Here’s a funny story for you: I was recently asked to present at a gastroenterology seminar and the organizer wanted to know if I could speak about effective diets for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. That’s when I realized I did not have a video on this topic! I was actually shocked to discover that all my info on dietary guidelines for Crohn’s, colitis, diverticulitis and IBS was either buried in 2 hour interviews, or, only in my books.

So if you’re currently reading Listen To Your Gut, this overview will help make Chapter 3 (Food As Medicine) a lot easier to wrap your head around.

Also, as I am in the middle of revising Listen To Your Gut (3rd Edition!) – please note that the guidelines in this video are more up-to-date.

Any questions, just leave them below and I or one of my team will get back to you with more info or resources.

LTYG Basic Dietary Guidelines – Which Diet is Right for You?

2 thoughts on “LTYG Basic Dietary Guidelines – Which Diet is Right for You?

  • My son had a scoposcopy yesterday. He has severe crohn’s Damage. The doctor has often tried to talk to him about surgery to remove his jpouch.
    I read your book and I ordered the absorb plus and udo’s Oil. The elemental shakes were really helping him but he has had a relapse. I believe some was brought on because of the anxiety of having the scope. I would like some input of what else we should doing to help heal these ulcers.
    He has no coon because he was it’s diagnosed with UC. but after a few years of disease free he was diagnosed with Crohn’s.
    Thank u in writing your book and sharing your story.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Aside from bowel rest using Absorb Plus liquid diet, other important steps that you need to follow is to eradicate pathogenic microorganisms (like bad bacteria, yeast, fungi, etc.) using Wild Oregano and then re-populate the bowel with good bacteria using Probiotics. Can you tell me more about the Ulcers? You can email me at

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer care

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