Okay, so back in 2012 (can’t believe it’s been that long!) I posted an experimental protocol for healing intestinal strictures and scar tissue, called Intestinal StrictureHeal (not to be confused with the Rectal version). I gave out the eBook for free so people could test the protocol and over 500 people downloaded that eBook.

After numerous requests for people to fill out a detailed feedback form on how it worked for them (but not getting too many replies), along with people posting their comments on the blog, I decided that the easiest way to get some kind of standardized feedback was to send out a Survey. So we did that last month and Ta-da! Here are the results:

  • 58 people filled out the survey
  • Of those, only 30% carried out the protocol exactly as I advised and 33% implemented less than half of the protocol.
  • However, the fascinating thing to me, is that even people who quit after a week, or left out half the ingredients, or didn’t see much improvement (for a variety of reasons) – a whopping 92% said they would recommend the protocol to a friend!

In terms of how much improvement people experienced (keep in mind that most did not implement the full protocol, or left out ingredients) here are the results:

Other fascinating results include the person who used it on their mother diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. And they reported the doctors said it prolonged her life by 2 months and made her passing much more comfortable. Wow! Totally unexpected.

So, if you’re interested in trying this Intestinal StrictureHeal protocol, I think you really should read through the survey respondents’ comments for yourself. The stats only give a partial picture, but the individual feedback is more meaningful and I think will be more helpful for your decision-making process.

You can download the complete survey feedback results here.

If you participated in the survey, don’t worry, your name or email etc. does not show up on the results – we take privacy seriously!

I am currently working on the 3rd Edition of my landmark book, Listen To Your Gut, so one of the reasons I wanted the survey results was to decide whether to include this protocol in the book, or not. However, due to the difficulty of implementation I think it might be best to leave it on the blog here – or perhaps to include it as a free bonus eBook…

Regardless I wish to extend a huge congratulations! to those of you adventurous enough to test this protocol and for listening to your gut as to the best implementation for your unique body. It is just wonderful to have a community like this who pulls together to walk a path of conscious healing; without waiting for the med/scientific sector to catch up, or give permission first.

Go us!!

Intestinal StrictureHeal Survey Results Are In!

14 thoughts on “Intestinal StrictureHeal Survey Results Are In!

  • I am sorry that I didn’t fill out this survey. Somehow I totally missed it.

    I followed both components of your protocol (internal and external) pretty much as written for a while. I have been doing a lot of different things and so I am not sure how much your protocol helped. I do think that my issues got better than they were, though much more in terms of the other problems that I have had than with regard to the strictures.

    I’m wondering if you have ever investigated ultrasound for these kinds of issues.

    After reading this article, I made an appointment with a chiropractor who has some expensive ultrasound equipment in his office and he spent a while treating my abdomen. I released a bunch of black stringy stuff the next day (that was unusual for me) and things did feel looser.

    So I am going to try pursuing this for a while longer and see how it goes.


    Thank you for working so hard to try to figure this out!

    1. That is a very interesting article Lisa – thanks so much for sharing! I am VERY interested to hear how this works for you, PLEASE let us know the results after you’ve had 5 treatments or so (or if you quit and why).

      Sound healing and a cat’s purr also have the same effect. And cats will often lie on the point of pain, or tumor and purr. If you have a kitty, you could try that too and compare with the treatment – that would be interesting to know too.

      How long was your first ultrasound session?

    1. Hello Erin,

      Jini is not a medical professional and is unable to comment on the safety of the StrictureHeal while trying to conceive. She recommends contacting a doctor and researching the different products used in it for pregnancy safety. Sorry we are unable to provide more information concerning that.

      Best wishes,
      Customer Care

  • My Crohn’s Colitis strictures naturally break up and release after about 1.5 weeks on a strict Absorb Plus enteric diet. My flareup frequency is now down to once per year after about 4 years of following the protocol on every flare without fail, and they are diminishing in severity as well.

    Counting my previous orders from the shopping cart here on your store, I see 10 times out of 10 orders I have put my (previously completely disabling) version of complex fistulizing Crohns Colitis in remission using only Absorb Plus, additional oils for calories, and adding bone broth as the flare begins to subside. 7 tubs in 2 weeks does it every time now.

    Jini I have never given you a formal testimonial on this but THANK YOU from the bottom of my hearts for this incredible product that has helped me avoid toxic biologic drugs for almost 5 years now.

  • WOW!! Josh – that is fantastic!! Only 1 per year now is incredible improvement. I wonder how long until that becomes zero… And thanks so much for sharing your story/experience here. Using Absorb Plus in this way is not something I had thought could have this effect all on it’s own, so that is very interesting to know. And you have no doubt offered a lot of hope/encouragement to others struggling with similar challenges. Ah, you just make my heart glad 🙂

    And of course, you’re very welcome! Just keep sharing your story and paying it forward – HOPE is a very healing state, so thanks for giving a boatload of it out right here!

