Raw Milk Diet Experiment

In preparation for my teleseminar with raw milk therapy expert, Jim Ehmke, CN, I went on a one week raw milk diet myself! Watch the videos below – shot on Day 1, Day 4 and at the conclusion of the Diet, to find out how it went, what I learned and whether I would ever […]

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Does Absorb Plus Create a Candida Problem?

I’ve actually received this question – in various forms – a lot over the past few years. So here’s a good representative of the concerns and my answer. Question: I’m very concerned though about the issue of Absorb Plus feeding Candida. I decided to use Absorb Plus to do The IBD Remission Diet because your book says […]

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New Healing Protocol – Raw Milk Cure & Detox

In Issue #4 of Good Health Is Real Wealth, I write about my brand new healing protocol. I don’t have an official name for it yet – but it is an alternative to The IBD Remission Diet. This brand new healing protocol utilizes a number of key substances and processes to heal a wide variety […]

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