Okay, so back in 2012 (can’t believe it’s been that long!) I posted an experimental protocol for healing intestinal strictures and scar tissue, called Intestinal StrictureHeal (not to be confused with the Rectal version). I gave out the eBook for free so people could test the protocol and over 500 people downloaded that eBook.

After numerous requests for people to fill out a detailed feedback form on how it worked for them (but not getting too many replies), along with people posting their comments on the blog, I decided that the easiest way to get some kind of standardized feedback was to send out a Survey. So we did that last month and Ta-da! Here are the results:

  • 58 people filled out the survey
  • Of those, only 30% carried out the protocol exactly as I advised and 33% implemented less than half of the protocol.
  • However, the fascinating thing to me, is that even people who quit after a week, or left out half the ingredients, or didn’t see much improvement (for a variety of reasons) – a whopping 92% said they would recommend the protocol to a friend!

In terms of how much improvement people experienced (keep in mind that most did not implement the full protocol, or left out ingredients) here are the results:

Other fascinating results include the person who used it on their mother diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. And they reported the doctors said it prolonged her life by 2 months and made her passing much more comfortable. Wow! Totally unexpected.

So, if you’re interested in trying this Intestinal StrictureHeal protocol, I think you really should read through the survey respondents’ comments for yourself. The stats only give a partial picture, but the individual feedback is more meaningful and I think will be more helpful for your decision-making process.

You can download the complete survey feedback results here.

If you participated in the survey, don’t worry, your name or email etc. does not show up on the results – we take privacy seriously!

I am currently working on the 3rd Edition of my landmark book, Listen To Your Gut, so one of the reasons I wanted the survey results was to decide whether to include this protocol in the book, or not. However, due to the difficulty of implementation I think it might be best to leave it on the blog here – or perhaps to include it as a free bonus eBook…

Regardless I wish to extend a huge congratulations! to those of you adventurous enough to test this protocol and for listening to your gut as to the best implementation for your unique body. It is just wonderful to have a community like this who pulls together to walk a path of conscious healing; without waiting for the med/scientific sector to catch up, or give permission first.

Go us!!

Intestinal StrictureHeal Survey Results Are In!

56 thoughts on “Intestinal StrictureHeal Survey Results Are In!

  • I am sorry that I didn’t fill out this survey. Somehow I totally missed it.

    I followed both components of your protocol (internal and external) pretty much as written for a while. I have been doing a lot of different things and so I am not sure how much your protocol helped. I do think that my issues got better than they were, though much more in terms of the other problems that I have had than with regard to the strictures.

    I’m wondering if you have ever investigated ultrasound for these kinds of issues.

    After reading this article, I made an appointment with a chiropractor who has some expensive ultrasound equipment in his office and he spent a while treating my abdomen. I released a bunch of black stringy stuff the next day (that was unusual for me) and things did feel looser.

    So I am going to try pursuing this for a while longer and see how it goes.


    Thank you for working so hard to try to figure this out!

    1. That is a very interesting article Lisa – thanks so much for sharing! I am VERY interested to hear how this works for you, PLEASE let us know the results after you’ve had 5 treatments or so (or if you quit and why).

      Sound healing and a cat’s purr also have the same effect. And cats will often lie on the point of pain, or tumor and purr. If you have a kitty, you could try that too and compare with the treatment – that would be interesting to know too.

      How long was your first ultrasound session?

    2. Can you please let me know if you had a anal stricture that you were trying to fix? Also how the ultra sound therapy works for you so far? Thank you much

    1. Hello Erin,

      Jini is not a medical professional and is unable to comment on the safety of the StrictureHeal while trying to conceive. She recommends contacting a doctor and researching the different products used in it for pregnancy safety. Sorry we are unable to provide more information concerning that.

      Best wishes,
      Customer Care

  • My Crohn’s Colitis strictures naturally break up and release after about 1.5 weeks on a strict Absorb Plus enteric diet. My flareup frequency is now down to once per year after about 4 years of following the protocol on every flare without fail, and they are diminishing in severity as well.

    Counting my previous orders from the shopping cart here on your store, I see 10 times out of 10 orders I have put my (previously completely disabling) version of complex fistulizing Crohns Colitis in remission using only Absorb Plus, additional oils for calories, and adding bone broth as the flare begins to subside. 7 tubs in 2 weeks does it every time now.

    Jini I have never given you a formal testimonial on this but THANK YOU from the bottom of my hearts for this incredible product that has helped me avoid toxic biologic drugs for almost 5 years now.

    1. Hi Josh,
      I ran across your post today as I was googling information on Crohn’s.
      I was recently diagnosed though I now realize I probably had this my whole 43 years. Once diagnosed I immediately changed my diet, started on herbs for inflammation and honestly been feeling pretty good.
      I haven’t had a flare in a year. I am now researching how to loosen and hopefully pass strictures. Sorry if this sounds odd but I cannot find any info on how do you know if you passed scar tissue, what does it look like? How did you realize that your strictures had “naturally broken up and released after about 1.5 weeks?” Any info is appreciated.

