Why Our Family Is Trying Fluoride Toothpaste

In my continuing quest for cavity-free dental health for my family, I have taken a second look at fluoride. Whilst knowing that fluoride hardens tooth enamel very effectively, we have stayed away from it because of the negative systemic effects (toxicity and fluorosis).

As I took a second, more in-depth look at this mineral though, I came to realize that there is a big difference between ingested fluoride (fluoridated water, fluoride supplements) and topical fluoride (toothpaste, mouthwash, fluoride trays on your teeth at the dentist).

Watching my daughter receive three anesthetic injections prior to her latest dental work, I thought, “Okay, but which is more toxic to her body: fluoride toothpaste topically, or these drugs directly into her bloodstream?”

I’m also wondering about the synergy of using fluoride in toothpaste and then holding the Bone Support nano-sized minerals in the mouth immediately afterwards – would this re-mineralize the teeth further and provide even harder enamel?

“A report by Czechoslovakian researchers indicates that fluoride matters little when it comes to preventing tooth decay. A study of 745 children aged 6 to 14 years, from several localities of Czechoslovakia where the drinking water contains calcium and magnesium in large amounts, showed impressively fewer caries in these children than in others throughout the country. This finding was no surprise to other scientists who reported previously that calcium combined with magnesium has a beneficial effect on the resistance of teeth to caries. Interestingly, in all of the localities where tooth decay was below average, the fluoride content of the water was also low.” (Cesk. Stomat., May-June, 1966.)

“Fluoride gets a lot of the credit for preventing tooth decay that should go to magnesium, a University of Colorado dental researcher says. He is Dr. Lewis Barnett, who has been doing research into tooth decay since 1950. Barnett said that magnesium also strengthens teeth and bone. ‘It is just as feasible for communities to add magnesium to their water supplies,’ he said. Given a choice between fluoride and magnesium, Barnett said, he would choose magnesium.” (“Researcher Says Magnesium Aids Dental Health,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Aug. 28, 1966)

You’ll notice that these two quotes both referred to fluoride in the drinking water – not topically applied fluoride. As you read through this report, you’ll begin to understand what the difference and significance is between these two methods of usage.

What follows is a sampling of my research into the fluoride issue and what led me to my decision to try topical fluoride next for my family:


And then please tell me your thoughts, questions and own stories in the COMMENTS section below…

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4 thoughts on “Why Our Family Is Trying Fluoride Toothpaste

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  2. how has the toothpaste experiment been going for you? Everything I read says that Vitamin K2, D, and A are vital to teeth health…

    I am strongly anti-Fluoride after continual ingestion caused my gut health to be poor. It gave me fluoroderma, because there are so many sources – water, cereal, pesticides on grapes, other fruit, lettuces, the fatty parts of chicken, small fish.

    Please, supplement those vitamins! Don’t use traditional fluoride toothpaste

  3. hi Jini,

    This post is old but i wanted to comment anyways. I recently reverted back to using topical fluoride as well after the suggestion of a holistic dentist. There in fact is a great difference between topical and ingested fluoride. The benefits outweigh the risks by far if not ingested – just think about the negatives of having dental work in the mouth. Continued decay will eventually lead to root canals (terrible for health) and tooth loss (even worse for health).

    I just started following Dr Ellie’s system as well. AND I’m using your Mini Minerals as well together with W. A. Price diet. I’m going to stop my oral health from deteriorating, I’m determined!!

    Also, you might like Biorepair toothpaste, it has hydroxyapatite instead of fluoride, which is very similar to tooth structure.

    I would love to get an update on your family’s dental health success.

  4. I am with Athena, I would love an update as well. And I have to say Athena, that I am on board with you, trying Dr Ellie’s system as well as the nano Minerals etc. I am just ordering everything this week and am determined to get my healthy teeth bath!
    Do you have any progress to discuss? It would be so appreciated!

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