When inflammation has been present for a long time in the rectum or anal canal, it sometimes causes scarring (fibrosis). Repeated ulceration and healing (often from proctitis) can also result in scar tissue. Surgical procedures for hemorrhoids, skin tags, anal dilation, sphincterectomy, etc. all cause scar tissue as the body heals the wound. Scar tissue is not as flexible as healthy tissue and the gradual build-up and thickening of scar tissue can narrow and constrict the rectal or anal canal, resulting in a stricture.

Sometimes this narrowing (anal stenosis or rectal stenosis) comes on very gradually, so you think you are constipated, rather than realizing there is a physical obstruction of scar tissue blocking your stool from coming out. Then of course, as you strain and push to get the stool out, this can cause more tearing (and as it heals, more scar tissue) along with hemorrhoids, strained rectal and anal muscles, spasm and aggravated nerves. The pudendal nerve branches like tree roots all throughout the levator ani muscles and can become trapped or aggravated. Rectal spasming (cramping) and aggravated nerves will then contrict your rectum even further.

The great news is that our experimental protocol for healing (dissolving) scar tissue in the rectal and anal canal is ready for other testers! This natural remedy uses powerful healing substances like DMSO, potassium iodide, aloe vera and colloidal silver. As you know, I test all remedies on myself first, then family members and friends, then LTYG Wellness Circle members and then we open it up to my larger pool of readers.

Fill in the form below and we will send you the Rectal StrictureHeal Ebook – at no charge – with all the instructions for how to administer this remedy. In the ebook I will give you all the details of how this protocol has worked so well for my own 23 year old scar tissue, plus one of my readers named Monica (name changed for privacy) who had a severe stricture in her anal canal. Monica even had her healing confirmed with a colonoscopy where her doctor said, “If I hadn’t been your doctor all along and seen your stricture for myself, I would never believe you had a stricture – the tissue is completely normal and there is absolutely no indication of where the stricture was.”


Remember though, that this protocol is still in the experimental phase, so be sure and read the ebook thoroughly (maybe twice) and follow your own gut regarding implementation.

If you suffer from anal stenonis, rectocele or rectal prolapse, then you may find this video helpful:

Post any questions, suggestions or ideas below and I will answer you here (so that everyone can benefit from our Q & A). Also, if you try Rectal StrictureHeal, please let us know your results!

p.s. If you suffer from strictures in your small or large intestine, I have a separate natural healing remedy for that called Intestinal StrictureHeal – so use that one instead (or use both if you have strictures in your rectum and intestines).

Soar Higher!

Natural Remedy for Anal Stenosis and Stricture

83 thoughts on “Natural Remedy for Anal Stenosis and Stricture

  • I am using a lot of your protocols on my daughter. I hope that she too will be med free really soon.
    Thanks for all your help.
    Kind Regards

  • I can feel the stricture band and I am severely constipated and am trying the stricture heal along with the magnesium citrate and potassium citrate. Nothing is working. Just blood and straining to defecate. I am also using Milk of Magnesia. I am curious if Jini has had any luck with others finding healing through this stricture protocol yet. I am only on day five with it so I probably have a way to go, but I really want the stricture gone. Is it possible that the stricture will go away or will it just soften up? I have also contacted a Craniosacral therapist but have not heard back yet. So right now what I am doing is the Wild Oregano, the stricture protocol, magnesium citrate and potassium citrate, Milk of Magnesia.

    I imagine the person that Jini talks about in her book, Lori Main, is located in Canada and I am in the Bay Area in CA, so that probably wouldn’t be possible for me. I am having such a hard time dealing with the fact that I allowed this to happen to me. I wish I had never had the surgery to remove the perianal fatty tissue. I am positive the needle up my anus before surgery is what caused this. Any response you could give I am sure will help.

    I will keep you posted on how the stricture protocol is working at a later time. Is it possible to write to Jini directly as I see others have in a forum type setting or does she not do that?

  • Hi CC – Have you filled out the form and received the Rectal StrictureHeal Instruction ebook (above)? Just want to make sure you have the right one as the instructions and formulas are quite different from the Intestinal StrictureHeal one.

    You know, given your history, you may have a scar tissue stricture there, OR you may have rectal spasming which can also completely shut off defecation. So I would also follow the instructions in the ebook above for Rectal Spasm – take the herbal muscle relaxants (crampbark or black haw), the magnesium oil hot baths and the hot castor oil pack on the levator ani muscles. Until you get the rectum to relax, none of the laxative agents are going to work. In fact, they are just going to increase the pressure and make the spasming worse.

    The other thing is you could easily have myofascial and ligament damage from the surgical/med procedures. Again, I give instructions in the ebook for dealing with this. But since you are in CA, you are close to one of the BEST therapists in the world for this type of work – Mary Cox. I believe she is still at this clinic:

    27401 Los Altos, Ste 488
    Mission Viejo, CA 92691

    Sorry, I don’t have her phone number. If you book with her directly (rather than booking through Clear Passage, it will be MUCH cheaper). In fact, when you find her phone number or email, can you please post it here? Here’s a couple of videos I did with Mary that will explain some of what you might be going through (be sure and watch both):

    All About Abdominal Adhesions and Obstruction

    Tracing Pain & Dysfunction In the Body

    Lastly, yes, 5 days is too soon for the Rectal StrictureHeal to work – 2-3 weeks is when you may first start to see change. I know how awful it is, so just follow the relaxation protocols above and book quickly with Mary!