  • WOW!! Josh – that is fantastic!! Only 1 per year now is incredible improvement. I wonder how long until that becomes zero… And thanks so much for sharing your story/experience here. Using Absorb Plus in this way is not something I had thought could have this effect all on it’s own, so that is very interesting to know. And you have no doubt offered a lot of hope/encouragement to others struggling with similar challenges. Ah, you just make my heart glad 🙂

    And of course, you’re very welcome! Just keep sharing your story and paying it forward – HOPE is a very healing state, so thanks for giving a boatload of it out right here!

  • Awesome, thanks for the reply Jini. My Mom loves you too – she saw my state after my first diagnosis in 2011, where I was bedridden with horrendous fistulas and weight loss for months at a time. I was so skinny and weak, at times I collapsed on the floor trying to make it the 20 feet to the bathroom. All of this terrified her.

    After we ordered Absorb plus and went through the protocol a few times (back in 2012-2013) she started calling it “The Jini Shake” – and she still calls it that to this day! I don’t even think she knows the real name of the product lol. So I know she thanks you too.

    Absorb Plus is definitely what puts me in remission. However I think the overall healing and reduction in both flare frequency I am experiencing is due to my focus on healing gut dysbiosis, rather than relying on pharma meds.

    To this day the only mainstream pharma drug I have ever taken on a regular basis is Pentasa. I let them use steroids on me for the first time this past December, because a large pyoderma gangrenosum appeared on my left shoulder during the flare (first time, I didn’t know what it was). The Absorb Plus was already putting me in remission by the time I checked into the hospital – they insisted on the steroids because of the pyoderma.

    But my strictures had already released, blood loss in my stool decreased, frequency of bowl movements was decreasing, and my appetite started increasing before* they prescribed the pred. Those are all the (now familiar) signs that I am turning the corner into remission. This happens after 2 weeks on Absorb Plus. ie. by the time I’ve finished my 6th or 7th tub I know I am going into remission with no drugs.

    I take LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) 4.5 milligrams once per day. It was after I started the LDN that the fistulas became less of a factor for me. Now they’re almost completely inactive, and even when I have my one flare up per year they are insignificant compared to the way they were after my diagnosis 5 years ago.

    My approach for healing dysbiosis: No dairy. No sugar (its been over 2 years since I dropped it completely). Very little grains, only rice for me on a regular basis. I eat absolutely no industrial factory food – most of my meals are made of single ingredient whole foods: if a package has more than 2 items I make sure every single ingredient is ok for me.

    I eat fermented foods at least one meal every day, and take an 80 billion count probiotic on days where I might have eaten some excess starch, or meat – I was strictly paleo diet until this last episode. Now I’m about 80-90% vegan – I only have a small portion of fish, chicken, or turkey once or twice a week.

    This is because I believe excess acidity in my diet might have been one of the last factors as to what was building up in my system and triggering the last yearly flare. My theory is that the acidity might be one of the things that my bad gut bugs feed on. And so far that is working out amazingly well for me – I can tell the difference in my digestion without the meat, and I don’t even really miss it all that much.

    I definitely tell anyone that can benefit from my experiences all about Absorb Plus. Including my GI and colorectal surgeon: I get mixed reactions for sure, lol. Some at my GI group are actually confused and annoyed that I’m still not a Humira ‘customer’ and are still trying to push it on me in opposition to all the evidence. I’ll tell Mom that you said hi online, she’ll be thrilled! You are a hero in her world and mine!

  • My husband has had Crohn’s Disease for 35 years. Recently, after 4 weeks on the Half-elemental diet, then 2 weeks on a full elemental diet, we began reintroducing food. We also began the Stricture Heal protocol (topical only) on February 10, 2017, and I began doing some colonic massage for him. (Tom has a stricture from a resection that removed 16″ of his ilium back in 1982.) We did both of these things every day.

    With just doing the castor-oil packs he felt fine. Then on 2/14 we added DMSO to the area of the stricture only. The next day, Tom began feeling discomfort in a new spot in his bowel – not near the stricture, which was confusing because all these years he’s only had cramps in the area of his stricture. We continued to reintroduce Phase 1 on the food chart (still having several Absorb Plus shakes and all supplements each day) and did the Stricture Heal. He was having mild cramps off and on each day, but not enough to incapacitate.

    I should mention that Tom hasn’t had rice in 15 years, since he was on the SCD since 2002. He was excited to try rice…I was a little nervous to be honest!

    On Feb. 26 we added Potassium Iodide to the protocol. That night he woke up in bed feeling his heart racing. That was kind of strange, so we decided not to use Potassium Iodide again. We continued protocol each night, and Tom started having Cranial-sacral therapy.

    Yesterday, March 2, Tom woke up at 4:30 with cramping in the upper left-hand portion of his abdomen, then he had an almost formed BM! He stayed home from work however, due to strong cramping. We did castor oil and massage, but his situation got worse with distention and pain. By the evening he had a 100.8 fever, pain, no bowel movements, and so we went to the hospital. A CT scan showed no bowel obstruction (thankful for that!) but sadly, it showed a brand new area in his bowel that was inflamed, indicating a Crohn’s flare-up. We were so disappointed, and a bit confused too.

