*Updated May 2018: Absorb Plus Sweetened Chocolate is now available in the shoppe!

I’ve been receiving a lot of feedback from readers lately asking about a chocolate version of the unsweetened Absorb Plus. There isn’t an unsweetened chocolate flavor in the works as yet, but I can certainly understand as I’m rather partial to chocolate myself!

So, here’s the easy fix:

  • Start with Unsweetened Vanilla
  • Add 1/2 tsp of organic cocoa powder (nothing else, just cacao beans in powder form)
  • If needed, increase amount of cocoa powder to taste
  • If needed, add some stevia powder to make it sweeter
  • Blend or shake in a blender bottle to mix thoroughly
  • Then add ice (do not add ice before blending or cocoa powder won’t mix well)

When the cocoa powder is manufactured from fermented cocoa beans (that are then roasted in the correct manner), they will contain only traces of mono- and disaccharides. So it is safe to use on an elemental diet. If you use an organic or raw cocoa powder, it will probably be fermented properly.

If you prefer, you can also use an Organic Chocolate Extract (alcohol-free) or Organic Chocolate Concentrate to flavor your shakes and turn them from Vanilla into Chocolate flavored shakes.

Of course, it’s not going to taste the same as Absorb Plus Chocolate Royale, but it should satisfy the chocolate craving and give you a little variety if you’re bored of the unsweetened vanilla taste. I have done this with Vegan or Whey Protein shakes too and it works just as well.


How To Turn Absorb Plus Unsweetened Vanilla Into Chocolate!

9 thoughts on “How To Turn Absorb Plus Unsweetened Vanilla Into Chocolate!

  • When I tried absorb plus I got leg cramps. Could it be a reaction to potassium iodine or would it be the potassium chloride? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jess,

      I’m afraid that we haven’t heard from anyone who has experienced leg cramps from Absorb Plus and the amount of potassium in each Absorb Plus serving is only 10% of the daily recommended value so you may want to speak with your physician if you have concerns. Leg cramps can also be an indicator for too little potassium, magnesium, or calcium.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • If you add organic cocoa powder to your unsweetened vanilla shakes, is it still considered elemental? I have SIBO and just started a three week elemental diet. I would love to change the flavor.

    1. Yes, you can do that, but make sure the ONLY ingredient is cocoa or cacao and don’t add too much – I would add a max of 1/2 tsp per shake – or it can irritate the gut.

  • I made the mistake of buying the unsweetened version. How can I sweetn my shake without using stevia, for some reason stevia does not sit well with me. it could be the brand idk

    1. Hi Rick,

      If you click the “Organic Chocolate Concentrate” link in the blog post above, it will take you to a website called Natures Flavors. They have hundreds of different organic flavor concentrate options which you can use to flavor your Unsweetened Vanilla however you like. We used to carry these ourselves (and Jini still recommends them) but they dramatically increased their minimum order quantities and it was also difficult to decide which ones to carry for Jini’s readers since there are so many options to choose from.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

      1. Is the flavoring going by a different name now? I called the company and they said they don’t have that flavor. I know it’s probably silly but could you please post an updated link? Thanks so much!
        Also when I asked about a berry flavor, the agent didn’t really have anything helpful to add, would you please post a link if you have it of how to flavor the vanilla to Berry using their flavorings?

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