Things are really heating up in the vaccine arena.

Pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutically-funded organizations (like FDA, CDC, WHO) are really racheting up the pressure on citizens to get vaccinated against flu bugs.

They have leveraged all the fear and hype (created by THEIR advertising, PR, control of media, etc.) around the swine flu to actually try to push through LAWS forcing everyone to be vaccinated if they declare there is a pandemic, or threat of a pandemic.

How reassuring! When they declared the swine flu a pandemic after LESS people died of it than the regular flu.

Oh, yes, please let me put my trust and the health of my body into your hands…NOT.

The Health Freedom Alliance in the US.. reports:

“The new Health Care Bill presented by the Obama administration will put the government’s health-reform agents literally on our doorsteps with a bag full of needles for our children. Under this new bill, states will receive funding to support a “Vaccine Team” that will see to it that virtually every American citizen is up to date on immunizations. They will be using immunization records of every citizen, and if you are not quite up to date, the health storm troopers will be deployed to knock down your door with needles blazing in what is considered to be “Private Home Interventions.”

The bill includes a series of details and methods to keep everybody current on their vaccinations, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) will be providing the grant money to carry this out.”

The Alliance for Natural Health in the U.K. is supporting a WORLDWIDE petition that we can sign to stop this insanity before BigPharma pays the politicians in our countries to make this lawful.


Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a difference. Their goal is 1,000,000,000 signatures – please sign here:

Once you have signed, you can help even more by asking your friends and family to sign as well.

I wish my brother Ricken’s organization would get on this issue. They’re really crafty about using smart, media-friendly techniques to increase pressure and create change. They’re heavily involved with the climate change issue right now, but I’m emailing him to try to get him to devote a team to this issue. If they take it up, I’ll let you know!

In the meantime, let’s each do what we can to prevent this Orwellian nightmare from happening.

If you currently live in the United States and you have children in school, then Dr. Carolyn Dean (who writes for our Infoletter) has a great idea for how to resist school vaccinations. Many people are choosing to homeschool their kids because of this issue. But if that’s not something you’d like to do, then here’s what she recommends:

“If your doctor were to try to corner you into a shot I suggest you tell him or her: “If I were to accept your proposed treatment I would require you to sign a letter detailing that you will take full financial responsibility for any injuries that I experience from the vaccine you want to administer.”

As a doctor I can tell you we really don’t like being threatened with a lawsuit. But the doctor is threatening you with a toxic injection – so don’t buckle. The mention of such a reasonable condition should get them to put away their needle.

Have both your child’s teacher and the school’s principle sign that they will ensure you child does not receive the swine flu vaccination (or any other vaccinations!). They will also take full financial responsibility for any injury resulting if they neglect said responsibility.”

And if you still don’t understand why avoiding vaccines is of UTMOST importance, then read this interview with a former vaccine researcher, who worked for one of the big pharmaceutical companies for over a decade. He was part of the team developing vaccines, however, when his friend’s son died after receiving the DPT shot, he decided he could no longer keep silent.

As he says in this article: “If I had a child now, the last thing I would allow is vaccination. I would move out of the state if I had to. I would change the family name. I would disappear. With my family. I’m not saying it would come to that. There are ways to sidestep the system with grace, if you know how to act. There are exemptions you can declare, in every State, based on religious and/or philosophic views. But if push came to shove, I would go on the move.”

Well, it looks like people in the U.S. are not far from that point and since the rest of the world still follows America, we all need to get serious about protesting. You can start right now by signing this petition.

Remember, history has proven that all the money in the world cannot prevail against the will of the masses. BUT we need to get vocal and get active, otherwise our will and our voice will not be heard and the money-rich pharmaceuticals will win out. So don’t despair, just get going and do your little bit in your little corner of the world. And if everyone else (or at least 5%) do the same….that’s enough to create change.

stay strong,


Forced Vaccination – How To Stop It

10 thoughts on “Forced Vaccination – How To Stop It

  • Jini, you’ve helped a lot of people and I appreciate that, but this vaccination fearmongering is going too far. There’s nothing in the legislation you cite that says that the government will conduct forced vaccinations in your home. The proposal includes funding for home visits, but doesn’t say anything about them being conducted by force.

    There are many programs that involve the government providing home-based services to people who are unwilling or unable to get them otherwise. If a child is sick for three weeks and can’t go to school, and the government sends a tutor, we don’t call her a “phonics storm trooper who knocked down your door with workbooks blazing.” To say that “the health storm troopers will be deployed to knock down your door with needles blazing” is completely unwarranted and irresponsible, but I suppose it’s not surprising coming from an organization (the Health Freedom Alliance) that has another post on their site describing a vaccination campaign as “genocide.”

    The Health Freedom Alliance is obviously opposed to vaccinations, so perhaps they’re not the most objective source of information on this legislation. I’ve searched, but I can’t find any mainstream site that describes these home visits as forced. Unless you can explain where this idea is coming from, please don’t keep repeating it.

  • No one should ever be required to get any vaccination they do not want. With the government forcing this issue, the question begs to be answered. How does anyone know what they are being injected with?

    In other parts of this bill, death is encouraged for the elderly instead of medical treatment. This will cut health costs as well as social secuity payments to seniors. Can anyone else envision other substances being injected into seniors (under the guise of a flu vaccine) to hasten their physical demise?

    This is anti-American and this Health Bill must be stopped.

  • Hi Craig, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I wish I was ‘fearmongering’. Unfortunately, when you look at incidences that have already occurred, you realize that the pharmaceuticals are certainly not above activities like this to ensure governments buy millions of units at a time. I don’t think you’re realizing the financial implications of mass vaccination campaigns – not millions, but billions of dollars.

