Author and activist, Jock Doubleday recently sent out this press release about his Vaccine Challenge – where he challenges any US medical doctor or BigPharma CEO to drink the exact same chemicals they’re currently injecting into infants and he’ll pay them $200,000.00!

Why will no doctor or pharmaceutical exec in the USA do it??

* * * PRESS RELEASE * * *

June 15, 2009

Ojai, CA — On January 29, 2001, Jock Doubleday offered $20,000 to the first U.S.-licensed medical doctor or pharmaceutical company CEO to publicly drink a mixture of standard vaccine additive ingredients:

The $20,000 offer had no takers.

On August 1, 2006, Doubleday increased the offer to $75,000:

The $75,000 offer had no takers.


On June 1, 2007, Doubleday added a monthly increase of $5,000.  As of June 1, 2009, the offer stands at $200,000:$75,000VaccineOffer.htm

The offer will continue to increase $5,000 per month until an M.D. or pharmaceutical company CEO, or any of the relevant members of the ACIP (now including liaison representatives, ex officio members, chairman, and executive secretary — please see for a full list of eligible ACIP candidates), agrees to drink a body-weight calibrated dose of the poisonous vaccine additives that M.D.s routinely inject into children in the name of health.

This offer has no expiration date unless superseded by a similar offer of higher remuneration.

QUESTION: Why won’t MDs drink the poisons they inject into babies on a daily basis?

QUESTION: Why won’t members of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices drink additive ingredients in the vaccines they say are safe?

* * * NOTE:  I have just added Lawrence Kaplow to the list of eligible participants. Lawrence Kaplow is writer and executive story editor of the “House M.D.” episode “Paternity,” in which the main character states that avoiding childhood vaccines is akin to starting a baby-coffin business. * * *

In health,

Jock Doubleday
Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc.
A California 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation

Jock Doubleday is the author of
“Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital, Vol 1: A Book about Natural Childbirth and the Birth of Wisdom and Power in Childbearing Women”

Two years ago, when the challenge was at $75,000.00 I had sent his email out to my database. One of my readers, a pediatrician, said getting them to “drink” it made no sense, since vaccines are injected. And she also pointed out that thimerosal had been removed from vaccines.

So, I emailed Jock and asked him these questions and here’s what he said:

Drinking is better in my opinion because 1) it’s more “photo opp” and 2) it’s more “real.” People watching would feel the poisons going down the MD’s throat, while injection is covert and difficult to access vicariously. 3) Drinking is safer. And if drinking is safer, why wouldn’t an MD do it? I also don’t particularly want to kill some well-meaning MD whose medical school education has left him in the dark.

And the doctor is wrong about thimerosal being gone from childhood vaccines. A percentage of thimerosal has been taken out of some vaccines, but there is still at least trace thimerosal in the vaccines that have had thimerosal in the past. And of course the flu vaccine still has the same amount of thimerosal. And further, the old full-dose thimerosal vaccines have been stockpiled by hospitals and doctors, so there’s no way for you to know what your child is getting short of reading the package insert of each particular vaccine.

FYI, injection of these ingredients into an adult — even when the dose is body weight calibrated — is much different from injecting them into a baby or a young child. Before the age or 2 or 3, the “blood-brain barrier” has not formed, which means that toxic metals can enter the still-forming brain. An adult’s blood-brain barrier has long since formed, so the metals do less harm. Western culture’s skyrocketing rates of autism are due in part to neurological interference from heavy metals from ever-increasing numbers of early childhood vaccinations.

So then I emailed my brother – who is an MD and a Geneticist – and asked him whether he thought injecting these substances was more dangerous than drinking them. And he said:

Drinking is probably safer, but without studies, who knows?

So, yet again, we’re left wondering: If MDs throughout the country regularly inject babies with these vaccines AND they usually inject their own children with these vaccines…WHY won’t anyone take up this challenge and get $200,000 for about 15 minutes of their time?

