Okay, so first we have this mainstream newspaper article from Associated Press (AP – one of the major news feed services to all large newspapers across North America and worldwide) that raises alarm about a new bird/pig/human hybrid virus that’s sweeping through Mexico killing healthy, strong people.

Oh and by the way, Big Pharma just happens to have some flu drugs they have just tested against this virus and presto – they work! BUT you have to take the drugs (Tamiflu and Relenza) right away after you contract the virus for them to be effective. So…. basically if you get any kind of a cold, headache, fever, etc. you should immediately go on these drugs… because if you wait to see whether you actually have the flu, or, which flu you have, it will be too late. Can you hear the CHA-CHINGs!! echoing throughout North America?

Well, I have to admit, after reading this news release, my first thought was, “Hmmmm, a bird/pig/human hybrid virus… that sounds like something put together in a lab. Now who would benefit from creating a new virus that required thousands, if not millions of people, to take specific drugs, or risk death?”

Sure, I admit, I’m biased against pharmaceutical companies and I will probably believe a conspiracy involving a pharmaceutical pretty quickly – just from knowing their track record. But honestly, couldn’t the mainstream get just a little more savvy about this ever-increasing problem in our midst?

Thanks goodness there are a number of organizations who are also pretty savvy when it comes to the fiscal war being waged over healthcare – or should I say “disease management”. And I’m sure we’ll be seeing some reporting from them in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, conspiracy-theorists (or, skeptical people) are focusing on the military angle. This article gets more into detail about the ‘new virus that escaped from the lab‘. The author wonders if terrorist groups experimenting with bio-warfare are behind it.

And in a comment logged after this article, which details that the last pandemic virus was the “Hong Kong Flu” in 1968 which killed one million people, the writer raises the issue of U.S. germ warfare:

I had the privilege of hearing John Stockwell, a former CIA station chief speak publicly many years ago. Among other stunning disclosures, he revealed that he was part of a team that sat in San Francisco harbour and pumped a flu virus into the population . and then sat back and did research. It was known as the Hong Kong Flu.

But again, do these people not realize that Big Pharma and the government are so deep in each other’s pockets that it is perfectly plausible for a pharmaceutical company to fund biological warfare experiments in a win-win situation for both parties? The military gets to conduct their experiments and refine their methods, whilst the pharmaceutical gets to sell billions of dollars worth of drugs and vaccines.

Also note how all of these “plagues” are engineered so they begin in foreign lands and are labeled accordingly – just look at the Hong Kong flu, ebola virus in Africa, HIV virus in Africa, now the next possible pandemic virus in Mexico. All of these engineered in American labs, by American scientists, but we couldn’t possibly call them American Flu could we? Just doesn’t have the same ring of dirty, foreign and dangerous, does it?

And while we’re on the topic, here’s some information you’re just not going to see in any mainstream media article: Yes, there are extremely effective, natural anti-viral substances that you can take as a preventative and/or for treatment if you do contract a serious virus. Here’s my list of the most powerful, natural anti-virals that I’ve experimented with personally:

There’s also a newer substance – chlorine dioxide – dubbed MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) that also looks promising. But I haven’t tried it on anything myself.

A little research will give you a lot more useful information (aside from the links I’ve provided) about anti-viral protocols using any of the above and a good naturopath or integrative medical physician could assist you personally. Here’s my own personal antiviral protocol that I use to protect myself from virulent flu bugs using wild oregano oil.

stay strong,