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Perhaps you’ve been doing Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol and you’re not getting the results you wanted, or it’s taking a lot longer than you thought. Or perhaps you know of someone else who’s been on multiple rounds of antibiotics but they just can’t shake their infection. Well, what I’m going to suggest may seem a wee bit ‘out there’ but bear with me and it just might be the missing piece in your treatment…

I had a session last month with Medical Qigong practitioner, Brian Mount, and we talked about his work with microbe consciousness (bacterial, viral, etc). He said their consciousness doesn’t seem to be attached to or IN their bodies the same way ours is. And it operates more like a group consciousness. So when he has clients come in with stubborn SIBO or gut infection, etc that is not responding at all to antibiotic or herbal treatment, and they’ve tried everything, the first thing he does with the client is:

1. Determine what condition (belief, pattern, trauma etc) created a space or invitation for the microbes in the first place. And they heal or resolve that initiating state in the person.

2. Then he dialogues with the consciousness of the virus or bacteria, saying things like, “Hey, there are so many places on this earth where you can thrive… how about you move somewhere better?” Now that the person is no longer feeling like a good home (because they shifted the pattern, belief etc that invited the microbe in) the consciousness seems to go, “Oh, okay” and just floats away.

3. Once the consciousness of the virus/bacteria/fungi has moved on, the body is able to flush the microbe bodies fairly easily. The patient will return in a week or two and report that the medication/herbs are finally working.

It’s all SO fascinating, isn’t it?

We know from the work of Dr. Bonnie Bassler (see video below) that bacteria speak to each other and function very much like a collective, so Brian’s experience makes a lot of sense. If you’ve been dealing with a stubborn infection that just won’t shift, perhaps this is a good approach for you to try. You could use my guided healing audio to bring you into meditative state and then connect with the consciousness of whatever microbes are infecting you. Maybe ask them why they’re there? Ask why they like living with you? Ask why they consider you a good host?

If you can’t get anywhere on your own, then book with a good therapist/practitioner – EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Energy/Spiritual healer, etc – who can guide you through. Just send them this blog post when you book your appointment so they know what you want.

Stubborn Infection: Dialoguing with Bacteria Consciousness

5 thoughts on “Stubborn Infection: Dialoguing with Bacteria Consciousness

  • A couple of weeks ago I started taking 4 drops of wild oregano oil orally per day for some persistent and annoying nasal and eye irritation (allergy?). The unexpected side-effect was that my lower intestinal discomfort was reduced by at least 65% after taking the oil for only 2 or 3 days. I think there is some validity to the oil’s effectiveness.

    1. Thank you for writing in, Natalie. For the oregano oil dosage, It’s a good idea to start with lower amounts or lowered frequency and then build up over
      time. For example, start with half the dosage of wild oregano oil, then gradually build up, or take once or twice per day to start, establish tolerance and then increase to full frequency and dosage. We have some readers that are taking oregano 20-25 drops/day with no severe reaction. Oregano is a strong substance and in some cases, it can be too much for the body to handle so you might want to do more research on this to be 100% safe. Also, please note that Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol is NOT just wild oregano – the combination (and timing) WITH the probiotics is key. Please check Jini’s eBook ‘What You Need To Know About Oregano

      As in all things, please follow your own gut instinct first. If you feel you should pursue aggressive supplementation, then please do so.


      Cris B
      Customer Care

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