  • My problem is a urinary (urerthral) stricture / Acute Urinary Retention. Have been catheterized for 6 months and Urologist has thrown me under the bus: “I can remove the catheter but you’re on your own if you end up in emergency unable to void”. Your org is only one to address possible solutions as Uttarbasti is beyond California practitioners. Having 8-10 bladder spasms a day which I believe are my body’s reaction to catheter, and now am told that I have a bladder outpouching (right ureter) which can not be being helped by all the downward (Apana Vayu) strain and imbalance triggered by the foreign object. I am most interested in what I can eat/drink to prepare for catheter removal and what solution I can fill bladder (by catheter) before, or eye-dropper into urethra after catheter removal :(

  • MARK – Whilst you know I cannot give personal health advice, If I had this condition I may experiment with trying the following for myself:

    a) Using a syringe to inject the 20% solution up the catheter. After removal, either apply to the urethral opening, but ideally, continue to syringe (or eye-dropper) up the urethral opening into the urethra. Sometime dental syringes are easier to use than droppers, but I would test and see.

    b) Download the Intestinal StrictureHeal eBook as it has an ORAL component to the treatment. If this can positively affect strictures in the intestines, why not in the bladder/urethra? Also as the urine passes through the urethra, it may carry some of the solution with it.


    Lastly, I would use EFT to address my feelings about the “strain and imbalance triggered by the foreign object”. Emotions – particularly negative emotions, fear and trauma can hinder healing just as much (and sometimes more) than physical factors. I would NOT neglect this important step:


    You, of course, must only do what you feel safe with and see the Disclaimer below.

    PLEASE post back here and let us know what you decided to do and how it went.

    p.s. If I still felt unconvinced about the emotional healing component, I would here:


    and download the free teleseminar with Dr. Gabor Mate (at the end of the movie): When The Body Says No.

    Please Note: Jini Patel Thompson is a health writer and consumer advocate. She is not a registered health professional nor doctor of any sort. The information on this webpage is simply her own personal opinion.This website (including any/all site pages, blog posts, blog comments, forum, videos, audio recordings, etc.) is not intended to replace the services of a physician, nor does it constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Information is provided for informational purposed only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use the information on this website for diagnosing or treating a medical or health condition. If you have or suspect you have an urgent medical problem, promptly contact your professional healthcare provider. Any application of the recommendations in this website is at the reader’s discretion. Jini Patel Thompson and Listen To Your Gut Enterprises Inc. are not liable for any direct or indirect claim, loss or damage resulting from use of this website and/or any web site(s) linked to/from it. Readers should consult their own physicians concerning the recommendations in this website.

  • Hi Jini;
    Just a note to thank you for what you do. Every time I read something posted by you or have read something from your book, it sends me off exploring my area and having other things pop up that might help me. I have written to you before and am now trying viceral manipulation for my anal stricture. There are a couple people left in my area to try. Everyone I have seen has said that floor therapy will probably help. If I don’t get the help I need, I will travel to LA, CA to see Mary Cox. It’s just that it is an 8 hour drive for me and I wouldn’t know where to stay or how long I would be there, but thanks again for what you do! If you have any other suggestions or opinions on what I am doing, please post.
    I have been told that my proctitis is all healed and I am left with scar tissue. I have been on Chinese herbs for 7 yrs and I know you are not fond of that concept, but they healed the tissue that was all inflamed and I could not have felt better in my whole life until the stricture.
    Do you know if strictures tend to get worse or once they’re created they remain the same size?

  • Hi Jini, my name is Michelle. I am a mother of 2 and I have had Crohns/ UC for over 20 years. I have been on all the drugs (prednisone, steriods, enemas, remicade, humira, 6mp, sulfasalazine, asacol,..) you name it! I am now in remission however I have developed an anal stricture about 5 years ago. I have had it dilated several times and have recently been told I should look into a permanent ileostomy bag because of all the scar tissue build up. My last dilation was 3 days ago. I have been reading for almost a year about the natural healing approach and am willing to give it a shot! Couple questions?CAn I buy the formula with the potassium iodine, DMSO, Colodial Silver and Aloe Vera already made in a suppository form? Also, how long does the garlic smell last? Where can I buy the Black Haw? How can I get the meditation music? Because the DMSO penetrates the tissue should I be concerned about clearing out my bowels prior to use. I am the type of person who would want to do this correctly so I would need a clearly written out step by step process on how to do this:) Optimisitically yours!