    They gave Tom one dose of steroids in his IV last night, but we allowed no more. This was so disappointing after all we have worked on with the IBD Remission Diet. But It was also scary to find a brand new area of his bowel affected by Crohn’s after 35 years. I can’t help but wonder if the rice triggered something, or most important, did the Castor-oil packs or adding DMSO do something? We don’t want to continue either of these things if they are the culprits.

    Do you have any thoughts about the risk of using castor-oil/DMSO packs and the possibility of these affecting the bowel in a negative way? Thank you for your thoughts. We are committed to treating this without drugs, and will return to the Half-Elemental diet after Tom is discharged. Just need to be sure if we should continue doing the castor oil packs or not.

    1. Hi
      Just thought I would chime in as it might possibly help. As much as I really appreciate what Jini is doing and has done, I do wonder about some of the things she recommends and the shake components. I realize we are all different and respond differently. But it is good for us all to share our experiences for a knowledge base. The one thing I always look for is testimonials. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet SCD) has more testimonials to healing than anything else out there that I know of.
      After a life time of Crohn’s, emergency surgery at age of 15 with blockage of ileum and then developing Peri-anal fistula/abscesses and having several surgeries on the area and having new pockets of pus form, I was facing a colostomy and rectum removal. That is when I went on Specific Carbohydrate Diet. With in 3 months I was healed on this diet alone and off all medication.
      To look at the diet see : http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info
      The theory of the diet is that bacteria thrive on starches (rice, oatmeal, grains) and sugar; any complex Carbohydrate. So it makes sense with the reintroduction of rice you would feed the bacteria. The SC diet is very similar to the Paleo diet, but paleo is not enough as it allows arrowroot powder and a few other things not on SCD. You have to be very strict, 100 percent. I was well for 15 years until I cheated with potato chips 3 days in a row and suddenly got constipated. I have a stricture in rectum from old abscess surgeries and my stool suddenly got “thick”. I didn’t get cramping and diarrhea like in the old days. Anyway, that is why I ended up here looking for answers for that stricture in my rectum. I do fine taking a natural product called “Hydro-C” which I take in the morning and it loosens up my stool. When my stools got thick I went back on the beginner diet on SCD and added in bone broth, beets on a regular basis, fresh ginger tea, and good sauerkraut. That worked for me and my stool got much better in consistency. I just had a colonoscopy for the first time since I was around 22. I am 51 now. When I was 22 they couldn’t get in even with a pediatric scope. By the way I was able to use natural calm as a prep (magnesium citrate) which worked. The only reason I did a colonoscopy was because I thought I might have strictures that needed to be dilated. As it turns out my colon was “pristine” according to the doctor and I had no strictures, other than the one in my rectum I already knew about. He couldn’t believe it, knowing my history of severe Crohn’s (it was the first time I saw him as he was an expert in dilation) and I haven’t been on any medication in 17 years. He was actually interested in hearing about my diet.
      Another thing I think is interesting was reading what Jini said about a doctor who told her long ago to eat black bananas with homemade 24 hour yogurt (I make this yogurt on the SCD) for 6 weeks to get well. One thing I did in the beginning of the Specific Carbohydrate diet, not on purpose, but because I liked it and was trying to gain weight, was eat up to 6 well spotted bananas a day mixed with yogurt. I ate the other allowed SCD food too and I healed very quickly, especially my very huge fistula/abscess the doctors said would never heal, as the area was so diseased. I am thinking maybe that is because bananas are a SCD allowed prebiotic while the yogurt is a probiotic and somehow they have a synergistic effect on each other. So thanks Jini for mentioning that, because I think there may be something to that.
      Just thought I would share my experience as it may help someone else. Feel free to email me with questions: ktfish@nycap.rr.com

  • Hi Sally,

    You ask some good questions and the first answer is that ANYTHING can trigger a flare, or can be an intolerance. Each of our bodies is so unique. And then there are tolerance thresholds, or introducing too many new things too fast – so the body feels overwhelmed/unsafe and that emotional state can result in a flare of symptoms or an allergy.

    So I wish I had better answers for you, but the only way you can be sure about anything is to go back to what you know works, what you know if safe.

    Then, after a period of stability, when his body says YES, introduce ONE new thing and then wait 3 days and see what the body thinks/feels about that. If all seems fine, then do that one thing again, and gauge response. And then maybe do that one thing every second day for a week or two. And see if all is still okay. Then try it every day, and so on. The body may say, “No, not every day, but once every 3 days is good.”

    The only other tip I can suggest, is that since he’s been on SCD for so long, I would not try any grains until Phase 4.

    Also, with his history, I would do Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol (working up to the full high dose probiotics) for at least 6 months before testing StrictureHeal again. That’s just my feeling. But he must listen to his own gut wisdom above all!

    Hope that helps.

