Before we get into how to treat/heal scar tissue, it’s best if you have a really good understanding of what scar tissue is composed of, the different forms it can take in the body, and how it behaves.

In the video below, I ask Mary Cox (physiotherapist) from these questions and she gives us a fascinating, illustrated explanation of all these different components. In the video, we focus on scar tissue in the abdominal cavity, but the same principles are applicable whether your scar tissue is in your hip joint, or your knee, or anywhere else in your body.

In addition to the physical therapy treatments for scar tissue (adhesions) given in the video, we have also been experimenting with some powerful substances that also soften and (over time) dissolve scar tissue. These are also treatments that you can do yourself, at home. And if you use them in conjunction with physical therapy, or laser therapy, your results will be even faster:

If you have Intestinal Stricture, click here for the treatment protocol.*

If you have a Rectal Stricture, click here for the treatment protocol.*

Here is an easier tried and tested (by my readers) procedure you can use for abdominal strictures and adhesions that has worked for many to relieve pain and release an obstruction. It also works equally well for other areas of the body (back, hips, knees, etc.). Most people report substantial relief in 24 hours. Simple injuries like acute muscle strains can be healed in 3-4 days (using once or twice per day). Longstanding problems like scar tissue that is several years old may take up to 4-6 months.* And newer scar tissue may be softened or dissolved in only 2 months (of once per day application).*

*NOTE: These treatments are not tested, nor approved by the FDA or any medical body. You proceed entirely at your own risk

If your scar tissue does not involve your digestive system, then skip Step 1 of this protocol.

1. Go On A Liquid Diet

Ideally and for fastest healing of intestinal strictures or obstruction, you should go on an exclusively elemental diet (which results in only liquid, minimal fecal matter) at least until the obstruction clears, and ideally for an additional week after clearance. If you can’t afford this, there are two other forms of liquid nutrition that may work for you, or you can combine these options in a way that works for you:

a) Raw vegetable juicing – juice primarily vegetables, with only enough fruit added to make them palatable (or sweeten with stevia instead). BUT, people with active/bleeding Crohn’s or colitis often cannot tolerate raw vegetable juices, so be sure and test carefully and if you’re at all underweight, this is not a good option
b) Raw (unpasteurized) cow or goat milk – from pasture-fed animals only (not barn-raised and grain-fed). Goat milk is usually better tolerated than cow milk, but make sure milk is RAW. Raw camel’s milk is also usually better tolerated than raw cow’s milk. Never consume pasteurized milk as it will only exacerbate your condition. If you tend to constipation, then you will also need to add extra magnesium citrate to your raw milk (1-3x/day up to 1000 mg/day maximum) to avoid getting constipated from the high calcium levels.
c) Absorb Plus elemental shakes – this is a product I formulated, specifically for people with inflammatory bowel disease (or other advanced illness like cancer, AIDS, lupus, etc.). It is absorbed into your bloodstream within 20 minutes of ingestion and produces liquid, minimal fecal matter. Therefore it is ideal for people with strictures, obstruction, intestinal bleeding or malnutrition.

Each of these liquid nutrient sources are best when combined with homemade bone broths (Chicken and Beef Broth). You can derive your nutrients from only one of these sources, or you can mix and match and combine them together.

If you consume raw vegetable juices, buy organic or ‘no spray’ produce and juice fresh every day (or freeze portions to consume later). Make sure you consume enough juice to provide you with adequate energy each day. Or, combine raw juicing with raw milk or Absorb Plus to add the protein and good fats needed for energy. You should also be taking extra cod liver oil and Udo’s oil (you can add it to the shakes) during this time.

2. Apply DMSO / Aloe Vera Solution to Abdomen Or Problem Area/Joints:

Make up a 50% dilution of DMSO with George’s Aloe Vera Juice – this means you combine 2 tbsp. 99% DMSO and 2 tbsp. aloe vera in a glass bottle, shake well.

Apply to your abdomen (or wherever your scar tissue/pain/cramping is) using your fingers or a natural hair paintbrush.

Do not use anything synthetic with DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide – a natural substance derived from tree bark) as it will pick up and transport everything it contacts into your skin/bloodstream. Make sure hands and abdomen have been washed with plain soap and water and do not have any creams or fragrance on them.

Allow to dry. Then apply a hot castor oil pack to your abdomen or problem area.

Note: After you have done this protocol a few times, if you think your skin will tolerate a higher DMSO content, then try a solution of 70% DMSO to 30% aloe vera. DMSO tolerance varies widely (with redheads being the most sensitive), so the 50/50 ratio is likely to be tolerated by most, but feel free to adjust up or down as you desire. If you are using it below the waist (excluding the genital area) then you can usually use a higher concentration with no irritation. It is normal for it to itch while drying, but if it causes a rash, then decrease the concentration of DMSO. Some people do notice a garlic-type odor (that can emanate from your skin or mouth) when using DMSO, this is normal and stops as soon as you stop using it.

3. Apply a Hot Castor Oil Pack to Abdomen or Problem Joint/Area:

A castor oil pack is placed on the skin to increase circulation within the scar tissue. It also promotes healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin. It is often used to relieve pain, increase lymphatic circulation, reduce inflammation, stimulate the liver, and improve digestion. Just remember to use a cold-pressed castor oil and 100% cotton flannel (or wool) – no synthetics. You can use either a hot water bottle or a heating pad as the heat source. Here are detailed instructions:

Castor Oil Pack Components

Castor oil.
• Two sheets of plastic (garbage bags OK).
• 1 yard cotton or wool flannel.
• Heating pad (if indicated).
• Large old bath towel.
• 3 safety pins.

Preparing a Castor Oil Pack

1. Fold flannel into three thicknesses to fit over your whole abdomen.

2. Cut a piece of plastic 1-2 inches larger than flannel.

3. Saturate the flannel with gently heated oil, but not so much that it is drippy. Fold it over and squeeze until it is oozing. Unfold.