  • I had hamerhoids then i go to a doctor who cut it by thread therapy then hamerhoids go away but small fissure comes now i have a problem nearly same as anal stenosis or rectal stenosis ( am not sure actualy)
    diarrhea from 3 years since i had hamerhoids ( sounds stunning??)
    not exactly dilute but it is 50% diluted than normal stool
    stool is like wire coming of anus 😀 lol but its best example which clearly shows narrow pasage
    hard sphincter muscle
    some time i can feel stool up to anus point but can deficate them because no presure and passage is blocked when i try to exert presure

    again and again bowel moment atleast 5 times a day

    is it anal stenosis?
    Which ointment should i use?

  • Well, whether you have scar tissue from the cutting. Or from repeated tearing (fissure) and healing, doesn’t really matter. It’s still scar tisuue.

    However, if you still have hemorrhoids, then you should deal with that first:


    Then after you’ve healed the hemorrhoids, you can determine whether your anus is tight due to emotional trauma and stress – in which case you need biofeedback therapy or EFT:


    OR whether you have a build up of scar tissue, in which case you can try Rectal StrictureHeal (still in experimental stages). See post above and fill in the form to get the eBook for free.

  • Hi Jini,

    I think I may have posted in the wrong area already, but here I go again. I had a hemorrhoidectomy in 2008 and have a small amount of scar tissue that is easily irritated. I have a few scars right on the wall of my anus and you can feel a rough patch of skin where i was cut just a little past the opening. Since the surgery the opening has narrowed, and that area where the scar is can be irritated very easily. My question to you is do you think the Rectal Stricture protocol will dissolve the scar tissue that is there? If and when it does dissolve with it be smooth like the rest of the skin down there and be more elastic? Right now it is very rigid. i went to the doctor a few months ago and they told me there is nothing that needs to be done about the scar inside, but its just more annoying than anything because it hurts and sometimes bleeds.


  • CJ – yes, the protocol sounds like it would be promising for you. Please post back after a few months and let us know how it went for you. You may also want to combine usage with cocoa butter suppositories, I feel this will help to keep the irritation down.

  • Hi Jini,
    About 5 yrs ago I had an aal fissure healed, and after a terrible proctology pt. developed another one going on 2 yrs now, i do ave history of constipating ad bad bloating no dr knows why they put me on everything. Im sure i ave interal hemmorhoids and a very tight sphincter muscle with scar tisse from last fissure. After reading your books I tried acupuncture, EFT,craniosacal therapy, fissure heal, still take healthy trinity probiotics, comfrey ointment. I is ordered a infrared laser pad. I am now 36 wks pregnant (miracle) and I believe everything helped me thank you. What do you recommend I do after the baby is born that is safe while breast feeding? Not sure if metacleanse is safe to take for my constipation as I currently take konsyl. Don’t know if I should or can start to Heal recal stricture or fissure first and wat is ok when breast feeding. Thank you for videos on pooping they helped a great deal.
    I contacted Eileen fissure she does do phone sessions do you recommend that ?
    Thank you

  • Hi Jini, 

    I have had Crohn’s since 2001 and in a recent colonoscopy it was discovered that I have a very tight stricture in the sigmoid colon. The GI was not able to get past it because it is very narrow so I am going for a CT virtual colonoscopy in a few days. I am not sure yet if this is caused by inflammation or scar tissue but I assume that at least some scar tissue may be present. 

    I was asked to look into surgeons but I feel that would put me on a worse path in the long run. I will be beginning humira soon and have been on pentasa. 

    I am very interested in trying the intestinal strictureheal and I have already read the ebook. I have heard that humira can lead to more scar tissue hence worsening strictures but as I mentioned mine may be from inflammation and respond to the medication. 

    I would prefer to take a completely natural approach to my healing but I am hesitant to do it for now after hearing all this news from my doctor. 

    I am wondering if I can begin taking intestinal stricture heal while on humira and pentasa or if it is something that should be done while not on these medications. Should i try to reduce inflammation before dealing with scar tissue or deal with both  simultaneously? 

    Thank you for all your great advice and research! 

  • Hi Ava,

    It’s always best to check with your physician if you’re unsure whether any of Jini’s protocols will conflict with prescription medication. Generally, it’s easier to deal with scar tissue if there aren’t any other symptoms present.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Jini,
    I started taking the Absorb plus shakes on January 31st so today is my 15th day. I have had the liquid stools and some formed. I usually drink 3 shakes per day and add oil to 2 of them along with alternating the CoQ10 and the Grapeseed extract. I take the Vit D3 and the biflavanoids 2 times per day. I started taking the probiotics on February 7th but noticed with your oil of oregano plan you do the oregano 3-5times a day and probiotics once so I just started that today. I think I have strictures. When my solid bm pass through they cause my skin to stretch up and I massage it and then it is able to pass through. My doctor told me that if I had surgery to remove some of my small intestine it would be at least 18 inches. I have had no surguries and have not been on any medicine for over 2 years. I have been drinking Kangen water and that has helped alot. However my abdomen was sensitive to touch between my belly button and my pubic bone so that is when I stumbled on your info. Ever since I have taken the Absorb plus shakes my abdomen is not tender. I however was wondering if I should do the stricture protocol and if that is ok to include with what I am doing now? And I was going to add the calcium nano minerals, Mucosaheal,and Aloe Vera Juice. Are all these ok to take together? Another thing last night when I was looking through all the info on your site I felt anxious and overwhelmed I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction with all this? Thanks Jennifer

