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  • Jini
    While liistening to this wonderfully informative video I am 8.50 minutes into it where you are explaining the completely healthy person and the ElementalDiet and that the maltedexrin component would aggravate their candida” … . so my question and I apologise if I am vague…Im learning.. I had diariahea one day several months ago and food seemed to just run through me. I began to research read and study your site. I ordered your book and worried at first I had “leaky gut” and then after a diet for this I came to the conclusion it was a bad bacteria overloadCandida. All surprising to me because we grow our own organic food and always have, I take nearly everyone of your suppliments mentioned, we are very attentive to eating well etc. I took Candibactin AR (oregano)for 3-4 weeks which was my intuition to kill bad bacteria inmy gut- one day it just seemed time to stoop. I ordered the Vanilla Absrobplus and in JUST one shake that day I never had diariha since. I was amazed and happy. So I take a shake only one a day mind you and I have no symptoms. I am adding new foods little at a time but no symptoms, thankfully- I have a few really a few black beans and get a very slight gas from them- beans are what I really want to eat like lentals and pea soup again as I ama Vegetarian for 47 years. I eat cheese make my own yogurt and add to my smoothie or eat with a banana etc-SO YOUR VIDEO JUST SAID IF I DRINK THE ABSORB PLUS i COULD AGGRAVATE CANDIDA. I love this absorb plus I cant guarantee I have candida it was just a thought. also i take 2 x a day now the Natren capsules to replenish my gut. Am I doing the right thing do you think. thanks for all you do.

  • My body has a dx of Crohn’s disease with IBS overlay. I am currently in flare mode since March after a food poisoning incident. I started on the Elemental Diet for 2 weeks and tried to introduce foods but have not been too successful..I can only tolerate eggs, white rice and bone broths. …so now I am on the Absorb Plus twice a day with all your recommended supplements including Wild Oregano 4 times a day with Mucosalheal. Dinner I have the rice with broth and eggs.

    I have watched several of your videos and have read your LTYG book along with the IBD Remission diet book and very little is mentioned my current issues. Hyper-defecation with constipation…tiny balls or skinny bm about 15-20 times per day…plus intermittent cramping. I have good days and bad days…about even. I am on Natrem Probiotics Dairy based…..1 tsp of Megadophilis + 3/4 tsp of Digestalac…started with 1/4 tsp each. Started your protocol on June 29th and hoped I would see more improvement. I am not able to work because of the Hyper-defecation. My labs indicate I am still in flare mode.
    Any suggestions??

  • Hello Jini,
    I have UC with MUCH diarrhea. I have just finished the bottle of Life Start, and started the bifido factor this AM. Shall I finish the bottle and then move on to the acidophilus? Will I be taking the bifido in conjunction with the acidophilus? You had mentioned the strains competing and killing each other off. Can you clarify this for me please?

    Thank you,

    Michelle NM,
    Edmonton, Alberta

    1. Hello Michelle,

      Thank you for contacting us. If you can tolerate the B. infantis well then gradually work your way up to the adult species like L. acidophilus, B. bifidus and L. bulgaricus starting with 1/2 tsp. of each specie. Probiotic bacteria do not “play nice” together, that’s why Natren mixes a maximum of only three organisms. You can mix the powders together in room temperature, filtered or spring water, at the time you drink them. But don’t use the same spoon to dig into the containers – you don’t want to mix the species IN the bottle.

      Probiotics have to be taken completely on their own – 2 hours away from any antibiotic or anti-pathogen (this includes wild oregano, potentized garlic, olive leaf, etc) and 20 minutes before food, or 2 hours after food.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for contacting us today. You need to purchase the three probiotics separately (L. acidophilus, B. bifidus and L. bulgaricus) and a Disposable Enema Bag. This retention enema, which delivers very high dose probiotics directly to your colon (and lower part of your ileum) can provide dramatic healing results. As the name suggests, this is not a cleansing or flushing enema, but rather it is an implant or retention enema – where the goal is to hold the mixture in your colon until the liquid is completely absorbed. Click HERE to learn more about Jini’s Probiotic Retention Enema.