4. Place plastic and old towel over flannel to prevent staining of surface you will be lying on.

5. Lie down, placing flannel over abdomen, putting fitted plastic over the flannel.

6. Now wrap the towel under you, around your torso and pin with safety pins (or just tuck in tightly).

7. Place a heating pad (low heat) or hot water bottle on top of the towel.

8. Rest for 30-60 minutes. Use visualization, meditation, or just sleep. A good time to use castor oil packs is just before bedtime.

9. When finished, it’s best if you don’t get up and walk around and be busy (except to go to the bathroom). Try to stay still and relaxed.

If you are doing your pack at bedtime, have a zip-lock baggie next to your bed, and a towel to remove any excess oil and protect your bed sheets. Fold the oily pack up and put it into the baggie, then drop it to the floor till morning. In the morning, put it in the refrigerator.

11. Store the pack in the covered container or baggie in the refrigerator. Remove it from the refrigerator 1-3 hours before you plan to use it, so that it is at room temperature when you are ready to use it.

12. Each pack may be used repeatedly. When it starts to smell stale, throw it out (don’t try to wash it) and make a new pack.

Note: If this procedure is way too complicated for you, apply a generous amount of castor oil to the skin of your abdomen. Cover that with an old cotton t-shirt or other cloth you won’t mind eventually discarding. Lay your heat source (hot water bottle, heating pad) on top of that. Keep the cloth you use to protect your heat source from the oil to reuse. Eventually it will smell like stale oil, but can be kept for a few weeks at least in a plastic bag. Rest for 30-60 minutes. Stay covered and warm so you can relax. Have a soft cloth or rag handy to catch any oil dripping off your body. You may want to put a towel or plastic underneath your body so your bed doesn’t get oily. It’s not necessary to have a castor oil pack that you keep in the refrigerator. Just do what works for you. I’ve even heard from readers who don’t even bother to apply heat after a while, they just massage the castor oil directly into the skin and they say it works fairly well that way too!

Frequency of Use

To be effective, a castor oil pack must be used at least 3 times a week, although 5 times a week is better. In cases of long-term chronic pain or acute stricture/obstruction, it works best to commit to at least a 4-6 week treatment period using the DMSO solution in combination with a castor oil pack 5-7 times per week, then as needed. Full healing may require 3-6 months of treatment.

If you don’t want to use the DMSO solution first, the hot castor oil pack on its own will provide significant relief from pain and softening of tissues. To actually begin to break down the scar tissue though, you’ll want to combine it with the DMSO solution.

Colonic Massage for Obstruction

If your intestine is obstructed, it is a good idea to also do this colonic massage after the DMSO / Castor Oil treatment – while the abdomen is soft and you are relaxed – to help massage the stuck food through the stricture:

Let us know what works for you in the COMMENTS section below….

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How To Release and Dissolve Scar Tissue

166 thoughts on “How To Release and Dissolve Scar Tissue

  • Interesting!! I have a rectal prolapse. The surgeon plans to suture my bowel to my anterior sacrum. After viewing this I see it’s not a good idea. Any suggestions? (I am a 62 yr old female.

  • I would definitely try a system called Callanetics first (note: NOT calisthenics!). Also, see if you can find a therapist (as specified at the end of the video) who has some ideas for how to help you – talk to them first.

  • Calisthenics may help too 😉 … (in reference to the above).

    I believe there are some types of scar tissues that are more prevalent in different ethnic groups and the degree of pigmentation – and the response to treatment would be influenced by the type of tissue that it is composed of. My mother was very prone to the development of keloids – and I always had the suspicion that it was related to the fact that she was prone to the development of excessive tissue growth (she succumbed to adenocarcinoma at an unfairly young age as a result of an ulcer).

    I find Jini’s curiosity, open-mindedness and desire to continue learning, exploring and sharing very refreshing. I really wished that those who make a living as professionals in the health care industry were as inquisitive and had a drive to know how things work – which are the real markers of aptitude.

  • Thanks LTD! For the keloids, Dr. David Derry MD PhD told me that iodine (he uses Lugol’s, I use SSKI – super saturated potassium iodide) on it’s own works like magic. Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD found the same thing.

  • Wow I loved watching the video really shows and explains so much to how I was feeling Pressure tightness stuck solid …!! I’ve been telling 6 doctors and through 4 natural paths that I have something connecting my uterus and colon ! I have a constant flare for a week n half every month and sometimes twice a month …. Hints moon and ovulation… Thank you for all the wonderful information and pictures really interesting

  • NOELLE – if you can find a local therapist trained by John F. Barnes in myofascial release, that will likely do the trick for you. You may also want to get his fantastic book, “Healing Ancient Wounds” (cheaper on Amazon than on his site).

  • Where can DMSO be purchased, I’ve asked a few pharmacies and they don’t seem to carry it here in Canada. I’ve been doing the castor oil packs on its own, but would like to “speed” things up if possible.

  • Thanks SO MUCH for the informative video!! It just confirms what I had, little by little, figured out to be part of what I have been dealing with for a couple years now!! My gastroenterologist is open somewhat and works with me as I follow a more natural approach to my path of healing, and knows I dont want just a drug for the pain, but hasnt been able to provide any clear definative answers, or solutions, for me. I knew that the abdominal pain- right in the center of my abdoman, was nerve related because it would be temporarily relieved with chiropractic adjustments. It makes total sense to me when, in the video, she says these adhesions can be caused by infection- bacterial or viral– both of which are part of what I have and continue to heal from. It all came together for me! I am so excited because my chiropractor uses laser therapy, and I have been doing the castor oil compresses regularly for quite some time, but I think adding in the other steps to your protocol can bring resolution for me! I am committed, and Jini, I appreciate your commitment to finding answers that work!! solutions that SO many people need! thank you! thank you! By the way– just started your Absorb shakes… LOVE! and find that I must hide them from my daughter and husband because they love them too!!! I dont want to run out! 🙂

  • STOP PRESS!! We are now testing a very promising protocol that looks like it can completely DISSOLVE scar tissue and return the tissue to normal! As we are in testing phase, the instruction ebooks are available for free. So go download the one that treats your condition:

    Click here to get the free instruction ebook for dissolving strictures in the small or large intestine.