    If you do more research on this topic, you will see the incidents that have already occurred that directly violate human results – both in the US and abroad (particularly in third world countries). Also, did you download and read the interview with the vaccine researcher before posting your comment? If not, please start there and then expand your research.

    Also, what about Baxter caught mixing avian flu virus into a flu vaccine:

    For more info on the quote from the Health Freedom Alliance:

    An examination of history will show that a government preparing for an abuse of human rights never broadcasts that intention clearly in legislation. It is always masked. But the *possibility* for misuse and abuse is evident in the legislation – and that’s what this bill will provide via the “home visits”. Whether this will *actually* occur, who knows? I’m sure it will depend on the outcry from citizens. That’s all I’m saying. Better safe than sorry.

  • Jini, respectfully, most of your reply had nothing to do with my post. I didn’t comment on the safety or efficacy of vaccines in general, or the moral compass of the pharmaceutical industry. My comment was about whether the legislation you cited would authorize forced vaccinations in your own home, and whether the source you cited was credible. I did read the interview with the vaccine researcher, but it doesn’t say anything about home visits.

    I also read the post from HFA that you just pasted, which basically just asks fear-inducing questions that have no rational basis in the legislation being quoted in the same post. Even the stock photo they used is designed to scare people without cause.

    Would it be fair for me to say the following?

    “‘I’m Jini Patel Thompson, and if you don’t buy my book I’m going to break down your door and grab your children.’ Is this a scene from the over-heated imagination of an addlepated conspiracy theorist? Or is it something akin to what is actually envisioned by Thompson’s marketing materials?”

    Did that make you angry? It should. But I just paraphrased the HFA post you cited. I used a hypothetical to make it seem like your materials said something that it didn’t say, which is exactly what HFA did with the legislation.

    I asked you to refer me to an objective source, and you again referred to an organization that is actively opposed to vaccinations. That means they’re not objective. Instead of referring me to any mainstream sources, you just asked me to expand my research.

    You concluded by pointing out that the government wouldn’t actually disclose its nefarious plans. In other words, lack of a stated conspiracy is evidence of a conspiracy. You’re doing a disservice to the cause you’re trying to promote, by making baseless statements instead of using objective, mainstream sources.

  • oooh Craig – you are nailing me to the wall – love it! And yes, everything you’ve written is correct. I was sloppy – quoting second-hand sources.

    So here are the original documents from the gov’t site:

    The documents are all down the left hand side in a box marked “In The Spotlight”

    This is the download link for the committee summary document where the Health Freedom Alliance got their quote from (by the way, the quote is at the very top of page 14):

    And here is the download link for the actual health care bill they’re referring to:

    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I had another thought: we know there are a lot of vested interests that don’t want healthcare reform – which any outsider can see the US desperately needs. So, I don’t know enough to assess whether the entirety of this bill is a move in a positive direction, or not. But, if it is, we need to be careful with our protesting – to make it clear that we are not opposing the entire bill, but just that section of it. Just a thought and you are likely in a better position to assess this than me…

  • Oh yes, one more thing, this seems to be the news article from which all the various commentary has stemmed:

    Also, one more interesting point to think about, the bill also states (same clause, pg 14):

    “Authorizes states to purchase adult vaccines under CDC contracts. Currently, 23 states purchase vaccines under CDC contracts. These contracts for adult vaccines provide savings that range from 23-69 percent compared to the private sector cost.”

    However, my brother Ricken (director of has told me that pharmaceuticals have repeatedly managed to get “special purchase” deals with the US gov’t where the gov’t has paid far in excess of what the drugs can command on the open market. So, yet another point that can be construed and implemented very differently from the way it is being presented.

  • Jini, you have a great ability to synthesize and articulate important health information that at the very least inspires dialogue and food for thought. You should consider putting your blogs in the health section of the Huffington Post which would greatly expand your base. I was particularly disturbed that a woman doctor had written a piece about how she is going to get her daughter the HPV vaccine and encouraging others to do the same – but there have been many health experts who have written about self-awareness and questioning the pill popping and vaccine happy ways of Americans who happen to have a life expectancy below many industrialized nations but the highest cost per person for health care. Hope to see you continue this education process.

  • Hi Ashley, thanks so much for your kind comment. But I believe you have to be invited to write for the Huffington Post. So, don’t know if others can suggest bloggers to the Huffington, or if they have to just discover someone themselves…

    And yes, I’ve been doing this for 10 years now and will certainly keep going. Are you a JPT Wellness Circle member? Because you seem the ideal person for it, have a look and you can do a one month trial for only a buck (that includes being able to download all kinds of free content – for sure check out the “Colonoscopy Dangers” report):

    take care my dear.

  • Hi JIni,
    The Huffington Post also picks up articles from around the web – inclusive of local media (like the Tyee and the Common Ground), and they look as if they have expanded their health section (I have seen “write for us” signs pop up every now and then). If you can slide through any of those venues, or if there is a way to recommend a blogger – I’d be amongst those who would be willing to vouch for giving you some space on prime real estate.
    My interest in gut inflammatory disorders, infection, and stress stems from these factors being a constant on my maternal side. My nephew, who suffered from delibitating shyness during his youth, now has Crohn’s and his brother has schizophrenia. This mind-gut connection runs throughout the family at varying degrees. I (like you) managed to overcome my own issues, but have become the “go-to” person in the family for advice due to my training in both biopsychology (BA) and microbiology (MSc) – interesting combo, I know. My current position with the Health Authority has put me at a conflict of interest – especially in regards to my objection in rolling out a slew of new prophylactic, untried vaccines and enrolling people to act as guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industries running the show through our academic and health institutions – funded by tax payers. People like you and Alan Cassels that question this wisdom give much needed objection to the exploitation of mass ignorance. At the end of the day – our only crutch is knowledge.
    Looking forward to your next food for thought.

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