  • Jini,
    I also wanted to ask you if I should be getting more calories per day. I have 4 childrenat home and work outside the home 2-3 days per month. I am 5’6″ and at the present time weigh 122. Thanks Jennifer

  • Hi Jennifer,

    It’s great to hear that the products have helped with the tenderness in your abdomen! Yes, it is fine to take all of the items you mentioned together. For more information on how to schedule your supplements, check out the link below:


    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with information at this stage so a good strategy is to start with the most prominent issues and work your way through the appropriate protocol(s) in the Listen to Your Gut book.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Jennifer,

    If you’re on the elemental diet, a good way to gauge how many calories you should be consuming is on page 51 of Jini’s The IBD Remission Diet book as it breaks down calorie intake based on your current situation.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Cyndi,

    The best thing to do is to consult with your physician if you’re unsure whether or not the protocol is fine to continue using while you are breastfeeding. He or she should be able to tell you if the ingredients will have any adverse effects. Sorry for the late response!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Jini,
    I found your site looking for alternative treatment to treat colon stricture in my dog. I’m like crazy trying to find something that can help him. Last July, he was diagnosed with Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma. He had surgery to remove the tumor, but the margins were not clean, so, in September, he received 20 radiation treatments targeting the tumor site and also abdominal lymph nodes that are the first place for metastasis in this kind of tumor. The abdominal ultrasound show a thickening of the colon wall in the portion that was expose in the radiation field. Consequently, he has difficulty to do poop. He tried very hard but also is very painful, break my heart to see him in so much pain. For this reason, I would like to know if you have any suggestion that I can try with him. Is there something that I can do to help him? How can the stricture in the colon disappear? Please, help me. The veterinarian don’t know how to treat, they only suggest colonoscopy, but I don’t want to put him through this test

  • Hi Idania,

    I wish we had an answer for you but I’m afraid that we have not tested any of Jini’s protocols on animals and don’t have any plans to do so. We wish you the best of luck with your dog and hope he recovers.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi idania, for your dog you should buy some food grade diatamaceous earth…an amazing product which should clear Up any bowel trouble your dog is experiencing… Dave

  • Yes, I have heard great things about diatamaceous earth from a number of pet owners. Also, I would get your dog off all packaged foods and feed him his natural diet of raw meat and organs (with a few veggies as would normally be found in the stomach of prey). Google this as there are lots of books and info available on feeding dogs raw. The difference in stool quality between dogs and cats fed raw vs. processed foods is amazing – plus their stool and breath doesn’t stink.

  • http://blog.listentoyourgut.com/natural-remedy-for-anal-stenosis-and-stricture/

    Hello Jini, While doing a Google search, I came across your site. Please contact me as I have much to tell you and I would like to be profiled/interviewed by the media to share my situation and get some answers. Basically-I am a 60year old male with a history of Crohn’s Disease (Regional Enertitis) going back to 1968. 1997-A routine colonoscopy gone bad (I was told my GI track was friable) at the time I was getting iron injections b/c I was told I was borderline anemic. The colonoscopy in 97 resulted in a puncture in the colon, and thanks to an xray during recovery, the puncture was discovered. I had 75% of my colon removed. I was supposed to be free of Crohns after the surgery, however, at that time (May 1997) my then wife was living in Dallas, TX planning on uprooting us to move there. Although she flew in to Philadelphia, where we were (Bucks County), this acrimonious “wife” decides to have the movers box up our little townhouse and proceeds to leave Phila with my son and dog back to Plano/Dallas in order to make settlement on the house in Texas, oblivious to my medical and life needs, prognosis and fails to get medical clearance, instead trying to sue the GI doctor.
    Actually, for abandoning me in the hospital while I was in Intensive Care. She has me fly in 2 weeks after hospital discharge, again, failing to get medical clearance. Most people on the planet would have stayed put, and cancel relocation. Vitally important. More on this when you contact me. I did get divorced 1 ½ years later, and this repugnant, acromonius ex wife , clearly was not looking out for her family-her husband. The stress made things much worse.
    I have been back in Phila since 1999. I’ve been out of work and on disability for 4 years. Since 2010, I find out I have Diabetes type II, Psoriasis, Severe Sleep Apnea, and an urgent need to get both knees replaced. I have no savings. So I cannot get surgery. And I may have bleeding from the stricture. Im told, take care of the Crohns before the surgery. Now I am straining, I know I have had the stricture a long time, as well as gallstones. I’ve had 2 or 3 hospitalizations for a partial bowel obstruction. There is evidentally a second stricture, perhaps at the
    anastomosis where the resection occured. The questions include, is the severe pain from the knees (miniscus tear, and now no cartilidge) or the stricture, or both, or could it also be nerve pain from diabetes? Or side effects from 1 or more drugssuch as Januvia) I am on a ton of medications. Please contact me for more info and your feedback. Thanks, Larry Fulmer. designer58@comcast.net

  • Hi Larry,

    A good place to start if you’re looking for more information for healing naturally would be at Jini’s symptom pages at the link below:


    Make sure you sign up for the free eBook at any symptom page you visit as each eBook contains even more information. If you have any questions about Jini’s products or protocols, feel free to e-mail us at service@listentoyourgut.com.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • I’m using the formula for fissures and strictures and it is working! I use it topically every night (sometimes I miss a few) and it is decreasing the pain hugely!!! I can also feel that the area is less inflamed and healing. I’ve only been using it one week!