  • Thank you, Jini, for your reply. It was very encouraging to read what you wrote. I did not want to overload you with information, so I failed to mention that:

    a) Tom just weaned off of Humira in December/2016

    b) He had a kidney stone attack Dec. 28, and was hospitalized 3 times in January-February. A stent was put in, then he developed a UTI, and finally the stone was surgically removed.

    All the while I was sneaking into the hospital carrying Absorb Plus along with all the supplements. I’d say there was a good amount of stress on Tom’s body: antibiotics, pain killers, and anesthesia 2x. Even so, once he was settled at home we began introducing Phase 1 foods. Not surprising, I’m thinking now, that he developed a new Crohn’s flare.

    We are following your suggestion – going back to the beginning for a few days, then will start with some pureed squash, following the time-table you outlined. Good advice. We’ll also steer clear of any rice until Phase 4. Do you think the Probiotic Retention enema would be helpful after all the prescription drugs he was given in the hospital?

    We’ll hold off on doing the StrictureHeal for 6 months. Do you think that doing the Castor-oil packs alone would be okay, or should we hold off on those as well?

    Thanks again – you have encouraged the two of us more than you know!

  • Hi Sally, everyone and anyone would benefit from the Probiotic Retention Enema. The Sydney Colon Clinic uses it to stop bleeding in Crohn’s and Colitis. But always, test a small amount first and see what the body says!

    Same with the Castor oil – I have not heard of anyone having intolerance issues, but start small, test, listen to the body. And you’re welcome! xo

  • Thank you for those recommendations.

    You don’t need to post this, but I wanted you to know that at your website’s suggestion, We looked into The Goldberg Clinic back in 2015 and Tom became a patient. The the only reason we haven’t been down there in a year is because of the travel distance between Detroit and Atlanta. We love Drs. Goldberg & Tener and hope to see them again real soon!

    Also, at yours & their suggestion, we looked into Clear Passage for treatment of Tom’s stricture. He went to the clinic in the fall of 2015 and had very good results. Looking back, I wish we had followed his treatment with the IBD Remission Diet, because the results from the therapy didn’t last.

    Well, hindsight is 20/20, so today I’m thankful for the protocol you offer and the progress Tom has made so far. The cranial-sacral therapy has been amazing and helped calm the inflammation significantly. God bless you for all you have done to turn your experiences into helpful suggestions for those of us online!

    1. Hello Sally,

      Great to hear that Tom has had some success with the different treatments. Just so you know Dr. Goldberg actually offers online and phone appointments as well now, if you are interested in that. You can contact them to find out more information on that option. Please let us know if you have any other questions, and hope Tom continues to heal well. We would love to hear how he continues to do and what else you learn helps him.

      Have a good day,
      Customer Care

  • Thank you, Rachel. We are so thankful to have the resources from LTYG in our tool box. We feel more equipped and empowered than ever before in the past. I’ll keep you posted on Tom’s progress…things are settling down it seems, and so it is just one day at a time for now : )

  • Hello Jini & Rachael: I’d like to give you an update on my husband Tom’s progress. It’s hard to believe, but he definitely turned a corner last week and we are seeing some huge improvements! Bloating, gas, and cramps have all ceased and, after several weeks on the IBD Remission Diet, he is finally eating foods comfortably. Even having some normal bowel movements (which is something he never thought he’d see!).

    I would like to share some of the things that have helped Tom make such great progress:

    – Moving very very slowly in introducing new foods, eating more fish than ever as it seems easier to digest.
    – Continuing Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol, and taking Natren Probiiotics three times per day. Also did the retention enema.
    – George’s Aloe Vera, along with all supplements recommended at LTYG
    – Nightly abdominal massage along with reflexology on his feet (this has made a huge difference in gas/bloating)
    – Weekly cranial-sacral therapy (can’t say enough about these!)
    – NAET (Nanputripad’s Allergy Elimination Treatment) to address food sensitivities
    – Nightly Castor oil packs (from stricture heal protocol)

    After 35 years of trying to manage Crohn’s Disease, we have never seen such an improvement in Tom’s health. Words cannot express our appreciation for all that you have done to make this possible. Thank you for the support and methods and tools available through LTYG. God bless you all!

    1. Hello Sally,

      That is fantastic! Great to hear he is feeling so much better so quickly. Thank you so much for sharing his progress and what was able to help him. Sounds like a great list of diet, supplements, and protocols he has been working on. Keep up the great work and at it for continual healing. We would love to hear how he continues to progress. Best wishes on his healing and a happy life to you both!

      Well wishes,
      Customer Care

  • Hi Jini
    I currently don’t have any inflammation however Colonoscopy did reveal a intestinal stricture so I have started the topical strictural protocol

  • Hi Jini,

    I am encouraged about the stricture heal protocol. I currently do not have active inflammation however do have intestinal stricture. I almost set up the surgery date but came across your information. I have started the topical intestinal stricture healing protocol. are there any symptoms that indicates its working? how long does it take to heal? I truly believe in your concept , surgery would cause more scar tissue and begin to open another can of worms.