If someone offered ME $200,000 to drink something I felt was perfectly safe, I’d do it in a heartbeat!

If you can shed some light on this, let me know in the Comments box below….cause I am seriously mystified…

Oh yes, one more thing: I recently came across this absolutely fantastic interview with a former vaccine research scientist. He is not releasing his name, because he has retired and wants to keep his ‘retirement package’, and he has also seen what the pharmaceuticals have done to colleagues who have spoken out – and he doesn’t want to go there. However, when his friend’s child died from a DPT shot, he could no longer keep silent and live with his conscience, so he is making his “insider info” known to trusted sources. Download this article and give it out to whoever you can!

Note: If you ever consider getting a flu vaccine, then you need to read this article too.

Soar higher,


$200,000 to Any MD Who’ll Self-Vaccinate

9 thoughts on “$200,000 to Any MD Who’ll Self-Vaccinate

  • Would you eat an anal suppository? Would you eat vaginal yeast cream? Would you swallow the contents of an IV bag? Swallow an enema? Just because they won’t DRINK vaccines doesn’t mean they aren’t safe. They are meant to go into your muscles or just beneath the skin, NOT into your stomach.

    Get your head out of your ass. When kids start dying from diseases that haven’t been seen in this country in years because of your insanity, then you’ll see how valuable vaccines really are. When that happens, I hope you and everyone like you is unable to sleep knowing that your crazy-ass ideas are responsible for the deaths of innocent children.

    If you people would look at the other side of your argument just ONCE, it would be a lot easier to respect you.

  • D: You obviously didn’t even read my post properly. Your rant is exactly why I asked my Medical Geneticist brother whether drinking was indeed safer than injecting.

    And yes, I could easily eat my anal suppositories:

    And, I could eat or drink my enema mixture (it would be really beneficial):

    And I would use wild oregano oil or hydrogen peroxide for vaginal yeast, and YES, I could and do drink both of them.

    Did you download the report/interview I linked to? Please do so, READ it, and then post again to let me know what you think.

  • D has some repressed anger. Coming from the health care industry, I know that vaccines are a reliable cash cow – and there is an ingrained dogma held by those who are taken through the system that only the insane or fanatical question the wisdom of injecting strong immune stimulating agents into the bodies of neonates. One after another – for their health. Is it really a mystery why there is an epidemic rise in allergies, immune disorders, and autoimmune syndromes? Kids can’t even take peanut butter sandwiches to school. The toxins presented are bad enough, but there was a rogue immunologist I spoke to who said she was more concerned about the fact that children with immature immune systems were making their bodies make antibodies to antigens in the absence of an infection – thus “unteaching” it how to respond properly. Furthermore, there is a concern of “by stander effect” in which nonspecific cells are activated and could respond to some benign antigen in the environment.
    I think the medical community is asked to ignore these kind of “gimmicks” (i.e. the offer of rewards for swallowing a vaccine formulation) as they fear that those who dare question the wisdom of modern medicine (with their hammer to cure your ills) may be given more serious attention.

  • That post by D is funny but sad. The whole vaccine model is based on our understanding of the immune system from about 90 years ago. Please.

    We now know that drinking would be safer than injecting because the stomach, sinuses, skin and lungs are our front line defense of our immune system and by injecting all these years we are actually by-passing our immune system and creating an inflammatory response which we know these days is an enemy of health.

  • The offer is a fraud. He will not pay, and there have been offers by mds to take the challenge. There is no money.

  • If there had been MD’s who offered to take the challenge, and their offers were refused for any reason, you can bet the media would have been all over it, since the media is the handmaiden to Big Pharma, and all the other power industries. We saw how the media skewered Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and completely ignored the fact that his findings were replicated by others, including those who stood behind the campaign to destroy him for daring to tell the truth. And the media is also completely quiet about the lawsuit he has filed for defamation.

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