Seven years after I published my oh-my-god research on the dangers of colonoscopies – along with my protocols for pre- and post-colonoscopy if you do decide you need one – Dr. John Bergman has put together this fantastic video presenting the results of his research into the risks of having a colonoscopy:

It’s a great video and very easy to watch/listen to, so be sure to share with your loved ones.

And don’t forget, you can also download my free report on how to minimize the damage if you do have an endoscopy or colonoscopy.

More Disturbing Data on Colonoscopies

4 thoughts on “More Disturbing Data on Colonoscopies

  • Colonoscopies are way overrated! I had two in a 5 year period because the GI specialists who performed them said I had a redundant (longer than normal) colon. They totally missed the fact that I had a double inguinal hernia! I had to have surgery to repair it, and the doctor who performed the operation said he didn’t understand how they could miss it. Turns out I DO NOT have a redundant colon.

  • I’ve had two colonoscopies, and praise God I haven’t had any collateral damage that I’m aware of. This is an amazing video and I will share it with all my friends.
    Thank you Jini and Dr. Bergman.

    1. This “Doctor” has published youtube videos on auto-immune conditions and referenced IBD cases in a way that I find offensive. He, in so many words, states that one can “cure” IBD just by changing diet. Now, having suffered with Ulcerative Colitis for twenty plus years, facing it holistically, I simply beg to differ. My diet was perfect for many years, basically SCD among many others, long fasts, bone broth fasts etc, and I never saw results until I went about treating the infectious component. This doctor doesnt even mention it. My fear is that people will listen to his videos and receive false hope and/or feel lie they are the immune to healing when changing diet does little. IBD is a complicated, layered condition. I’m sure some people do get drastic results from just dietary changes, but most do not. This guy does indeed offer some great info in general, however, he is poorly educated on IBD specifically. Furhermore, I find is videos condescending when he speaks of just changing the diet, and that these diseases are simply due to diet and lifestyle. I will listen to this video, but I do so knowing that this man has a lot to learn. His communication style is riddled with sarcasm…..hard to get past. Regardless, Thank You Jini for, as usual, offering incredible insight into a very scary subject matter. You are indeed appreciated.

      1. Hi Karen,

        I can certainly see where you’re coming from in the view that IBD is a layered condition. I agree but I don’t think it’s fair to generalise and say that most people don’t get drastic changes from diet alone without posting some data to support this. I like Dr. Bergman. Yes, he’s sarcastic but why wouldn’t he be when faced with omnipotentence, ignorance, arrogance and condescension from consultants (that I received over a 15 years period while suffering from Crohn’s disease) and the medical profession. I actually haven’t been back to one in 10 years.

        I cut out high fibre foods (especially onions) and took a leaf out of the fodmaps diet and totally controlled all flare ups since. I started taking glutamine 3 years ago and have been off medication since. I was also diagnosed with MS last July and have since changed diet and lifestyle again. Im now hell bent on reversing both and curing both, and I will. I believe the MS was a progression of sorts from not truly tackling the cause of my Crohn’s and fixing my gut.

        My view is that without the likes of Jini, Bergman, mercola, swank etc. etc. etc., we would be a lot further from the goal. They challenge us to educate ourselves and as Jini states, every person is different in their journey. Genetics play a role for sure but the bad genes are probably the result of bad diet from our gene pool. Who knows. Anyway, keep well and keep challenging those who teach, but most of all keep challenging ourselves. Dermot.

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