    Click here to get the free instruction ebook for dissolving anal strictures or anal stenosis.

    The treatments above are all steps that led up to the protocols in these ebooks – so go get whichever one(s) you need!

  • Hi, I have been doing a lot of research on DMSO and was interested in if this treatment would work for acne scars? I would really appreciate your feedback and opinion

  • REBECCA – that’s a good question, because the common formula for treating scars on the skin (especially keloid scars) is a 50/50 ratio of potassium iodide and DMSO. So that would end up being a 50% DMSO solution, so acceptable for usage on the face. Unless you’re a redhead in which case it might be too strong. I have a friend currently testing this formula on a scar on her belly (and she has tried pretty much everything else) and it has reduced about 1/2 size thus far. I think scars on the skin take much longer than mucous membranes (gut, mouth, anus).

    My intuition at this point would be to make yourself a solution of 1 tsp DMSO and 1 tsp potassium iodide (expect this to sting), shake well before each application. Apply one layer to each acne scar. When it is dry, dot on a thin layer of cold-pressed castor oil.

    Test this and see if the castor oil is too “greasy” for your skin (does it cause zits?) or not.

    Let us know how it goes!

  • Watched your video on colonic massage and I need to add a few pointers. You shoud first start at the left side sigmoid colon and work backwords to the right to first break up the stuck deposits of stool then a sweep action from right to left as you showed. The reason being if you first start on the right and puch everything to the left you will cause a bigger blockage like and ice jam. So you need to go further down the stream ( left side first and work backwords doing your circles ) to make sure there are no areas in the stream that are going to cause this (ice jam) or blockage.


  • I was wondering if I can use real Aloe Vera gel (directly from the leaf) in my mixture with the DMSO solution.

  • SUE – you sure can! Just make sure there are no pesticides or anything you don’t want going into your bloodstream.

  • this is wonderful information, my pain is in my neck due to a car accident, there is lots of scar tissue pushing on the vertibre causing the discs to seperate and spurs to develop I have worked with physical therapy, deep tissue message, and chiropratic with short term relief but the pain always comes back and it feels like the scar tissue is growing or getting thicker will combing the dsmo/castor oil treatment combined with message give more long lasting results or do I suffer for ever with this

  • I have delivered a beautiful baby girl 10 months ago and required stitching for tearing. Since then any sexual intercourse is painful (let’s say it improved from being very painful in the beginning…). It seems like the scar wants to open again each time. I am wondering if DMSO could help there. Should I try a lower than 50% concentration?

  • AUDREY – If I had your problem, I would definitely do the DMSO with hot castor oil pack, daily and especially after a massage.

    VERONIQUE – Yes, I would download the eBook for Rectal StrictureHeal (which is more similar tissue) and use the 20% formula given there. Also, the bodywork therapies and videos in the eBook may also help your condition, you can get it here:

    If you’re breastfeeding though, I would not use DMSO. But castor oil and heat to the area should be fine.

  • I have had fibroid surgery twice and have developed abdominal adhesions affecting my colon. Eating certain foods causes my colon to make loud noise. Looking for a natural remedy to help dissolve them. Has this method been tried and successful who have had this type of surgery?

  • Hi Jini,

    What a great website, thank you. I am wondering about using DMSO topically on my abdomen with a large piece of hernia mesh inside! Would it affect (dissolve) the mesh? I have no problem drinking your formula and I have already started the castor oil packs, having used them successfully years ago for adhesions from a burst cyst.

    I am so grateful there is a non-surgical way to break up adhesions and scar tissue! The trips to the ER for the pain have been terrifying. I look forward to healing this completely, thanks to folks like you.


  • EL – that is a really good question and I think you’re going to have to check with your doctor (who did the surgery) for that. If you really wanted to know for sure, you’d have to get a piece of the hernia mesh they used and leave it soaking in DMSO for 24 hours and then check it’s condition. That’s how labs test which rubber gloves they can use with DMSO.

  • question? I had stage III rectal cancer- surgical removal and reanastomosis at the sphincter- then radiation. the scar tissue at the sphincter one year later is severe – dilated from a 4 to a maximum of 10 mm after 4 attempts. Now advised colostomy- do you think the rectal scar tissue program would work in this case? If so how much time should I give it? (ps- my distal colon is attached to the sphincter- I have no more rectum)- I was and continue to be very health conscious- just bad luck! thanks Fran

  • Yes, would like to know how to do an implant for rectal scar tissue with the topical solution — sounds as though a regular enema bag would not be ideal? How to get the DMSO mixture up into the rectum without using anything
    synthetic? Thanks so very much! Very excited at the thought of getting rid of it!

  • I’ve had a herniapatch removed and have a lot of scar tissue in my abdomen. I’ve been using the castor oil and dmso treatment but I seem to get pretty sore from the treatment. Is this normal? Is there anything else you could advise me to do for help for pain?

  • Hi, and thank you for this helpful site! I have scar tissue built up on one side of my penis due to pehyronies disease, and I was wondering if you had any advice on the dmso/aloe ratio that I should begin with. Thank you very much!

  • STEVEN – I would go here and get this free eBook, then start with the 20% formula and see how that feels and if it’s strong enough (I would think so) OR if you need to make it weaker.

    I would also follow the DMSO formula with the cold-pressed castor oil (see above for details) – just massaged in, no heat necessary (unless your body tells you to).

    PLEASE post here with your results. I came across a lot of data on Peyronie’s during my research and there is a lot of suffering going on – would be great if we could find a good treatment for this condition too!