    1. Hello Lucy,

      Glad to hear you were able to find this protocol and we hope it is helpful for you. As stated in the ebook, “You’ll likely see or feel that either the scar tissue is reducing, or perhaps the whole area feels softer, or your stool gets a bit wider, within 2-4 weeks. Complete healing may take 2 – 12 months.” We would love to hear how it works out for you. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Jini

    one last question. my ct scan indicated” a diminished caliber over a 1.6cm segment. also fibrostenotic disease affecting 15 to 20cm of the distal ileum. would that be considered a strong fibrotic stricture?

    thank you in advance for answering my questions


    1. Hello Lucy,

      Unfortunately Jini and her team are not medical professionals and are unable to give you a answer concerning this. If you are concerned we would recommend contacting your doctor.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi Rachel

    thank you for addressing my questions. I have started this protocol and am on my 4th week , I have seen my stool wider 🙂 ok so now I know that is a sign that my intestinal stricture is softening or perhaps dissolving in any event healing is happening 🙂 I am so thankful for this blog 🙂

  • This discussion is very interesting to read because my husband has been steadily improving over the last three weeks and one thing he has noticed (hard to miss!) is no more “D” and instead having formed stools. (Tom is only doing one part of Stricture Heal right now: the castor oil packs.) Having his ilium removed 35 years ago left us resigned to the fact that formed stools were a thing of the past. Now we believe his stricture may actually be softening, widening, and healing!

    Rachel mentioned that while the bowel is healing, the abdomen may soften, and no more pain or cramping. All of that has happened with Tom. We continue to do castor oil packs nightly and follow up with abdominal massage and reflexology on his feet. The results have been quite dramatic.

    After 35 years we had nearly given up hope…but now it feels like Tom has been given a second chance. Just want to encourage everyone to keep trying until you find the right combination of supplements, diet, and alternative treatments to fit your situation.

    There is definitely something to the LTYG protocol – like nothing we’ve ever tried before, and we’ve tried a lot! So thankful to Jini for her inspiration.

  • Thank you Sally for your encouraging comment. I have hope that this topical stricture heal castor oil packs will work for my stricture.
    I am happy to hear about your husbands healing , Praise the LORD

  • I have a narrowing just above the rectum around 7cm above anal verge .I read about your strictureheal solution an planning to try it .Your book says it has to be applied over abdomen but my stricture is deep in the pelvic region .plz suggest how do I apply it .If I try putting it from anus what if the solution goes to the colon which is not affected and is normal .Will it harm.
    Pls do reply as I am very worried

    1. Hello Kapil,

      Thank you for the inquiry. We actually have information on doing the StrictureHeal topically over the abdomen, as well as rectally. You can sign up for the free ebook with instructions how to use the protocol rectally here: https://blog.listentoyourgut.com/natural-remedy-for-anal-stenosis-and-stricture/ If you use the ingredients and products as we recommend there should be no harm to the areas that are not infected. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

      1. Thanks for the reply .
        My stricture covers the lower colon also including 1cm of the upper rectum so am confused whether to take the intestinal or rectal stricture heal .
        Awaiting a reply

        1. Hello Kapil,

          We would recommend you either use both the intestinal or rectal StrictureHeal together, or at least the Rectal at first. Hope that helps.

          Kind Regards,
          Customer Care

  • Thank you, Katie, for your post and for referencing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Tom was on the SCD for 15 years (and we believe it saved his life back then) but he never experienced total remission from Crohn’s Disease. Indeed, he continued to have flare-ups from time to time. We could never quite put our finger on the cause…one of the most frustrating things about living with Crohn’s.

    I believe Jini has made a valid point in her writings: perhaps if the SCD included probiotics (along with natural antibiotics such as Wild Oregano Oil) in its regimen, more people would have success with it. For Tom, this has made all the difference.

    There are also some other components to the IBD Remission Diet that made a huge difference in Tom’s recovery. One key player was Absorb Plus which allowed him to go strictly elemental for several weeks, giving his bowel a total rest.
    Each of the supplements brought healing as well: L-glutamine, Quercitin, Grapeseed Extract, CoQ10, Udo’s, George’s Aloe Vera Juice…all working together to deliver relief to his gut.

    In addition, regular cranial-sacral therapy has calmed down inflammation, and nightly castor-oil packs along with massage has relaxed the stricture. None of this would have happened with just the SCD. So while I’m grateful to Elaine Gottschall for her program (very grateful!) I do feel that there are some key components that have been missing…at least in my husband’s case.

    Currently Tom is doing amazingly well. He gradually came off the IBD Diet in March/2017 and is now fully back on the SCD – with better results than ever before. Our goal has been met: no more tight stricture, “D”, cramping, or bloating. Energy has returned and we hope to see some weight restored soon (he lost about 25 lbs last fall). All in all we are so pleased and very thankful to God for the restoration of health!

  • Hello, is it best to be on the elemental diet, shakes/broth while doing the topical and oral intestinal stricture protocol? I have been doing this on the elemental diet and felt some relief, but just wondering if eating real food while doing the protocol will cause it to not work as well as the elemental diet

    1. Hi Brad,

      Yes! it’s best to be on elemental diet to provide a form of bowel rest and flushing of the colon while you’re using the Oral and Topical StrictureHeal. By being on elemental diet, you give your body the best chance to flush out food particles that may be stuck in diverticulae, and you also avoid causing an intestinal obstruction through the build-up of stuck food.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Jini,

    Thank you for all of the wonderful information on your website and in your emails and books! The world needs more people like you! As I process all of the great info you have, I have found myself with a few questions.

