I just returned from pretty much back-to-back trips – one to Edmonton and the other to Los Angeles.

In Edmonton, my cousins laughed at me for not having a cell phone.

In L.A., not only does the airport have free WiFi, now the planes do as well! Although, if you’re 30,000 feet in the air, can it really be WiFi? Wouldn’t it be satellite internet? At any rate, it’s not good – in an enclosed metal tube, where the radiation bounces around and zaps you over and over.

Between people’s personal cell phones, messaging, iPads, laptops and then businesses rushing to  provide blanket WiFi coverage – those of us who have actually done the research and KNOW that this technology has serious negative health effects, have lost our freedom of choice.

The CBC National News recently did an excellent piece on this issue and review of the science – let me know if you’re still laughing at my quaint little self after you watch….

We need to educate ourselves, educate others and start making some serious noise to get this technology restricted in public places – just like cigarette smoking. Wireless, WiFi, RF, EMR, microwave radiation – whatever you want to call it – is a PUBLIC health issue, NOT a private choice.

WiFi On Airplanes – Help!

3 thoughts on “WiFi On Airplanes – Help!

  • Thanks for that Reid, so looks to me like GoGo would be the preferable provider, as they locate their antennas on the bottom of the plane – rather than on top (Row 44) next to passenger’s heads!

    Sigh. Remember when smoking was deemed to be a PUBLIC health hazard and banned on airplanes?? How long will we have to wait until the same realization is made about WiFi and cellphones?

    I now wait to board absolutely last – so that at least some of the people have finished with their calls and texting by the time I board.

  • Hi Jini, i have been reading through your website for other reasons and I appreciate what you are doing and selling. I came across this subject of WiFi on your site which relates to EMF/EMR radiation fears from Mobile Phones, Cell Towers, etc. too and I thought you may be interested in my products to Protect people against the radiation problems coming from the technologies we have developed and been using for over 20 years now. All our products have been tested and we have Never had a return in over 4+ years of business. I came across the technology from a Russian Scientist from the Cold War and after that period who brought me up to speed about 10 years ago but it was expensive then to purchase the products and people generally were not interested; however now the prices are very affordable even for a whole family, we have some Great testimonies. Still with all the many articles coming out and that have been out for over 20 years people still don’t think their technology is killing them But it is! Anyway, if I can help your campaign and/or crusade to educate everyone about their health and the threats against it and how to Protect themselves from it please let me know.

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