  • Dear Miss Patel,

    6 weeks ago I had a surgery to remove my hemorrhoids for the second time. Last surgery I had was in 1983. My anal opening has been significantly reduced may be to 5 mm. Perhaps a stricture causing anal stenosis. The lining of my anal canal has become hard and quite inflexible over about an inch or 2. I have to push and strain to defecate and the stool size is very small. Am I a good candidate to use your Anal Stricture Heal formula. I am just a little afraid of using DMSO in your protocol as I have read that it can sometimes be fatal. Also, my doctor has put me on Anal Dilators which I use with Xylocaine Gel. Can I use your formula along with dilators and the gel? Please reply promptly as I going through a tough time. Thanks


  • hello , i am suffering from problem in anal opening, there is no constipetion . but there is dryness in the stool . it is trying to come pressure is there but feel too tightness to come out .. so please suggest some home remidy . urgently age28 years

  • Hi Abheer,

    If there is no constipation, the best place to start would be at Jini’s symptom page for anal strictures at the link below:


    You also may want to read Jini’s constipation symptom page below as it might have some ideas for you (especially the part about potassium and magnesium):


    If you have any additional questions you can respond here or e-mail me directly at service@listentoyourgut.com.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Good morning Jini,
    First of all thank you for sharing your precious experience with other people.
    I’m an Italian woman, I’m 30 years old and I’m really desperate…I fight since 2008 against an hernia in my rectum that’s spoiling my life. I’m really exhausted. No medicine, no diet, no treatment work for me to alleviate my pain and my daily hardship. Surgery is impossible because dangerous…doctors say I’m too young.
    I really don’t know what to do.
    I knew you following your videos on YouTube and I red your advices and your natural treatments. I pray every day to find a solution and in this moment of my life I really need an help.
    Do you think some of your treatments work for my rectocele too? If yes…what’s the better for me?
    I really thank you for your attention.


  • Hi Francesca,

    One place to start for more information would be at Jini’s symptom page for rectal prolapse (aka rectocele) at this link:


    And she did a blog post about that as well (just in case you didn’t see it):

    Regarding the hernia, Jini talks about hernias which cause bowel obstructions at the symptom page below:

    If you have any additional questions about any of Jini’s products or protocols, you can reply here or e-mail us at service@listentoyourgut.com. We wish you all the best on your healing journey!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • I had intestinal and rectal strictures and most of the other symptoms referred to in your site. Because I was traveling, staying with friends and in hotels I wasn’t able to do the protocols correctly. I had to simplify and adapt.I used 70% roll on DMSO on the abdominal stricture area once or twice daily. I put the DMSO on a cocoa butter suppository and used that once or twice daily. I took 1/2 tsp 70% liquid DMSO ORALLY in a glass of water before bed. When it all became too stinky for my long suffering husband, I began taking
    N ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE (NAG) 750 mg am and pm orally AND RECTALLY.
    Extremely healing from mouth to anus. ( read the studies about it.) THANK YOU!

  • Hi Dionne,

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It’s great to hear that you’re experiencing some good results!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Jini!
    I have been having terrible symptoms for almost 8 months now: weakness in my left arm and left every time there’s ‘activity’ near the anus. I thought it was cancer, and was barking up the wrong tree. I finally landed on one of your sites and read about Anal Stenosis, etc.
    I began to notice that most of my weakness is occurring simultaneously with this anal ‘activity’… which usually lasts a long time after the activity.
    I’m also now getting some mild pain down there too.
    I realized I had a hemorrhoidectomy 25 years ago, and that maybe this could be the culprit. I’ve been pretty constipated for years… though my stools are still usually normal sized.
    Anyway… I just wanted to know if you think that my current weakness/neuropathy could be linked to this 25 year old operation… and if so, how could the nerve damage have taken so long to appear?
    Also… is there hope for this to heal?
    Thanks… I just ordered the E-book and will devour it… but I’d like to hear what you think too before embarking.
    Do I need to worry about going ‘septic’ here?

  • Hi Steve,

    I’m afraid that we’re not able to speculate about your specific condition as we aren’t medical professionals (Jini included) but I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about the protocols and products mentioned in the eBook. You may also want to check out Jini’s symptom page for pudendal nerve entrapment since there’s a concern about nerve damage:


    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hello, I just had surgery done about 4 days ago. They did a partial sphincterotomy and anoplasty. In my understanding I had a scar tissue (Fissure)and problem with my Sphincter Muscle and they removed the hemeroids I had. I’ve suffered with constipation pretty much all my life and I guess over the years and now that I am 41 years old this came upon me and boy I have to tell you it is painful. Since the surgery its been so so but I had a question for you on how do I deal with the healing process of dealing with the bowel movement since the surgery? It has been my worse nightmare of pain and I cry everytime I go because it feels like someone is pooring alcohle on a open wound. Once I am done I sit on the sith bath right away to get some relief but then after it takes about almost a few hours for the inflamation to relax or I am taking NORCO for the pain and IBP 800mg. Is there something you can suggest that I can do to get through the healing since the surgery? I am so desparate, please help me.

