If your child (or you!) has been getting unexplained headaches, nosebleeds, insomnia, heart palpitations, nausea or dizziness, then it’s a really good idea for you to take a look at your cell phone and WiFi exposure as a possible cause. This email sent out by a woman working tirelessly to get her school to hardwire their computers is a very powerful testimony and may do more to make people aware of the ill health effects of this technology than all the scientific info I’ve been posting here!:

“My experience is different than most parents.
Last month my internet provider died of Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma at 48 leaving behind 4 young kids.  He used his cellular phone much more than 30 minutes a day and used wifi routers at his office and at home as well.
A few weeks ago singer Adam Yauch died of Parotid Salivary Gland cancer at 47.  He also used a cellular phone heavily for more than 20 years.
It’s possible that both deaths were preventable.

My neighbour’s partner used a brick phone in the 80’s and last year underwent surgery to remove a brain tumour with his kids being just 9 and 12 years of age.
I have a friend who is a chef and another who has a 16 year old daughter. Both live with wifi routers and use wifi enabled laptops and use their cellular phones more than 30 minutes a day and sleep with their cell phones on their night table.  Both women stopped menstruating for seven to ten months until they reduced their wireless usage.

My friend’s son has heart palpitations at the age of 12 and needs a heart monitor and his school has several commercial grade multiple antenna wifi routers.  When he is at home, his heart has a regular rhythm.
My naturopath’s daughter sat under a commercial grade multiple antenna wifi router at school for a year and became dizzy, nauseas, anxious, had ringing ears, headaches, and was light headed – which are all classic symptoms of over exposure to microwave radiation – that they had to home school her and ultimately move to a remote location away from multiple forms of microwave radiofrequency radiation.

The Toronto school board now has defibrillators in every high school because of the risk of heart attack for students.
Is it just me or does it seem extremely odd that teenagers are having heart attacks regularly?
I question everything.

These deaths and illnesses make me wonder what are we actually allowing when we say yes to a class 2b carcinogen that can’t be touched, seen, heard, smelled or tasted in our children’s schools?
I implore you to consider maintaining the current wired internet access at one school of each level in each district as you reflect on: “Who is liable when children start getting over exposed from microwave wireless radiation – a class 2b carcinogen?”

The schools are taking that liability away from wifi manufacturers.
Do all schools have the liability insurance to cover the illnesses that will happen in the coming years or even in 10, 20, or 30 years?
Why won’t insurance companies cover wifi manufacturers?
With the best actuarial studies – it is due “to the incalculable risk to human health.”

When parents start sending in their Notices of Liability to school administrators, school trustees and school district officials, will schools start treating Microwave Wireless Radiation as the class 2b carcinogen it is and protect all children with the precautionary principle and maintain current wired internet access and think: Safety over Convenience?
Microwave Wireless Radiation ultimately affects everyone.

-Susan McFee
Langley Fine Arts School PAC SD #35″

My own kids are so concerned about this that they set up their own website to educate other kids, they called it: RadiationEducation.com

If you’re a parent, go to their site and download their free Action Pack. I also have numerous posts on this site going into detail about the health effects of microwave radiation from WiFi computers, cell phones, iPads, Wii, X-box, etc. Just type “WiFi Radiation” into my SEARCH box on this site and it will pull all my posts up for you.

Charlie Teo is one of the few neurosurgeons who is willing to stand up and say anything about cell phones causing brain tumours, so definitely check him out.

Defibrillators In High Schools??

22 thoughts on “Defibrillators In High Schools??

  • My father-in-law died of Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma at the age of 51. He didn’t have a cell phone or use computers. There was no wifi in their house. He was a carpenter and smoked. I’m not a huge fan of wifi everywhere either, but that particular type of rare, terminal cancer is related to sawdust and smoking as far as I am aware. He received surgery but refused chemo and lived for almost a decade after his diagnosis.