    I am pretty sure that I have (another) intestinal stricture. I had a complete blockage in 2009 (couldn’t even pass liquids through the area), and had a partial colectomy at the time. In order to avoid surgery this time, I have been researching and changing my habits, but I’m worried that I am going about it the wrong way. I went on a liquid diet for two and a half days, and then I started the GAPS Introduction diet while also completing your Intestinal StrictureHeal program. Do you think it’s good to do these at the same time?

    In Module #2, you recommend sweeping out the dead pathogens with various products that seem to be high in fiber, yet the GAPS diet, as part of healing the intestines, warns against fiber for a long time. I’m not sure which direction to go in–avoiding all fiber or sweeping out the dead pathogens? I’ve been using the Intestinal StrictureHeal oral and topical protocol for four days.

    Finally, my bottle of DMSO says to “use as a solvent only.” My husband saw that and would not let me drink it anymore! (I had already completed two days of the Intestinal StrictureHeal with the DMSO included in the oral part.) So now I have been drinking the oral part without the DMSO and without the silver (drinking the silver made me nervous!). Do you think this is okay?

    Just a side note, like yours, my husband says I smell funny too on the StrictureHeal program. I don’t even notice! 🙂

  • Hi all –
    Call for ideas/sharing experience….In a severe Crohn’s I have had ileal surgery 2 1/2 years ago for strictures with 3 feet removed in mid small intestine and have had ileal ostomy pouch since. This has worked well for inflammation reduction and weight gain – no big issues for absorbtion but unfortunately the sigmoid and rectum have shown significant fibrosis with 2x 2″ of stricture (lower rectum and mid sigmoid) and a generally thickened wall for 10″.
    I am heading to surgery as the doctors say this is very likely irreversible given the length and severity.
    I would have liked to avoid this but after 2/ 1/2 it seems like the only way to remove the pouch and hope for
    normal BM functioning after this. Has anyone tried the anal / rectal stricture protocol mentioned here on such a long and old stenosis/fibrosis? With what results?
    Any thoughts or feedback most welcome!
    CD since 12 now 37 – entereal nutrition worked well teenager, then remicade 2003-2008 humira 2008-2014, vedolizumab failed 2014, ileal resection 3ft 2015, stelera/entivyo 2015-2017, now under control with ostomy pouch but microrectia and fibrosis so likely heading to new surgery for rectum/sigmoid proctectomy

    1. Hi oliv
      My situation is somewhat similar to yours. I have had severe Crohn’s since I was a child. It is a long story but the gist is I had emergency surgery at age 15 for blockage of ileum area. Still had symptoms and then developed long term peri-anal fistula abscess and severe Crohn’s in rectal anal area. They were going to a colostomy and rectum removal. That is when I started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet 17 years ago. I healed within 6 months. I had s colonoscopy in spring. No sign of disease other than old scarring and a stricture in my anal canal about the size of my biggest finger from abscess surgery. I have toyed with trying Joni’s protocol. Anyway the SCD has worked miracles for many. My inflammation markers are normal and I take no medication. Just the diet.
      You can email me if you have any questions. Ktfish@nycap.rr.com
      Or check out the website

  • Hello Jini, this is a cry for help. I first want to thank you for the work you are doing in this world. Your staff, products, literature, and website are beyond wonderful.

    My boyfriend has suffered from Crohn’s for 20 years (Accutane induced). He’s had one bowel resection and was scheduled for another yesterday but chose to delay after getting a second opinion and starting on your program. He is on Prednisone waiting for Remicaid antibody test tests as his insurance is stalled on approving Stelara.

    I purchased your ebook, meditation, all recommended the exact supplements instructed, and implemented the StrictureHeal protocol. We first started just the castor oil pack, oregano oil, colloidial silver and aloe with an increased liquid diet.

    When the DMSO and SSKI arrived we began the full StrictureHeal protocol. I started out with 1/8tsp DMSO 2x day. But after 2 days waking up in excruciating pain, he became afraid and wanted to stop… he didn’t even want to do the topical. He had just gotten on Entocort and then Prednisone and was feeling much better (other than these 2 days he’s had regular, formed BM 1-2 times per day only!!!)

    I think your protocol, more digestive rest, and the steroids made such an impact that especially with the pain and fear of DMSO and the experimental nature of this protocol… he’s hesitant to get back on it without some feedback from you.

    But the past few days he has been getting nauseous and feeling awful at night and in the morning. We need to get him back on the protocol to address the 20cm of structuring at the ileocecal valve. But I’m not going to tell him to recommend the StrictureHeal without a bit of guidance.

    I know you’re incredibly busy and have so many people calling for your attention… it would mean EVERYTHING to me if you could help guide us back into the StrictureHeal. If you could please address the pain – is that to be expected?