  • Awesome, thanks for the reply Jini. My Mom loves you too – she saw my state after my first diagnosis in 2011, where I was bedridden with horrendous fistulas and weight loss for months at a time. I was so skinny and weak, at times I collapsed on the floor trying to make it the 20 feet to the bathroom. All of this terrified her.

    After we ordered Absorb plus and went through the protocol a few times (back in 2012-2013) she started calling it “The Jini Shake” – and she still calls it that to this day! I don’t even think she knows the real name of the product lol. So I know she thanks you too.

    Absorb Plus is definitely what puts me in remission. However I think the overall healing and reduction in both flare frequency I am experiencing is due to my focus on healing gut dysbiosis, rather than relying on pharma meds.

    To this day the only mainstream pharma drug I have ever taken on a regular basis is Pentasa. I let them use steroids on me for the first time this past December, because a large pyoderma gangrenosum appeared on my left shoulder during the flare (first time, I didn’t know what it was). The Absorb Plus was already putting me in remission by the time I checked into the hospital – they insisted on the steroids because of the pyoderma.

    But my strictures had already released, blood loss in my stool decreased, frequency of bowl movements was decreasing, and my appetite started increasing before* they prescribed the pred. Those are all the (now familiar) signs that I am turning the corner into remission. This happens after 2 weeks on Absorb Plus. ie. by the time I’ve finished my 6th or 7th tub I know I am going into remission with no drugs.

    I take LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) 4.5 milligrams once per day. It was after I started the LDN that the fistulas became less of a factor for me. Now they’re almost completely inactive, and even when I have my one flare up per year they are insignificant compared to the way they were after my diagnosis 5 years ago.

    My approach for healing dysbiosis: No dairy. No sugar (its been over 2 years since I dropped it completely). Very little grains, only rice for me on a regular basis. I eat absolutely no industrial factory food – most of my meals are made of single ingredient whole foods: if a package has more than 2 items I make sure every single ingredient is ok for me.

    I eat fermented foods at least one meal every day, and take an 80 billion count probiotic on days where I might have eaten some excess starch, or meat – I was strictly paleo diet until this last episode. Now I’m about 80-90% vegan – I only have a small portion of fish, chicken, or turkey once or twice a week.

    This is because I believe excess acidity in my diet might have been one of the last factors as to what was building up in my system and triggering the last yearly flare. My theory is that the acidity might be one of the things that my bad gut bugs feed on. And so far that is working out amazingly well for me – I can tell the difference in my digestion without the meat, and I don’t even really miss it all that much.

    I definitely tell anyone that can benefit from my experiences all about Absorb Plus. Including my GI and colorectal surgeon: I get mixed reactions for sure, lol. Some at my GI group are actually confused and annoyed that I’m still not a Humira ‘customer’ and are still trying to push it on me in opposition to all the evidence. I’ll tell Mom that you said hi online, she’ll be thrilled! You are a hero in her world and mine!

  • My husband has had Crohn’s Disease for 35 years. Recently, after 4 weeks on the Half-elemental diet, then 2 weeks on a full elemental diet, we began reintroducing food. We also began the Stricture Heal protocol (topical only) on February 10, 2017, and I began doing some colonic massage for him. (Tom has a stricture from a resection that removed 16″ of his ilium back in 1982.) We did both of these things every day.

    With just doing the castor-oil packs he felt fine. Then on 2/14 we added DMSO to the area of the stricture only. The next day, Tom began feeling discomfort in a new spot in his bowel – not near the stricture, which was confusing because all these years he’s only had cramps in the area of his stricture. We continued to reintroduce Phase 1 on the food chart (still having several Absorb Plus shakes and all supplements each day) and did the Stricture Heal. He was having mild cramps off and on each day, but not enough to incapacitate.

    I should mention that Tom hasn’t had rice in 15 years, since he was on the SCD since 2002. He was excited to try rice…I was a little nervous to be honest!

    On Feb. 26 we added Potassium Iodide to the protocol. That night he woke up in bed feeling his heart racing. That was kind of strange, so we decided not to use Potassium Iodide again. We continued protocol each night, and Tom started having Cranial-sacral therapy.

    Yesterday, March 2, Tom woke up at 4:30 with cramping in the upper left-hand portion of his abdomen, then he had an almost formed BM! He stayed home from work however, due to strong cramping. We did castor oil and massage, but his situation got worse with distention and pain. By the evening he had a 100.8 fever, pain, no bowel movements, and so we went to the hospital. A CT scan showed no bowel obstruction (thankful for that!) but sadly, it showed a brand new area in his bowel that was inflamed, indicating a Crohn’s flare-up. We were so disappointed, and a bit confused too.