      You also need to read the probiotic sections in Jini’s two books; Listen To Your Gut and Listen To Your IBS. This is because people with IBD (and severe IBS) need a good understanding of probiotics before they start dosing for the detailed information on what to look for, how to proceed, etc. to avoid the risk of triggering a flare. We do offer a complimentary Probiotic Report (in the PINK box at the top left side of the page) to get you started in this area of treatment. But for full and complete instructions, you really do need to get one of the books.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • My son who’s 12 has recently been diagnosed with IBD (1st said Chrones, then Ulcerative Colitis, and then Undetermined), he was in the hospital for 5 weeks. He’s home now and was doing well for about 2 weeks but now the bloody diareah has returned 4 times a day. He is also low iron and low hemoglobin from all the past bleeding. I would really appreciate any help you could give about what to do right away, I’ve been looking at your website but it seems like so much I don’t know what to do or where to start. He’s currently on Remicade (which isn’t working), and steroids so I don’t know if it’s safe to do some of the natural things because of how it might interfere with the medications. Please help, thank you.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Sorry to hear about your son. Going on elemental diet using Absorb Plus is probably the best thing that would help the most at this point because his body needs more nutrition due to increase loss of nutrients through loose bowel movements and bleeding. Absorb Plus can be taken with all ongoing prescriptions and herbal supplements.

      Aside from bowel rest using Absorb Plus liquid diet, other important steps that you need to follow is to eradicate pathogenic microorganisms (like bad bacteria, yeast, fungi, etc.) using Wild Oregano and then re-populate the bowel with good bacteria using Probiotics .

      While the steps above greatly contribute to the healing of intestinal inflammation and ulceration, targeted herbal supplementation is also a highly beneficial natural ulcerative colitis treatment for more rapid healing.

      If the ongoing bleeding is from the colon, then use Jini’s Healing Implant Enema, MucosaHeal and George’s Aloe Vera Juice, along with an elemental liquid diet. If bleeding is mild or sporadic, take MucosaHeal along with George’s Aloe Vera Juice and L-glutamine. Probiotics are also very helpful, along with the appropriate Healing Diet for colitis (from Jini’s book Listen To Your Gut).

      Many people with ulcerative colitis also suffer from anemia. But iron supplements are irritating to the gut and can trigger intestinal bleeding. Again the solution is to take the iron in nanoparticle, or angstrom-sized form. This means that the iron is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream and does not require digestion, therefore not irritating the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

      We’re not medical professional so we’re not qualified to give you advice regarding prescription drugs. But try reading Jini’s Listen to your Gut book to help you with your research. Jini’s IBD Remission diet is a natural alternative to damaging prescription drugs and surgery, dozens of clinical, medical studies show an elemental diet is as effective as steroids and other prescription drugs. If you’re wondering which to get, then definitely get Listen To Your Gut, since it contains everything you need to heal IBD naturally. And after reading it, you’ll have a good idea of whether you need/want to embark your son an elemental diet, or not.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

      Kind regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • Please help. my 12 year old son has ulcerative colitis, we were in the hospital for 5 weeks (been home 3), he’s been through so much, his bleeding has returned, I’m trying the elemental diet but he’s still bleeding, his hemoglobin is low, so will need another transfusion soon, I wanted to start the wild oregano and probiotis but he’s on too many drugs to do it (steroid, blood thinner, panto for acid reflux, had dose of remicade last Thurs)

    I’m so scared he’s going to have to go back to the hospital where they will only make it worse

    What can I do to help him now?

    1. Hi, I have a son who has been in the hospital a lot, since 5 years old he s now 16 years old, we were in the hospital ER and home for a good 3 weeks this year, the Absorb Plus helped a lot make it through so many medicines and IV’s at the hospital. We have gone through Remicade, Humira, steroids, antibotics etc. I can totally feel for what you are going through as a mother. I am sorry about your son, we ended up having a ileomsty bag so the colon can heal and his fistulas. He gained 30lbs in the last 3 months. In about a year he will be switched back and attach the small intestine. If you ever want to talk or email my email is msdiane11@msn.com


  • Fantastic video!! I’ve learned a ton about probiotics and am so grateful for all the new information. I do have one question — why does Jini say bifido infantis is the only strain in the gut of an infant? There have been studies on Lactobacilli in infant feces… I’d be interested for your reply. Thank you!

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