  • Hi Coquese,

    Jini has used comfrey ointment repeatedly on broken skin for herself and her kids. She has also used it as a suppository and in a Healing Implant Enema to stop colonic bleeding. You, of course, should do your research, follow your naturopathic doctor’s advice, and only do what feels safe for you.. Please note that professional herbalists and naturopathic physicians take a very different stance on comfrey use from the established authorities. Many herbalists and NDs feel it’s safe to use comfrey as long as you don’t use it continually, long-term. Therefore, they recommend you use it in moderate doses for 3 to 6 months, then take a break of 1 month to allow the liver to cleanse properly, then resume use for 3 to 6 months, etc. as needed. Comfrey has become one of the FDA’s targeted substances – likely due to its effectiveness, so when you do your research, keep that in mind. Here’s a link to a product like this that Jini uses:


    For more ideas, you may want to check out Jini’s symptom page on anal fistulas and abscesses here:


    The protocols at the symptom page above are designed for much more extreme situations than what you’re dealing with but could be useful.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi, I was wondering when to use the rectalStitureHeal (DMSO) remedy.
    Do you put the drops in after a bowel movement or do you also need to flush after a bowel movement and get that fluid out to try to make the rectum as clean as possible before applying DMSO?

    Also, is using fissureHEAL the same or can you just insert it after a bowel movement, and no flush needed.

    Thank you

  • Hi Roger,

    The short answer is that you should probably have a bowel movement prior to using the rectal Strictureheal and clean the area but no flush is strictly necessary (if you’re referring to an enema or something). The whole process is explained in the instruction eBook which you can get for free at the link below if you don’t already have it:


    Regarding FissureHeal, yes, you can just insert it after a bowel movement and no “flush” (enema etc) is necessary.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • It says to not use plastic with DMSO.

    What would be the best dropper in that case to administer DMSO?
    I read that a copper dropper is sufficient but I noticed that the end of it was rubber and was wondering how do you get 30 drops into the dropper with ought the DMSO touching the rubber squeeze top, or is there no way around this.

    Thanks so much.


  • Hi Jini, Quick question on which protocol I should be looking at – Rectal or Intestinal Stricture Heal. Had Rectal Cancer Tumor removed last Nov – along with a temporary ostomy. Had reversal in Jan – then in April had another surgery with the following: exploratory laparotomy, extensive lysis of adhesions, colectomy, resection of colorectal anastomosis, formation of new colorectal anastomosis, diverting ileostomy, takedown of splenic flexure. In June – had ileostomy takedown.

    Feeling like I’m getting another stricture – and most likely lots of scar tissue again.

    Can you advise which protocol I should be looking at?

    Thank you –

  • Hi Kim,

    If your goal is to heal your stricture and eliminate scar tissue then you’ll want to look into Jini’s StrictureHeal protocols at the links below:


    You might also find the blog post below useful as Jini talks more about getting rid of scar tissue:


    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hello Jini, I just downloaded your ebook for anal stricture healing for my husband but I am unsure if this is the best plan for us to start with. About 10 years ago, my husband was admitted into the hospital and put on an IV so his intestines were basically inactive for about a week. When the IV was taken out, he was supposed to be put on a liquid diet and then transition to solid foods but the nurse made a mistake and brought him a solid meal. His next bowl movement caused multiple fissures and severe bleeding and his intestines and rectum have not been the same since. He fissures internally with every bowl movement and because of that has lots of scar tissue built up as well as hemorrhoids, nerves aggravated by the scar tissue and inflammation. A year after the initial trauma he had a doctor look at it and the doctor said it was in horrible condition and I’m sure it’s only gotten worse up there over the last 10 years. He is in chronic pain that ranges from very bad to excruciating and debilitating. He says it feels like someone is sawing his insides with a sharp knife. He also has the spasms described in the ebook but he said that these come and go and are not a constant thing for him. He does not want to have a colostomy bag and has resigned to live with the pain. He is a very tough man and does really well with the pain, rarely talking about it and does not want to let it dominate his or our family’s life but it would be amazing for him to have some relief. There are days he just has to lie still in bed because the pain is so bad. So my question is what should we address first- the fissures, the hemorrhoids, the scar tissue in his rectum and intestines… I would assume dealing with the scar tissue first would make since because that seems to be the root of the rest of the problems. Also, do you have any dietary recommendations for healing the gut while we are doing this protocol? I’ve been looking at different aspects of the GAPS diet and the Body Ecology diet to help.

