Some of you may have seen this short video already – I created it years ago as a resource for people to watch whenever they were feeling down, discouraged, or when it seemed like their Healing Journey was taking forever. I just re-formatted it and uploaded it to YouTube so it’s easier to watch and share.

As a bonus gift to continue this process, I’m also giving away the MP3 Audio of my teleseminar with Dr. Gabor Mate – the bestselling author of When The Body Says No.

You can download the teleseminar here (right-click and save as…)

Or just click the PLAY button below:


A Short Film to Encourage You on your Healing Journey

3 thoughts on “A Short Film to Encourage You on your Healing Journey

  • Hi Jini, I am currently on the SCD diet. I was wondering, after you were on that diet for a year, were you able to start eating starches like rice and grains? Do you eat starches and grains now?

    1. Hi Penina,

      Jini was able to transition back to normal food (including rice and grains) after achieving remission from her Crohn’s disease but she’s still careful with her diet.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

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