    With all the respect and gratitude in my heart,

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      I think your boyfriend’s gut was speaking loud and clear! Remember that DMSO drives ANYTHING deeper into the body – so that would include the drugs he’s taking.

      Personally, I would not use DMSO in conjunction with any drugs. I would stick to the Wild Oregano Oil and probiotic therapy. A straight hot castor oil pack would likely be fine. But no DMSO.

      Please keep in mind though, that until he is weaned off all drugs, the deep level healing cannot occur. So whatever protocols he’s implementing, he will likely need to cycle back through all of them after he weans off the meds. Get him to re-read Chapter 5 of LTYG and maybe get some more clarity over the path he wants to take.

      Hope that helps and all the best,

      1. When you say done use DMSO in conjuction with any drugs, would Humaria fall into this category as well. I just purchased everything for the Stricture Heal and about to start. Thanks Lisa

          1. Can I still do the stricture heal and leave out the DMSO, so take everything else, will it still be effective? Thanks for getting back to me.

          2. Hi Lisa,

            DMSO is important part of the protocol, but you could skip this part if you’re not comfortable using this.

            Kind Regards,
            Cris B
            Customer care

  • Vanessa, my husband Tom (36 years with Crohn’s Disease, resection in 1982) did the IBD Remission Diet last year, (and continues on with Cranial Sacral Therapy and nightly castor oil packs). I’m happy to say that one year later he is doing fantastic! We are so grateful to Jini and the staff at LTYG – they encouraged us along a very bumpy road.

    I would just like to throw one thought out for your consideration. We recently found what appears to be the missing puzzle piece to Tom’s healing. We were doing everything right diet-wise (SCD) and supplement-wise (Gini’s protocol) but the one thing we never addressed was the Mind/Body Connection. After reading books by Dr. John Sarno and also Dr. Howard Schubiner, we began to see how powerfully the mind can affect the body. Tom purchased Dr. Schubiner’s book “Unlearn Your Pain” which taught him how to deal with anger, disappointment, even rage that he has suppressed for many years. Once these issues were dealt with, the pain, bloating, and “D” disappeared!

    I feel like my husband is back from a long journey. I can’t tell you how great it is to watch him gain weight, eat well, and feel great. Of course I don’t know if your boyfriend will have similar results, but I believe Jini makes reference to the Mind/Body connection in her writings, and you may want to give this some serious thought.

    Best wishes to you both, and I pray that you soon see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    1. Sally thank you SO MUCH for this very encouraging outline spanning over a year’s worth of healing! I hope people take the time to read all your comments on here. But I think you make so many valid, important points that I’m going to compile your comments into a blog post – where hopefully more people can derive encouragement from your and Tom’s journey (don’t worry, I won’t use your real name).

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you emphasize the mind/body connection and it is indeed absolutely crucial. I have put all my posts on this topic into a category here on the blog, so would be great if you and Tom could work your way through them and continue deeper on this journey:


      One other thing I want to call your attention to – as it’s often ignored, or missed, because so much focus is on the person in crisis, is… How is YOUR healing journey going? What kind of support, massage, craniosacral, reflexology, does Sally receive on a regular basis?

      Being married so long, you and Tom obviously have a karmic contract – no doubt why you have been so intimately involved with his healing. But I encourage you now to turn some of your focus to your own body, to little Sally, to soldier Sally and check in with her – love and thank her, and see what she needs to support her journey into wholeness.

      With much love to both of you, Jini

      1. Thank you, Jini, for your kind response in asking how MY healing journey is going. You are so right in pointing out that caregivers carry a heavy load! 35+ years of digging for answers, experimentation, worry and prayer has definitely taken its toll.

        I hopped onto the cranial sacral table soon after Tom started his own therapy. It has been a wonderful, healing process for me as well. Lifelong back issues have cleared up, headaches are gone, Plantar Fasciitis disappeared…I could go on. I have also learned from my therapist how to lay hands on my husbands abdomen to continue the healing process at home. What a blessing it has been to us both!

        I’ve also studied the Mind/Body connection in relation to my own life and have found much emotional healing which will no doubt be good for my future health. So I’m happy to say that “soldier Sally” is definitely doing better than she has in years. God bless you for asking : )

        P.S. 6 months have passed since I last wrote, and Tom is still doing great! I now make spelt sourdough bread, pasta and pizza… making him one very happy Italian 😉

  • Hello, I have had CD since 1984 and have been using Jini’s protocols for many years.
    Since having a relapse I heard excellent reviews about CBD oil for Crohn’s. I have been taking it for a month, as well as using many of Jini’s protocols. My intestines are slowing down (no more diarrhea) just pain and narrowed stools, due to what I assume is a stricture. (I had 1 1/2 feet of intestines removed in 1999 around the illeum).
    I have just started Jini’s topical stricture heal protocol and have two questions:
    1) How long would you recommend being on an elemental diet to heal scar tissue/ strictures, while using the topical treatment?
    2) Would you recommend abandoning the CBD oil, as it heals inflammation?(there seems to be no side effects)
    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Patsy,

      Thank you for contacting us here.

