Caroline Myss – Medical Intuitive

I had to stop in the middle of the second video in this series and come write this blog post – IT IS THAT GOOD!!

The first video teaches you an outline of how to be your own medical intuitive. Something I talk about a lot on this blog: My body is speaking to me, what is it saying?

The second video is a topic near and dear to every healing journey. Caroline Myss (one of the world’s top medical intuitives) talks about all the reasons people don’t heal.

  • Why I don’t want to heal.
  • Why giving up my wounds may not serve me.
  • If I am healthy… what privileges, benefits, lifestyle etc will I lose?

But even beyond that, Caroline challenges each of us to examine the ways in which we are putting our suffering onto others; how we are making others ‘pay’ for our own suffering. If that makes you angry, or indignant, then you doubly have to watch this video series!

Go here to sign up for the first video – it’s all free. And take your healing to the next level.

I purchased Caroline’s course on Medical Intuition – which she offers you at the end of these videos. And the bonus course that come with it – The Anatomy of Your Health is as amazing as the main course. It is well worth the price. But regardless, the free training alone is a terrific value. If you want to go straight to this second video, on Why People Don’t Heal, then click here.