You may have heard about this news item already, but in addition to the financial aspect, it made me think of the importance of the mind/body connection in healing any chronic or serious dis-ease.

As this article illustrates, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, what doctors you have access to, healing still involves coming into wholeness.

If you’re not seeing progress in your own healing journey I urge you to dig deep into the emotional/spiritual components of your imbalance, of the dis-ease (unease) of your body.

And now, here’s the article…

“Recently, the investment world was rocked by the disclosure that Gerald Cotten, CEO of one of the world’s largest crypto-currency exchanges, had died suddenly at the age of 30. Lost with him were passwords and recovery keys that made $145 million in crypto assets unrecoverable. His cause of death was reported as “complications of Crohn’s Disease.”

The story highlights the devastation that can result from this disease, even when the young millionaire likely had access to the most advanced medical treatments.”

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Crypto-Currency Multi-Millionaire Dies from Crohn’s Disease

6 thoughts on “Crypto-Currency Multi-Millionaire Dies from Crohn’s Disease

  • Hi, I recently finished 7 days of antibiotics (and intravenous antibiotics while in the hospital) due to pneumonia. I was on your diet that was a miracle for my gut issues. I tried to fight off taking antibiotics knowing that they do to our system but…
    I’ve been taking S. Bilardi and a well-known woman’s formula probiotic. Should I switch to the brand you like? Thanks!

    1. Hi Gigi,

      It’s great to hear that you experienced positive results in your testing of Absorb Plus! Natren is the only brand that Jini recommends and uses through years of research and experience and the only one with all the requirements (probiotic strain selection, manufacturing, storage, and other factors effecting potency and efficacy). You can have many strains of bacteria in a product, but if they are not the right kind, they won’t help you.

      If you would like to check out the criteria Jini uses to evaluate any given probiotic product (and why), take a look at the link below:

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • I’m so glad I didn’t go on the Remicaide that the doctor wanted me on in 2014. Instead I got Jini’s book and then went to the Goldberg Clinic in Georgia. I feel great today. I’ll be 80 this year. Of course I eat organic. When I said to the doctor that I could get cancer from taking Remicade he said to me – You have to die of something! I never went to him again. And, a Gastroenterologist said to me that I “could eat anything I want.” Never went to him again either.

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      First of all, it’s great to hear that you’re feeling better. You are correct! That is why Jini continually encourage people to listen to their own gut and to not give their power away to anyone (not to Jini either!) and to chuck out whatever doesn’t resonate or work for them. Happy Birthday in advance.

      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • I have Crohns. It is scary to hear someone died because of this disease. Maybe his religious believes did not allow him to get other treatments there are so many nowadays. Maybe he needed an OSTOMY to give a rest to intestines and he could not accepted. It is a shame to loose a young successful person to this disease. But I wonder if he was needed upstairs 🙏

    1. It is scary and we can only speculate what happened, but like what Jini always say “your body is ALWAYS advocating on your behalf. So if you’re not healing, then there is a valid reason why and you need to keep looking until you find it” – Listen to your Gut.

      Cris B,
      Customer Care

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