      Some used The Elemental exclusively for three months (the usual duration is 6 weeks). The goal is always remission so the transition back to normal food should start when symptoms have disappeared (No pains, blockages, etc.) Regarding CBD oil, sorry, but we cant advise you to stop to taking a specific supplement. If you think this is the right thing to do to see clearly the effects of Jini’s protocol on you then you do that. Listen to your Gut.

      It can take time and very specific treatment to fully heal again but It sounds like you are taking some great steps to heal so far. Doing the full elemental diet with the shakes and bone broth may be of benefit to you in cleaning out your symptom.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • Hello I wantes to share my experience with StrictureHeal. I’ve had severe Crohns for 21 years concentrated in the small bowel. Diet (SCD, AIP, etc) helped reduce my symtptoms by about 80% but still ended up having surgery to remove 2ft of small bowel due to multiple strictures in the illeum.

    Next I enjoyed a long 8+ year remission post surgery while on LDN. I thought Crohn’s disease had become a thing of the past, but I was wrong.

    A year ago, I was having flare ups again and a new fibrotic stricture had formed (confirmed with MRI) in my mid illeum. It got worse and to the point where nothing was working for me, not SCD, not AIP, not prednisone.

    About 3 months ago, I started Jini’s Wild Oregano oil protocol. Within 2 weeks my flare up had ended and I felt better than I had in many years, perhaps better than I had ever felt since developing crohns.

    The fibrotic stricture was still giving me trouble a few weeks later so I introduced the strictureheal. I actually felt my stricture start to release after about 1-2 weeks on the protocol.

    Thinking I was healed competely, I stoppped the strictureheal protocol after a few more weeks and haven’t had any discomfort for the past 2 months or so until now. I guess I got a bit overconfident.

    My anemia also hasn’t gone away despite using the angstrom iron supplement. My doctor says this is an indication of continued crohns activity. Is there anything you can recommend to get my over the hump and through this last bit of healing? Here are the things I’ve done so far:

    1) Added 5 drops of wormwood and cinnamon oil to the wild oregano as these oils have been shown in peer reviewed studies to kill MAP bacteria in vitro

    2) Added daily ginger as an extra bio-film buster

    3) Added grapefruit seed extract, as it seemed to help reduce inflammation

    4) Daily infra red saunas — I was having bad skin rashes ans they resolved once I started a sauna.

    I understand this is not medical advice, I am simply looking for ways to support the healing under the guidance of my regular GI doctor.

    1. Hi Ethan – wow are you thorough or what?! And great that your body is tolerating the GSE and wormwood.

      From what you’ve written here, I think it would serve you better to switch your mindset around your body condition. Instead of having a framework of ‘seeking remission’ I think it would bring an ease and acceptance/love to your being to see your body as working in intimate partnership with your higher (spiritual) self. As being the messenger, or in Service, to your higher self.

      So when you take that framework, you realize that – instead of things ‘going wrong’ with your body – when symptoms or pain or malfunction occurs in the body, it is simply a MESSAGE that you are out of balance somewhere.

      The body, the earth, all of nature, naturally seeks balance/homeostasis. This is not a difficult or laborious state to achieve. So if your body is out of balance, in a state of dis-ease, the useful/helpful stance is to THANK your body for being willing to endure pain and discomfort on your behalf. And then to lean in and listen deeply to discern the message(s) your higher self is sending through your body.

      Yes, we need to address the physical layer of healing too, but in your case, you have pretty much got the physical aspect handled. You know what to do. You are great at discovering and implementing new and helpful protocols.

      Listening more closely to your body will enable you to discern better how long to stick with a protocol (eg. StrictureHeal, or Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol), how to vary it, when to take a break, when to resume again – perhaps you cycle on and off for 5-10 years. And if you take this new viewpoint I’ve written about here, this will further enable you to tune in better to your body’s ongoing needs. So it’s not so much about what worked, or didn’t work, the way you expected, within the timeframe you expected. It’s more about listening to your body each day, throughout the day, and giving it what it needs… forever. There is no ‘cure’. There is no ‘remission’. Chuck that box out. There is simply the fluid, beautiful PROCESS of this ongoing dance with your body and higher self.

      So what I think will take you to the next stage of your healing journey, is to really focus in on the emotional/spiritual aspect of yourself. I highly recommend EFT Tapping, Hypnotherapy and somato-emotional craniosacral bodywork.

      What is out of balance in your LIFE? In your relationships, your finances, job? WHY are you here on this planet, at this time? What is your soul calling you to, that you are ignoring or afraid of?

      I also highly recommend this course by Caroline Myss – and the bonus series, The Anatomy of Your Health, is as powerful as the main course. Dig into that. It starts with 3 wonderful free videos:


  • Cold Laser to the stricture area is what I did, along with visceral manipulation by a specialist, along with Jini’s Stricuture Heal, and massive amounts of emotional work to release fears and traumas

    1. Great Brad! That’s what I call wholistic healing 🙂 Just remember to keep going. I don’t know that the growth and empowerment ever ends…

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