  • Hi Michele,

    I’m afraid we do not have any information about that but we wish you all the best in your search!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Jini — Thank you so much for the reply, and I will definitely let you know how the treatment goes!

  • Have tough old scar tissue on upper breast (fat necrosis related)Have DMSO and a live Aloe Vera plant: only concern is DMSO being applied so close to the heart??
    If okay in this location, what % of each may I safely use?
    Thanks for your site and your reply to this concern.

  • Can I apply castor oil for daughters 2.8 yo scar on her forehead to make it less visible? Should I use hot pack for better results!?
    Thank u

  • Hi Nat,

    We have not used the castor oil pack in that manner before so we cannot comment on whether or not it will work in that particular application but we’d love to hear how it works out if you decide to try it.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi. Would these procedure work for scar tissue that blocks the Fallopian tubes? I have had an ectopic pregnancy. Thank you

  • Hi Aisha,

    I’m afraid that we do not have any information about the protocol being used for that application but we’d love to hear how it goes for you if you decide to try it. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to check with your physician first.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • o.k. so I have a question.. what would happen if DMSO (and water) were massaged onto skin that has/had caster oil on it already? bad or good?

  • Hi Theresa,

    Some of the castor oil would probably transfer through the skin but it probably wouldn’t accomplish much. Jini recommends doing the DMSO/Aloe Vera first, waiting for it to dry, and then applying the castor oil pack.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Theresa – yes, I tested it both ways and results are MUCH improved doing it as advised (see Justin’s response above)

  • Hi,
    I have scar tissue in my sphenoid sinus, from endoscopic pituitary surgery. I have had it for the past four years, during which time I’ve had chronic sinusitis. Do you think that using DMSO and castor oil would help to dissolve the scar tissue?
    Thanks for your reply!

  • Hi L,

    I wish I had a better answer for you but, as with Aisha above, I’m afraid that we do not have any information about the protocol being used for that application. We’d certainly love to hear how it goes for you if you decide to try it. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to check with your physician first.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hey guys,
    The info on this site sounds wonderful. I have had several abdominal surgeries (gall bladder removal, gastric by-pass, endometriosis, hysterectomy) After the surgeries I developed severe adhesions that now bind all my internal organs together. I have had 3 surgeries to release the tissues but they grow back worse after each. After the problems with the last surgery no doctor wants to touch me.( There were more than 6 docs trying to figure out what was what in my gut and surgery took about 9 hours.) I am in chronic pain and don’t know where to turn at this point. I will try the suggestions posted and pray for some relief. If you have any advise for extremely severe abdominal adhesions please post.

  • Finally I think I’ve figured out what is happening with me! I have been having anal spasms for 5 years now and they have caused me to wake up in pain anywhere from 6 to a dozen or more times a night … for 5 YEARS now!I am so tired! The anal stenosis/stricture description you have given fits me to a T. I want to try your treatment with DSMO but live in Ontario, Canada and can’t get it here except through a veterinarian.Is it possible to purchase it from your shoppe and have you delivered to Canada before?Any idea about duty etc???

  • Hi Shirley,

    We ship orders to Canada on a daily basis from our warehouse in Utah. Many customers end up having to pay customs fees but we charge GST (or HST) up front since we are based in Canada and required to do so. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over the import duties or fees and cannot comment on what they might be for any given products. If you wish to purchase the DMSO from Jini’s shoppe, you can do so from the link below:

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • I was wondering if this would be efficient in breaking down the muscle that’s restricting my breast implant. I am in severe pain :/

  • Hi Holly,

    What you are suggesting is possible if you are referring to scar tissue near the implant but we do not have any experience with using the protocol in that application so we’re unable to comment on it’s efficacy. If you decide to try it, we would definitely like to hear how it goes for you if you care to share your experience.

    Kind regards,

  • I emailed with some concerns I was having with the Rectal stricture protocol. I’ve been using it for 2+weeks now and lately have been feeling quite nauseous within half an hour after its use. I’m 5’1″ and about 102 lbs. and using the 20% solution. I also usually have lower than normal blood pressure. Is this reaction expected? Should I reduce my usage? It has been quite an expense having it shipped to Canada and paying extra fees and had high hopes for success… Is it safe to continue?

  • Hi Shirley,

    As I mentioned in my response to your e-mail, it’s possible that you’ve been experiencing the same thing as Jini mentioned in the passage you cited so it’s entirely up to you whether or not you’d like to continue the protocol. We aren’t able to advise you as to whether or not it’s safe and/or if you should continue as we’re not qualified to do so, I’m afraid. Jini recently wrote another blog post about DMSO at the link below if you want to read a little more about it in order to make a more informed decision:

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi, I have a condition called peyronie’s which is scar tissue in the penis, and i couldn’t find help for this question and wondering if you would offer some advice. I’ve been doing 99.9% dmso liquid for’a while and causes too much irritation and would like to use a lower percetage, what “percentage” would cause little to no irritation and would still be effective for penetrating to the scar tissue, any advice?

  • BO – First, go download my free eBook here:

    After you learn more about DMSO, you may want to try the 20% formula (given in the eBook). I would think the 20% solution would be strong enough (combined with the potassium iodide as per the formula). This formula dissolves scar tissue in the rectum, so should work well for the penis, which is similar tissue.

    Please let me know your feedback if you try it. I know there are MANY suffering from Peyronie’s so would be really great if the formula worked for that as well.

  • I have abdominal adhesions. I have had 6 surgeries for them, and 3 of the surgeries were open due to the density of the adhesions. These adhesions usually kink my bowels or attach to the abdominal wall causing so much pain eventually that I end up at the ER and then into the hospital and have to end up having surgery. I just would like to hear some treatments, exercises that work for preventing these or getting some prevention.