  • Cell phone usage, iPads, and WiFi may be contributing to the problems you list in your article but considering the fact that there are so many toxins in our food, water, and air, and most people use so many chemicals and pharmaceuticals, I don’t think we can conclude that electronic usage and WiFi are the cause. These problems did not start when the use of electronics became commonplace.

    1. Dianna look for the deep blood microscopy tests on youtube, blood is denatured after less than two minutes of exposure to a smart meter, wifi is same slightly less strong, but once smart meters are combined with wifi in the environment, we will be dropping like flies… it’s no joke and quicker than dietary death…

  • WHO has reviewed thousands of publications in relation to the discussed problem… their conclusion is: Although you can’t prove a negative result very well, the evidence does NOT support the conclusion you are making. It’s circumstantial and anecdotal in my opinion… If I would put my head in a microwave? NO, that is just silly! It’s around 100000x more powerful than Wifi or cell phone radiation 😉 only time will tell. if you are right then we’ll all have some kind of strange cancer in twenty years… I’m gonna sit next to my router and make a phone call now

  • I bought my first cell phone in 1997. My heart arrhythmea problems started just afterwards. Starting from tonight, I am not going to leave my cell phone on at night, on my bedside table.

  • @microwaveoven I think Kim was pointing out that truth previls and making inaccurate statements only weaken an argument. She stated in her comment that she was against WiFi everywhere but you had to reply with a crackpot statement. It’s people like you that make someone who was starting to come around on this important subject see warning signs and lump us all in the crackpot pile. Well done.

  • Oh wow, this is the supreme example of the culture of ignorance. Wi-fi is not “radiation” there’s currently wi-fi signals in almost every public space in the country, there’s not only no evidence to point toward them causing cancers, tumors, etc, there’s no reason to believe they might.
    Just stop it.

    1. Hi Desmo,

      Thanks for taking the time to write in. Wifi is actually a form of radiation as are the signals emitted by a mobile phone. The fact that wi-fi is widely used, even in public spaces, is not evidence that it’s harmless either. Asbestos and lead-based paint were widely used in home construction for many years and both ended up having harmful long term effects for a large number of people.

      We don’t know much about the long term effects resulting from exposure to wifi and mobile phone radiation so Jini is just asking questions, researching, and sharing her personal opinions and practices. If you would like to learn more about why mobile phone and/or wifi radiation might be harmful and what you can do to protect yourself, check out the link below to a series of interviews Jini did with Dr. Magda Havas, an expert on the biological and environmental effects of electromagnetic fields.


      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

      1. Actually Justin, we do. We’ve had wireless communications since 1880, and have studied it’s effects on the human body, ad nauseum, ever since.

        Regardless of the wireless signal type, they all work off of the same basic principles that haven’t changed in around 136 years. A frequency is a frequency. There’s zero difference between them in regards to the different means of communications. The only difference pertaining to Electromagnetic Communications is the frequency in which the signal is generated, and the power at what it’s transmitted at. What makes the various communication types different is in how DATA is modulated onto the frequency. Be it the music in your car’s radio, the voice over your cordless phone, or the email over your home WiFi. WiFi is a VERY VERY low powered series of signals delivered to your devices at a relatively low frequency in a VERY VERY carefully designed band to ensure there is zero interference with anything ranging from wireless charging pacemakers to Emergency Band Radio Communications.

        For WiFi transmissions to be harmful or have ANY adverse reaction to the human body, even over an extremely extended period time, the signal would need to be literally 1000’s of times stronger than even the strongest of home-based WiFI antennas.

        This entire argument, including the one about cell phones causing brain tumors and heart palpitations, is beyond anecdotal. To the point that even the fringes of medical science laugh at the argument. The sheer amount of toxins you’re exposed to, daily, throughout your environment, and even in the bottle of Mineral Water sitting next to you, are far more hazardous to your health than any WiFi or radio signal you’re exposed to is. To contribute cancers, tumors, and other health issues to radio frequencies already existing in the airwaves, is a stretch of the imagination by any means of fantasy.