    Thanks so much,

  • Hi Leah, I cannot give advice on your husband’s situation. But if it were me, I would use both Rectal StrictureHeal and FissureHeal suppositories each day. I would use a FissureHeal suppository whenever I am unlikely to have a bowel movement (usually at night) and then the StrictureHeal in the morning or afternoon. This way I could both heal and dissolve scar tissue at the same time, while getting the maximum chance for relief. Rectal StrictureHeal should also take care of the hemorrhoids.

    Have him listen to this audio (free gift) when he is lying down in pain:


    Re. Diet, both of those are good choices. But if you’re also dealing with intestinal infection and inflammation, then I would look at using my Gut Infection protocol in addition to diet:

    *this book is also available in eBook format, if you prefer.

    Hope that helps and let us know how it goes. It is just horrific that your husband has been dealing with this for 10 years – words fail me. But thank god you have never stopped looking for help for him – he is blessed to have you.

  • Jini, thank you for taking such an important stuff in your website and in your books, for consultation and clarification.
    I’m 47 years old (live in Brazil) and I did a removal of hemorrhoids and prolapse using PPH stapler. In the middle of the surgery the stapler failed and only tapped half of prolapse and hemorrhoids, and the remainder was removed using the traditional method of surgery.
    3 months after the surgery, I have a lot of scars, anal restriction and anal pain for 2 or 3 hours after evacuating. Now my stools have the diameter of a pencil and need urgent help.
    I read your books and decided to apply your Rectal StrictureHeal formula and protocol, but I’m having problems to find Aloe Vera Juice. What I found here has Glycol. Do you think that I can use it?
    I have now fissure and do not have here your FissureHeal suppositories. What do you recommend to cure Fissures? or What can I do to buy FissureHeal?
    Thank you in advance for your answers

  • Have crohn’s since 1997 had major op in 2001 on 11/09/2001 lost large bowel.moved to portugal in 2006 for the sun.great until last 2 years in 2012 .i had to fly back to England for a large bleed from an artery lucky doctors did surgery on me and athough they had to stretch my rectum to stop the bleed I have now got scare tissue in my rectum its become very tight. And I find it hard to go to the toilet without straining my stools are still loose thank god.. I have just ordered dmso from Amazon as uk chemist don’t stock this..
    Please can u advise me how much I should use with aloe era and how many times a day I do not want surgery again.
    Ps my crohn’s is fine it’s just this scarring worries me

  • Hi Andrea,

    First of all, it’s GREAT to hear that your Crohn’s isn’t acting up! For Jini’s formula, all you need to do is fill out the little first name/email form in the post above and we’ll send you a free eBook in PDF form with the details. If you have any additional questions please let us know!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hello,

    Thank you for this blog!

    Is this protocol also effective for rectocele? I have a small rectocele with a lax perineal wall.

    Curious why colloidal silver is part of the protocol. Is there a pathogen concern as well?

    Finally, what are your thoughts on the use of serrapeptase to dissolve scar tissue?

  • Hello Bella,

    Jini has a different protocol for rectocele which she talks about at the link below:


    The colloidal silver in the anal stenosis protocol is included to assist the healing process because it is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. The use of wound dressings containing silver is increasing due to its effectiveness in fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA.

    Regarding serrapeptase, Jini has read that it has shown a lot of benefit with internal scarring when taken orally. She considers Serrapeptase a good adjunct and more of a longer-term therapy. Definitely worth taking, but it won’t do the targeted treatment that this protocol will. i.e. this protocol is much stronger.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Jini–I have a post surgical stricture about an inch in from my anus, most of my rectum having been removed in surgery. Is it possible to deliver the rectal stricture heal (20%DSMO, etc) by incorporating it into a home-made coconut oil suppository. The suppository is something recommended by a holistic practitioner.


  • Hi Joe,

    Sure, that’s theoretically possible if you can get the suppository to solidify enough so that you can deliver it to the target area. Jini would love to hear how that works out for you if you decide to proceed. Otherwise, the dropper method Jini outlines in the eBook should also work since the dropper should be plenty long enough to apply the formula to the area you’re describing.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Yeah, I’ve been using the coconut-oil suppositories for a while, but without the preparation added. I make a bunch at a time and put them in a (specially colored) ice-tray in the freezer.

  • Hmmm Joe – not sure how freezing will work with the DMSO – you’re not supposed to refrigerate it because it separates out from the formula. So it would then not stay in dilution, but would clump together in a concentrated dose. Why don’t you try using cocoa butter instead? Very healing and also solidifies at room temperature. Here’s my vid showing how to make suppositories this way:

  • Hi, I was diagnosed with Crohns a little over four years ago at the age of 18. I had a very complex fistula system in my rectum area and it was very inflamed. So the result was a colostomy. After four years, my rectum area has become a lot better and the fistulas seems to be gone. Since I am battling for reversal, this was good news to me, but I have one problem; anal stenosis. And it is severe. It is the result of healing from the inflamation and fistulas. This anal stenosis is the only thing standing in my way before I can get a reversal, so I am very desperate to find a solution to get rid of this stenosis. And I really believe that the stenosisformula will help me, but I live in Norway, and here it is illegal to import the ingredients in the formula. Is there any way I can get a hold of the ingredients from ltyg?