  • I have had 6 abdominal adhesions surgeries. 3 of those being open. Just like to hear of exercises, etc that you all have done to help with the recurrance of them, etc. And just be able to hear of others experiences.

  • So some people have seen success of dissolving internal scar tissue just by rubbing castor oil on the specific area?

  • Hi John,

    The castor oil packs are a component of Jini’s protocol. Using them on their own will not likely achieve the same results but can help with pain.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi, my 12 year old son was referred to an oculoplastic surgeon for possible tear duct reconstruction. His right eye tear ducts appear to have been destroyed by scar tissue from a virulent eye infection a few months ago. I am already a fan of castor oil but don’t know about dmso. Would it be possible to apply it near and around the eye? And apply a castor oil pack to the eye area? Any suggestions you can give are appreciated.

  • Hi Amy,

    I wish we had a better answer for you but we have not used DMSO or a castor oil pack in that manner before so we cannot comment on whether or not it will work in that particular application. If you decide to try it, we’d love to hear how it works out.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • AMY – I would also take a look at these two eyedrop formulas. Although they are for cataracts, they may have a useful ‘dissolving’ action in your son’s case:


    OR this one using DMSO:

    Dr. Rowen’s Eye Drops

    A simple eye-drop formulation, made popular by Dr. Robert Rowen, MD, has also shown promise in the prevention and treatment of cataracts. Known as “Dr. Rowen’s Eye Drops”, the formula contains DMSO, Glutathione, and Vitamin C. All three ingredients have powerful antioxidant properties that battle free radicals and are important nutrients in overall eye health.

    Glutathione: Eyes deficient in glutathione are more susceptible to cataracts and other eye diseases and contain approximately one-fifth the amount of glutathione compared to normal lenses.

    DMSO: Is a natural solvent that can carry other drugs with it across membranes, enhancing the delivery of companion ingredients.

    Vitamin C: The sclera of the eye is dependent on vitamin C for good health, and research has shown that cataracts can begin when vitamin C becomes deficient.

    This formulation is available through College Pharmacy with a prescription. For more information about Dr. Rowen’s Eye Drops, or to speak to a pharmacist about vitamin supplements for eye health, contact College Pharmacy directly.

    As Justin said, please let us know what you try and whether it works, or not.

  • Jini, I am so happy that there are some things I can try, and very touched that you took the time to share this information with me. Your website and blog contain an amazing abundance of helpful information and beautiful, loving, caring energy. Blessings to you.

  • UPDATE: Mary Cox has moved to a new clinic:

    18384 Brookhurst St.
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708
    Cox Physical Therapy is located within Lokahi Physical Therapy.
    North of Dana Point between Huntington Beach and New Port Beach.

  • Hi Jini

    I had a c-section in October 2012, from the past six months i am suffering from abdominal and pelvic pain. Got a colonoscopy done which reveled a twisted colon and abdominal adhesions. Found your website I do see some hope, I am yet to try it. I have a question should I be on liquid diet as long as this treatment lasts? Also do you recommend to stop breastfeeding.

  • Hello,

    I have hypertrophic scars on my nose. I had cystic pimple 4,5 years ago, it left me a hyperthropic scar, after 2 years I decided to get microdermabrasion done, my dermatologist suggested it to me. Nurse made a mistake and left me with bigger scar due to microdermabrasion (scar is now longer).
    5 months ago I got another cystic pimple, on other side of nose, it was smaller though, but it too left me with raised scar. I squeezed the fresh scar and lot of blood came out, week after skin under pimple swelled up.
    I used aknemycin on it, it helped, once it was healed, I used Kelo-Cote (silicone cream) on my old scar, and new scar. It made both scars worse unfortunately :/. Old scar has raised and widened a bit due to silicone. New Scar? I was applying silicone on and around the scar, it seems like it has dyed skin white around the scar, and raised it a bit. There is one small bump, my scar,then next to it is another one,and under it is another one, it kind of froms a triangle. Dermatologists I visited said that it is a scar tissue.

    I have used Kelo-Cote on new scar only for like 5 days, and on old scar for maybe 8-9 days. Even though I have used it only for such a short time, it has made a difference in my scars, and it is worse.

    I tried to further improve my scar, so 1 month and week ago I started massagingmy scar with castor oil, which resulted in both improvement,and slight widening of scar. Since there was also widening, that made me little worried, therefore I tried to keep the oil within boundaries of scar, I did that with Qtip massage. Damaged scar formed scab on one half, became swollen, white,and hurt. Scab fell off after 5 days, scab became slightly red/brown after day or 2 and scar stopped hurting. Since then I have been observing a little worsening every day,scar has spread a little bit and raised a little bit. I do not feel it at all though.

    I do not know if I am dealing with keloid now or not. The thing is that keloids are rare, and extremely rare in central face, if not unheard of (I have researched a lot). Many plastic surgeons said that they have never encountered it, even though 1 said that has seen both cases on face, or heard of them. Also, keloids tend to be hereditary,and we do not have them in family as far as I know. I am also caucasian, which also lowers the chance.
    The reason why is scar changing like that is probably because it is maturing (and therefore thickens).

    Anyways, I would like to ask you, what should I apply on my scar? Castor oil and dmso, or iodine? Or something else? Thank you.

    Thank you :).



  • Hi Chaya,

    I’m afraid we can’t advise you regarding your breastfeeding as we’re not qualified to do so but an elemental diet could potentially help with your pain. For more information about that, check out the link below:

    If you would like to learn more about Jini’s protocol for intestinal strictures and adhesions, here’s a link to her symptom page for that:

    If you have any additional questions about any of Jini’s products or protocols please let me know.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Lukas,

    I’m afraid that we don’t have any information about using Jini’s protocol for that application but, theoretically, her protocol may work for your scar tissue as well. If you have tried castor oil, you may want to try the other elements she mentions in her protocol but, as always, it’s best to check with your physician if you’re unsure. Jini would love to hear how it works out for you if you decide to try the DMSO!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Thanks justin, I went through the intestinal stricture protocol. I have some questions before I start to use it.
    Can I completely eliminate Potassium Iodide and colloidal silver from the oral protocol as I am already hypothyroid. If so how do the other proportions change.
    Can I go on half elemental diet while following this protocol.

