive amount. Most animals do avoid excessive sunlight by getting in the shade during the hours of the day when the sun is most intense.

    Lastly (and this I do not know but simply add for the information) your Father may have had less resistance to the sunlight due to his particular biochemistry which is determined not only by our genetics but also by our lifestyle habits such as our diets, sleep habits, drug habits and other factors that influence our biochemistry.

    Knowing that your Father had at least the two first factors at play (excessive exposure plus a lack of protection on top of his head), were likely reasons why changes took place in his skin due to ongoing, long term exposure to excessive amounts of solar radiation.

    Thank you Ibi for posing a good question!


    Paul A. Goldberg, MPH,DC,DACBN,DCBCN
    The Goldberg Clinic For Chronic Disease Reversal

  • Incredibly insightful podcast! I especially appreciate Dr. Goldberg’s advice not to over supplement yourself believing it to be the yellow brick road to good health. Instead only use supplements sparingly and temporarily to address an issue BUT combined with the goal of getting to the root cause of your problem. How many health practitioners, whether conventional or naturopathic, would suggest this (although I know Jini has been recommending this for years as well)? I also appreciate the advice not to overfeed oneself, believing that, to not do so, will result in a nutritional deficiency. Eat less (healthfully) and live longer and prosper, great advice!

    Thanks again for this Jini! You seem to be the only person (other than Dr. Goldberg and few enlightened others) who truly understands me. This is why I regularly visit your site and follow your advice.



  • Great reply by Goldberg saying that even something which is natural can be damaging when in excess like sunlight because it also depends on your own conditions. In tropical countries labour people work all afternoon but they don’t get radiated with solar but their bodies & skin are built that way & like Jini says listen to your’s also listen to yourself…or see what the animals do in your area& in that situation …

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