Graham-full-pictureWe received an email from Graham in England, who has been using extra virgin olive oil to help heal his ulcerative colitis. He takes it on an empty stomach, 3 times a day. And it is very important that you use a clean and potent brand of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).  I wanted to let you read his story, along with complete dosing instructions, in case you would like to try it.

I also wonder how this same protocol would work using raw coconut oil instead of, or, along with the olive oil?

Graham writes: “Here are a few of the main reasons why I believe it is so effective/protective for UC:

1) Kills some nasty bacteria’s like Helibactor Pylori.

2) “Oleocanthal ” (only in EVOO) is a natural low dose anti inflammatory which also helps with pain relief around the body.

3) It’s fatty acids have proven wound healing properties.

4) Speeds up digestive transit time. Every time I quit smoking (without EVOO) my normal BM’s ground to a halt. I experienced bloating and reduced BM’s for a few weeks. Followed by the nastier UC symptoms and inevitable multi daily BM’s and blood!”

You can read the rest of Graham’s Story here.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Ulcerative Colitis

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    1. Hi Jeanne,

      Graham takes a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil three times per day according to the article he wrote. For more details, check out his full story here:

      We don’t have any data for using this protocol with raw coconut oil but we’d love to hear how it works out for you if you’re considering it and decide to proceed.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • I have just been diagnosed as having a heavy hookworm infestation and for reasons I won’t go into now, I know I have had this throughout my UC history.

    These are extremely hard to find even when rarely suspected. As well as the other benefits, EVOO was effectively controlling parasite numbers. They reside in the small intestine and only pillcam reliably finds them. Though the infestation is in the smll bowel they raise the TH2 immune response which is a major factor in UC. Interestingly tobacco also controls parasites and reduces TH2. This may well explain why smoking helps many with UC, Th2 and or parasites. I also noticed how many times Oregano oil is recommended for treatment of parasites. Though endemic in poor countries, with the amount of foreign travel and multicultural cities where IBD is high, it could be far more widespread than experts believe.

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