    Thanks again

  • Hi Chaya,

    You’re very welcome! You can eliminate the colloidal silver and potassium iodide from the oral protocol but you have to understand that you would be eliminating two of the four ingredients so we can’t comment on how effective that would be. If that’s what you decide to do, we wouldn’t recommend altering the amounts of the other ingredients at all.

    Regarding a half elemental diet, absolutely! We have no evidence that would suggest any issues going on a half elemental diet concurrently. Just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s a link to a blog post Jini did about half elemental diets:

    Jini would be delighted to hear how it works out for you!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • fell off the roof of my house 40 odd years ago. Landed on my left hip and following days my leg from hip to toes ,turned black and blue.let leg has spasams of nummess and paincramping at the calf,cane I treat this with any procoslyou have foudby applying tropicallytodissolve scar tissue??? thsnks very informative

  • Hi Jerry,

    It’s possible but we don’t have any data or experience with using the protocol for that particular application. If you decide to try it out we’d love to hear how it works out for you.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • sounds like you know from experience in healing and disolveing scar tissue..i hope you can answer my question..i am hesitant on who to purchase dmso from because ive heard some lie about it being medical grade and i dont wanto further harm myself..i have a fairly new scar through my eyebrow up into my forhead and its restricting movement i cant evan show my face..its deforming not to mention when it came back open several times i pluckd the hair to r=ensure i could get it closed tight ..yet another i dont want to remedy with anything thats going to interfere with the hair growing back in or cause it to fall out more..geeze i was pretty and now im deformed and crying everyday..but im sure someone knows ..and can help without misleading me for sales..i hope you answer this message and are real in that you know and your products are going to help not hurt me..ive heard luigis iodine can make your hair fall out.and ive heard it can make it grow ,,evan through scar tissue…i use caster oil..but not sure who to buy dmso from…someones gotto know

  • Hi Synthia,

    We ONLY recommend the specific DMSO we carry by Nature’s Gift as it does not contain any additives or fragrances, comes in a dark glass bottle (they sell it in a plastic bottle as well; we don’t recommend that version), and is 99.9% pure:

    If you find other products with the same characteristics, they may be OK as well but the Nature’s Gift brand is the only one Jini has personally used with her protocols.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • im wondering how to edit my name ..i didnt realize it was going on a blog ..i thought it was refering to the email..thanks for your reply..i guesse i was a little graphic..hopeing for insight and advise from someone a little more experienced than me..ive read the proceedure for the dmso..caster treatment and i sopose if it is effective that should be good enough..ive been reading about massage therapy..cross friction..heard about scar release massage technique not sure how..micro needling..maybe single needling not sure where to put the needle..compared to accupuncture..that i cant afford right wondering what my chances are with just the dmso caster oil..ive read of thiosinaminum..internal and external..i just was hopeing for sound mind educated..solid advise..would be very comforting to feel assured..if you do this ..the expected and most likly resuls are…i will look at listen to your gut shop and see what is available..hopeing for medical grade dmso..thank you

  • it doesent say medical grade..only medical grade is what i remember from studying this method a while back and hesitated because i read some companys were passing low grade dmso off as medical grade ..could be dangerouse..i dont know why because if evan one company had high quality products that actually work ..everyone would give them there buissness ..of course its hard to tell evan what reviews are honest or not but word of not sure what companys product to trust and i so much want to be able too..

  • Hi Synthia,

    DMSO is intended for use as a solvent only and is not FDA approved. “Pharmaceutical grade” in Europe is 99.8% pure and the product we carry is 99.9%.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • thank sounds like it is being used safely..i had read a blog on another site that confused me ..i am still interested though im not sure if the dmso used with caster oil or iodine would be more effective ..ive heard iodine can cause permanent hair loss and ive heard it was used to treat hair loss..conflicting information from different sites..if i could get my scar to disolve..or soften so it doesnt restrict natural movement..i would be so grateful…and if so i think it would be hard to detect the damage…i am so inexperienced with this type of healing..thank you for responding..i really hope you know..thank you

  • Hi Synthia,

    Each element of the protocol is considered beneficial and necessary for the best results but you can leave out the iodine and try it that way if you have concerns.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hello,

    I had a total knee replacement in 11/2011 and developed a lot of adhesions that restricted my range of motion. They did a second surgery for lysis of adhesions 4 months later (3/2012) and again I developed more scar tissue so my flexion is still limited.

    I’m going to start the DMSO/castor oil protocol on my knee in an effort to loosen up and hopefully dissolve the scar tissue. Since it’s been 2-2 1/2 years since my surgeries, how many times a week should I use the packs? Any idea on how many months it might take?

    I also have had several abdominal surgeries and excessive adhesions. The last surgery was 1/2011, I’m also going to use the packs for my abdomen. Any suggestion for frequency of use and length of treatment time it may take?

    Thank you

  • People usually apply the packs at least once per day – most don’t have time for more than that!

    Sorry, we don’t have any timeframes we can refer you to – all of this is experimental. But if you find a frequency that works, please let us know and let us know how long it took.

  • Have you any information on proteolytic enzymes for dissolving the fibrin in scar tissue and adhesions? I have heard some pretty amazing things about serapeptidase.

  • Hi Barbara, yes those enzymes are always a helpful adjunct. On their own, we have not found them to be sufficient. But you can absolutely take them and they benefit the body in a number of ways.