    They gave Tom one dose of steroids in his IV last night, but we allowed no more. This was so disappointing after all we have worked on with the IBD Remission Diet. But It was also scary to find a brand new area of his bowel affected by Crohn’s after 35 years. I can’t help but wonder if the rice triggered something, or most important, did the Castor-oil packs or adding DMSO do something? We don’t want to continue either of these things if they are the culprits.

    Do you have any thoughts about the risk of using castor-oil/DMSO packs and the possibility of these affecting the bowel in a negative way? Thank you for your thoughts. We are committed to treating this without drugs, and will return to the Half-Elemental diet after Tom is discharged. Just need to be sure if we should continue doing the castor oil packs or not.

  • Hi Sally,

    You ask some good questions and the first answer is that ANYTHING can trigger a flare, or can be an intolerance. Each of our bodies is so unique. And then there are tolerance thresholds, or introducing too many new things too fast – so the body feels overwhelmed/unsafe and that emotional state can result in a flare of symptoms or an allergy.

    So I wish I had better answers for you, but the only way you can be sure about anything is to go back to what you know works, what you know if safe.

    Then, after a period of stability, when his body says YES, introduce ONE new thing and then wait 3 days and see what the body thinks/feels about that. If all seems fine, then do that one thing again, and gauge response. And then maybe do that one thing every second day for a week or two. And see if all is still okay. Then try it every day, and so on. The body may say, “No, not every day, but once every 3 days is good.”

    The only other tip I can suggest, is that since he’s been on SCD for so long, I would not try any grains until Phase 4.

    Also, with his history, I would do Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol (working up to the full high dose probiotics) for at least 6 months before testing StrictureHeal again. That’s just my feeling. But he must listen to his own gut wisdom above all!

    Hope that helps.

  • Thank you, Jini, for your reply. It was very encouraging to read what you wrote. I did not want to overload you with information, so I failed to mention that:

    a) Tom just weaned off of Humira in December/2016

    b) He had a kidney stone attack Dec. 28, and was hospitalized 3 times in January-February. A stent was put in, then he developed a UTI, and finally the stone was surgically removed.

    All the while I was sneaking into the hospital carrying Absorb Plus along with all the supplements. I’d say there was a good amount of stress on Tom’s body: antibiotics, pain killers, and anesthesia 2x. Even so, once he was settled at home we began introducing Phase 1 foods. Not surprising, I’m thinking now, that he developed a new Crohn’s flare.

    We are following your suggestion – going back to the beginning for a few days, then will start with some pureed squash, following the time-table you outlined. Good advice. We’ll also steer clear of any rice until Phase 4. Do you think the Probiotic Retention enema would be helpful after all the prescription drugs he was given in the hospital?

    We’ll hold off on doing the StrictureHeal for 6 months. Do you think that doing the Castor-oil packs alone would be okay, or should we hold off on those as well?

    Thanks again – you have encouraged the two of us more than you know!

  • Hi Sally, everyone and anyone would benefit from the Probiotic Retention Enema. The Sydney Colon Clinic uses it to stop bleeding in Crohn’s and Colitis. But always, test a small amount first and see what the body says!

    Same with the Castor oil – I have not heard of anyone having intolerance issues, but start small, test, listen to the body. And you’re welcome! xo

  • Thank you for those recommendations.

    You don’t need to post this, but I wanted you to know that at your website’s suggestion, We looked into The Goldberg Clinic back in 2015 and Tom became a patient. The the only reason we haven’t been down there in a year is because of the travel distance between Detroit and Atlanta. We love Drs. Goldberg & Tener and hope to see them again real soon!

    Also, at yours & their suggestion, we looked into Clear Passage for treatment of Tom’s stricture. He went to the clinic in the fall of 2015 and had very good results. Looking back, I wish we had followed his treatment with the IBD Remission Diet, because the results from the therapy didn’t last.

    Well, hindsight is 20/20, so today I’m thankful for the protocol you offer and the progress Tom has made so far. The cranial-sacral therapy has been amazing and helped calm the inflammation significantly. God bless you for all you have done to turn your experiences into helpful suggestions for those of us online!

    1. Hello Sally,

      Great to hear that Tom has had some success with the different treatments. Just so you know Dr. Goldberg actually offers online and phone appointments as well now, if you are interested in that. You can contact them to find out more information on that option. Please let us know if you have any other questions, and hope Tom continues to heal well. We would love to hear how he continues to do and what else you learn helps him.

      Have a good day,
      Customer Care

  • Thank you, Rachel. We are so thankful to have the resources from LTYG in our tool box. We feel more equipped and empowered than ever before in the past. I’ll keep you posted on Tom’s progress…things are settling down it seems, and so it is just one day at a time for now : )

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