        The truth be told, you’ve been living in an atmosphere literally saturated with EMI since even before your conception. Everything from your induction stove to your microwave to actual radio communications. There is zero place, save the middle of the desert, where you can even begin to escape 100% exposure 100% of the time, and it’s been that way since the late 1960’s. WiFi and cellular transmissions are a crazy, stupid small percentage of whats already floating around and permeating your body right now. Even in cities where WiFi is everywhere it’s still a fraction of a fraction of 1%.

        Heck, the EMI your washing machine produces on it’s spin cycle is more significant in terms of “radiation” than what you get off your WiFi router, and if you’ve stood within a 10′ radius of your 1000w microwave for a collective time of longer than 5 mins, while you pop some popcorn, you’ve exposed yourself to more “radiation” in those collective 5 mins that you will get from your WiFi router and your cellular phone (combined) in 5 years.

        But all in all, this argument is a circular one. There’s just enough narrow minded scientists that have conducted “extensive” studies into EMI effects to cause people ignorant of radio frequency and electro magnetics to think it’s a significant contributor to these health issues…. But in truth this is the same type of scientific and exhaustive studies that over the years determined eggs were bad for us, then were good for us, then were bad for us again…

        Funny how NONE of these studies have been complete enough to also factor in the exposure the average person receives, on a constant and daily basis, to an amazingly broad array of environmental toxins that have been inextricably proven to cause the very same health issues EMI is only anecdotally purported to cause.

        1. Hi Doug,

          Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, Jini is just asking questions, researching, and sharing her personal opinions and practices. Hopefully you’re right and wifi doesn’t end up being the cause for anyone’s health problems. Jini just doesn’t want to ignore the possibility and, if it was as clear cut as you say it is, it’s unlikely that anyone would be studying it or conducting experiments.

          Kind regards,
          Customer Care

  • Doug. Most of what you write is true. The are Emf in the dessert and even in outer space. With that being said my brother in law would disagree with you about all forms. You see after being an X ray tech for 30 years killed him. He wore the lead vest and indicator badge faithfully.

    Some forms are frequency are harmful and deadly. There are few absolutes in life. Choose wisely

  • Nice post, I met many people complaining that their hearing ability is reduced due to excessive use of cell phones and some are facing the problem of sleeplessness. So it would be better to use your cell phone in a limit

  • We should indeed look into our daily usage of internet computer and internet routers. It can be dangerous for you and its better to turn off your router when not in use to reduce the risks and same goes for the computers. We are living in the world of electronic signals being absorbed by us all the time and it needs to be managed and can be managed easily if each individual manage for himself.

  • I really can’t stand the nay-sayers, who say in the most certainty that cell phones and Wi-Fi do not cause radiation; like it is a thing to be caused rather than a signal of frequency; a a signal that is transmitted using radio waves or radio frequency is radiating those signals to communicate and that emission and/or process IS the definition of radiation.

  • I ‘m here just to say I definitely notice when my wifi is on and that’s why I keep the modem unplugged unless I’m on my tablet. I can’t calm down when it’s on and that’s why I will get wifi for a month then cancel it for two months and will go to the library instead to use their internet. I’ve had over 20 accounts with my provider because I constanly cancel then get it again. I got it again a month ago because my kids are given ipads from school for their homework. I noticed I’ve been having this unexplained heartburn for about a month too. I just plugged in my modem to look something up on my tablet and I could tell when it became connected and my heartburn started up again. I didn’t think it could cause upset stomach but I think that’s what’s been causing it. The last time I had wifi I was getting numbness in my face and arms and went to the dr and they said I was fine. I cancelled internet and it went away. I still used my tablet for solitaire but when the wifi was on it was causing the numbness, only playing solitaire with no wifi didn’t have the numbness. I hate that all those kids at school are exposed it and it just feels like everyone is so oblivious and ignorant to what it is doing to some people.

  • I am a university student. In our dormitory, the internet network cables box lies inside the building. This cable box situated in front of my room. Now,I am feeling heart palpitation. Should I continue to stay that room or should move to other room? May I know your opinion, please. I got a heart problem. Is anyone can give me some advice, please?

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