  • Hi again Jini, im desperate for some answers… With my peyronie’s im finding it difficult to use any kind of heat cause i want to try using a heating pad they are all too large, and won’t stay to the skin unless i hold it in place, any suggestions. Also the other is i use dmso gel, how long do you need to leave dmso gel on the skin, i wanna make sure im leaving it on long enough for it to penetrate? And last of all is do you just apply the dmso gel or do you need to massage it into the skin a little?

  • Hi Bo,

    I would not use the protocol here for peyronie’s, because I have another one that I think would work better. It’s the same one we use for rectal tissue, which would be similar:

    Follow the instructions in the eBook, but for your situation, apply with fingers, or natural fiber paintbrush (hog hair). I would apply once, let dry. Apply again, let dry. Do that once or twice per day. If you get any irritation, apply the cold-pressed castor oil. No heat needed.

    Please let us know how that works for you.

  • I have a deep scratch from my fingernail on my left cheek, it’s about 3 inches long and pretty deep (dr said it was more than superficial layer)… this happened about 5 days ago and is in the process of healing now… how can I lessen the scar that is formed, as it has not yet healed over? Should I massage the wound/scab while it’s still healing? Is DMSO/Castor Oil only to be used once the skin has healed over or can I use it now?? It’s a bit confusing, please if you can provide simple and easy steps to heal this deep scratch, I would very much appreciate it!

    Thank you!

  • Hi Jini,
    Just had liposuction surgery and ended up with adhesions under my chin and down my neck, as well as backs of my arms. They are very fresh still but I haven’t been able to massage them free. They’re just within the fascia I think but adhering to other tissue/muscle so that it’s constricting movement in my arms and neck. Do you think this protocol would work for releasing the adhesions? Any idea how long it could take if still fresh? And do you have any idea once and adhesions is released will the skin just fall back to normal place, and then I can work on the outer scar if it’s still present at that point?

  • Ree – I don’t think you can use DMSO on an open wound – as it would be aggravating to even healed, but sensitive skin. So you will need to wait until the scab has fallen off naturally (don’t pick it!). And if you use DMSO on the face, it cannot be stronger than 50 percent concentration. So I would start with 20 or 30 percent concentration and then see how that goes, gradually increasing to 50 percent as you can.

  • Janae – Please see my comment to Ree above. Same cautions apply to your neck. For your arms, you can use up to 70 percent concentration.

  • Is just 100% cotton ok to use with the DMSO and castor oil, or is it imperative to actually be 100% cotton flannel?

  • Hi Janae,

    100% cotton is fine. The important thing is to use natural materials as opposed to artificial ones which could, potentially, contaminate the process with whatever chemical(s) that they are made from.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • I have been having some issues that feel like some intestinal blocking. About to get an Ultrasound, and in a month start seeing a GI who is also a holistic doc and trained in functional medicine and nutrition. In the meantime I have noticed that liquids sit better with me (smoothies, soups, etc..) and have been doing a sort of cross of GAPS (lots of bone broth)/SDC with no allergens (grains, eggs, nuts, dairy). I have felt less bloated, but have lost about 15lbs in 2 weeks, I think from possible malabsorption and definitely from lowering my calories drastically from not being comfortable eating. My naturopath says my adrenals are low and put me on some powders very similar to mucosalheal, as well as oregano and probiotics (50bil per cap). I am going to start the topical stricture heal protocol as well as work with a craniosacral/myofascial masseuse and acupuncturist, as I can feel scar tissue in my abdominal region. (years of stress and not eating right). My stool not too bad, one movement a day, not quite well formed, not quite liquid (sorry for the TMI). My main question is, I am thinking about the Absorbplus shakes as an option to get my calories up, but my main concern is the tapioca maltodextrin (not they whey, I know I do fine with isolate). This is an artificial sugar/cornstarch I believe..? I am just curious as to your thoughts as I don’t want to risk anything, but I can’t keep losing weight and getting weaker. ! Any help would be soooo greatly appreciated.!

  • Hi Ryan,

    Most of the calories from Absorb Plus come from the carb component, tapioca maltodextrin, and from the whey protein isolate.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Ryan,

    Tapioca maltodextrin is not artificial but it is, technically, a sugar. It’s dextrose derived from tapioca (cassava root) and contains no corn. For details about Jini’s thoughts on maltodextrin, check out the blog post below:

    If you have any additional questions or concerns you can reply here, email us at, call us toll-free at 888-866-7745, or click the little blue box on the bottom right of your screen for live chat (during normal business hours; otherwise it will email us).

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi. I have tons of scar tissue i my nose from two botched nose jobs. Any recommendations on something that could help. I’m desperate.

  • Hi Steve,

    It’s possible that the methods discussed in this post could be beneficial in your particular situation but we haven’t tested them for that application so we aren’t able to recommend anything, unfortunately. If you decide to try anything Jini recommends, we would be very interested to hear about your experiences!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi. I had endometrial ablation a year and a half ago. My uterine wall is thickening again and have scar tissue. Also known asherman’s syndome Can this protocol of DMSO and castor oil packs help me get rid of uterine scar tissue? Have you come across anyone else with this issue? Thanks.

  • Hi there,

    Unfortunately we don’t have any information about the protocol’s use for that particular application so we can’t comment about its efficacy but we would be very interested to hear about your results if you decide to try it. As always, it’s best to check with your doctor before proceeding if you are unsure.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • hi

    Would you have a procedure for Peyronies Disease, conventional medicines do not have a very good success rate.