  • Hi James,

    It’s great to hear that your fistulas seem to be gone! I wish I had a better answer for you but I’m afraid that we’re unable to ship anything to Norway for the reason you mentioned. We have no issues shipping to Sweden, Denmark, and the UK so, if you have any friends or family in any of those countries with whom you could meet up and get the ingredients, that’s a potential solution.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hello I live in Romania and I have a post surgical stricture in my anus. I would really like to try your 20% DSMO concentration formula. The problem is how can I get it? Also my English is a little poor concerning the ingredients. Do you deliver in Europe – Romania? Thanks

  • Hi Delia,

    We ship all over the world but you’ll definitely want to check with Romanian customs before ordering to make sure that there aren’t any issues with importing the DMSO or anything else that you might want to purchase as part of the protocol. If you find that it’s ok to import the DMSO into Romania and you would like to order, you can do so from this link:


    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • I have adhesions (recently discovered) from a surgery 16 yrs ago, that just caused me major problems starting last year. Physicians wanted to “slice and dice me”, but I chose the “Clear Passage”treatment instead. It would seem that I also suffer from anal stricture’s and a Hemorrhoid (now with all the bowel straining). So I emailed and asked Cris at LTYG the following question, >>” Question, I have both the “Hemorrhoids” and “AS” problem. So I will be taking both protocols. In using the HemorrHeal Liquid Formula for Internal Hemorrhoids do I just take the AS Formula at a different time of day or what?<<

    The reply was for me to be careful with the amount of "potassium iodide" I take when doing 2 protocols . "That's it, my answer to the question"!!! This answer certainly doesn't answer the question! Da! each protocol calls for a certain amount of "potassium iodide". Do only stay with one protocol or can I do both at different times of the day.

  • Hi Rick and thanks for following up when Cris couldn’t answer your question sufficiently. As these are “experimental” protocols, it’s hard for someone who hasn’t personally used them to get a handle on them. Anyway, I would use ONLY the protocol for Anal Stricture and that should automatically take care of your hemorrhoid at the same time. Please let me know if it doesn’t! Also, be sure and watch my videos to make sure you are defecating in the right position and using the counter-pressure (if needed) to eliminate straining – watch the entire playlist here (except you won’t need #5):


  • Jini– In the Oral Protocol for Intestinal Stricture, is the DMSO the key ingredient. It’s the one thing that gives me a bit of pause based upon the little knowledge I’ve been able to get outside of your website.

    I’ve been using the Rectal “dropper” procedure, as well. I had most of rectum and most of sigmoid colon removed a few years ago and had a serious stricture about “an inch in.” Gastro-doc was very surprised at how supple the area had become.

  • Hi Joe,

    It’s great to hear that the rectal protocol seems to be working well for you. If you’re still a little leery of the DMSO then you might want to check out the blog post below where Jini goes into detail about it:


    If you decide to omit the DMSO from the formula, you might still see positive results. Either way, we’d love to hear how it goes!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • JOE – for the Oral Protocol, you should really follow your gut. Maybe for you, the topical application with DMSO will be enough…. Or maybe you only need a tiny amount orally, or every 2nd day, and so on. Your body knows!

  • Hi Rick,

    You can take a magnesium bath multiple times per day, if you wish. For more details, check out the free eBook from the blog post above.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Jini,
    I just wanted to tell you that your video #2 (which is a very fitting title), is terrific.
    I was/am far to lazy to check if it’s solely for women, but if I neglect following the ‘vagina’ steps, I imagine that it would be good for men, too.
    I have multiple issues, regarding the colo-rectal region, and have had 10 major surgeries and counting.
    I’ve done much research and seen many videos, but yours, my Dear, is the best. Natural, candid, visual, personal, and most importantly, informative. And your daughter is a cutie.
    Sincerely, Bobby

  • Hi Sukhmal,

    You can either source DMSO locally or, if it isn’t available near you, you can purchase it at our shoppe here (we ship to most countries around the world):


    You can get the protocol instructions for free by filling out the form in the post above (where it says first name, email, and submit). Once you’ve filled out that form and submitted it, we’ll email you a download link to an eBook with all the details. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Jini,

    I’m trying to recover from a hemherroidectomy and follow up sphincterotmy and most recently a fissurectomy with botox after getting a major problem with muscle spasms preventing blood flow to fissures which caused a fistula. Recently, I have had a major increase in nerve pain and soreness. I think this might be due to scar tissue forming together with nerve pain caused by the botox wearing off? I have read your suggested protocol for stricture heal and was hoping this could help me with the scar tissue problem? What specific advice do you think you could give me?


  • Hi David,

    I’m afraid we cannot give you any specific advice as we are not medical professionals and not qualified to do so. However, if you think that scar tissue might be the problem then we would suggest checking out the protocol. You can fill out the form in the blog post above (if you haven’t already) and we’ll send you a free eBook with all of the details. If you have any additional questions about the protocol please don’t hesitate to ask!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

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