breasthealthA friend of mine sent me this email the other day, so I thought I’d share this info with you as well:

Tomorrow, I’m off to have a mammogram. Apparently, I have mastitis. yes, only I could get that and yet not be breast feeding! Doc G is concerned, however, because of the swelling, so I’ve been recommended to go for a mammogram.

Here’s what I wrote back:

YIKES!! do NOT have a mammogram – TONS of research show they CAUSE cancer – where there was no hint of it before. Here are some articles on this topic:

Instead, I would do the wild oregano anti-viral protocol to treat the mastitis and also apply topically to the nipples and aureola. Dilute the wild oregano oil 6:1 if you need to: 6 drops olive oil to 1 drop wild oregano oil, if nipples are sensitive to full-strength wild oregano.

When you get back, get thermal imaging (thermography screening) done if you are still concerned – many naturopathic clinics offer these now.

And be sure to read this for ongoing maintenance and preventative measures:

*my mum used to get cysts and swelling until she stopped wearing a bra (except for evenings out).