    Kind Regards

  • Hello – I had a significant pulled muscle in my back 4 months ago. After 24 hours in spasm, I saw a chiropractor who administered electrical stimulation on my left lower back. The spasms stopped, but that evening, I suffered the entire night with front left pelvic pain. 5 days later, I noticed a bulge in my left pelvis and no muscle strength to hold it in. I have had 2 MRI’s and a Ct scan with contrast and have been told I have torn muscle and left lateral diastasis. I have been told this will not fix itself and that I need stomach reconstruction. I believe there has to be a way to help my abdomen and muscles heal on their own.
    I have been using castor oil to massage and then a pack overnight for 3 nights. I don’t really see any significant improvement. Should I also consider using the DMSO to aid in healing?
    thank you

  • May I encourage all of those contributing to this thread to do some private research on Colostrum? A good place to start would be the website, and the blog of Synertek Colostrum, which contain good scientific information and helpful testimonials. We all know that is no single ‘magic bullet’ for most conditions (especially when chronic); however, as one of those extraordinarily synergistic natural substances, Colostrum is about as close as it gets.
    Encouraged by Jini’s multi-step approach (which I find helpful to view as a kind of Venn Diagramme of intersecting circles of different therapies, all working synergistically), I have been looking at Colostrum as one of several complimentary therapies for my son’s IBD. It has no known negative side-effects, either on its own or in combination with drugs, and is even well-tolerated by lactose-intolerant people. With some conditions it seems to work very quickly (for instance in topical application for nosebleeds), for other people it takes a couple of months for benefits to show, so be prepared to be patient.
    There are other good companies as well as Synertek, so do your own research and enjoy learning about this amazing gift from God: even if it does not help you, it may help somebody else, so your efforts won’t be wasted. : )
    Best wishes to you all.

  • I agree Jessica, colostrum can be beneficial for many and definitely worth testing if your intuition is pulling you that way. Personally I would look for grass-fed only colostrum and if you’re sensitive to cow’s milk, try goat colostrum.

  • hi Jini..
    i had fat transfer to my cheekbones twice which has left me with hardened cheek bones due to scar tissue. how would you proceed with DSMO and aloe for this area? and must i use plastic? can i just use dsmo & aloe first then allow to dry… then apply castor oil… then cotton flannel and then just put the heating pad on top of that? im afraid of plastic saran wrap gettign in my system due to DSMO.. please advise

  • Hi Debbie,

    Unfortunately we don’t have any information about the protocol’s use for that particular application so we can’t comment about its efficacy but we would be very interested to hear about your results if you decide to try it. As always, it’s best to check with your doctor before proceeding if you are unsure.

    Regarding the plastic wrap, it is only used to prevent a mess so if you decide to proceed with the protocol then you can certainly leave the wrap out if you aren’t concerned about the mess.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hello Jini,

    I had a 6″ hernia mesh placed in me in Aug. 2012. I then had it removed along with 3 nerves after 22 months of pain and grief. The extracted mesh was hard as leather and was pressing on my femmoral nerve and artery. It’s been 8 months now from removal and I get the sensation that scar is squeezing my nerves with intense pain/weakness down the back of my legs and groin. I have muscle atrophy in my legs. As long as I dont place the solution on my testicle can I use it full strength in the groin at the scar site? I have great expectations and cant thank you enough!

  • Hi John,

    Sorry to hear about your ordeal with the mesh. We don’t have any data or feedback about using the protocol in the manner you mentioned but many people have reported back with positive feedback about dissolving scar tissue in the GI tract so it’s possible that it could have a positive effect in your case. As always, we recommend speaking with your doctor if you’re unsure. If you decide to proceed we would be very interested to hear how it works out. All the best!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Jini, first of all thank you for all you’ve done to help so many people. Your protocols and absorb plus has literally saved me from the dreaded medication and surgeries that were in my future. Then I found you and your website. what a blessing. I live off the shakes as I’m on a liquid diet due to an abdominal Stricture. Since January I’ve been in no pain since starting absorb plus and I’ve gained 12 pounds. My doctors don’t like hearing of my success without drugs and surgeries.they think I’m crazy. But the proof is in the pudding or in this case the shakes. My question is I have just started the dmso aloe Vera topical treatment over the past few days and I’m starting to feel a bit of discomfort in the area of the stricture and the ilium where they found the crohns. Is this healing? Has anyone had this happen while doing the protocol? Thanks for your time.

  • Hi Meaghan, You’re very welcome and congratulations on your weight gain!
    I know when I used the Rectal StrictureHeal treatment, yes, there were times I experienced discomfort and soreness. For me, it felt like the formerly thickened and reduced-sensitivity tissue was “coming back to life”. However, it can also mean that the mixture is too strong, or too frequent. So I also listened to my gut and sometimes skipped days. Of course, there is always the potential for allergy, so that option always needs to be taken into account.

  • what is the full meaning of DMSO and where can I get it. Can you please send the write up to my mail box.

  • Hi Rachael,

    DMSO is short for (dimethyl sulfoxide). It is a natural substance that comes from tree bark and was first discovered by Russian scientist, Dr. Alexander Saytzeff in 1866. Due to its amazing ability to bind with other substances, it was first utilized as a solvent. Then in 1959 it was demonstrated that DMSO could protect red blood cells and other tissues against freezing conditions, so experimentation began with using it to freeze and store organs for transplants.

    For more details about DMSO and information about using it, click the link below to another blog post from Jini:

    We have DMSO available for purchase at our shoppe here:

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Long term use of an Insulin Pump causes internal scar tissue at the infusion site. The scar tissue diminishes absorption the insulin you need. Thus you have to find new infusion sites every 3 days. I have used DMSO over the years for pain, mainly arthritus and Gout. I wondered if I apply a 70/30 solution to the scar tissue (internal) will it dissolve them and likely make the area a viable infusion site?

  • Hi Frank,

    It’s possible that the DMSO could have a positive effect by itself. If you decide to try that, we’d love to hear how it works out.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • can i still use the castor oil without hot water bottle and DMSO.Am still waiting for my order of DMSO

  • l have the castor oil but not the pack. Can i use any wool cotton T shirt temporarily before i got the flannel and hot water bottle

  • Rachael – Yes, you can use the castor oil just straight and some people find relief from even just that. And you can use any natural fabric – cotton is better than wool since wool will suck up a LOT of oil. Finding a way to apply heat does make a marked difference though.

  • Hi, I was diagnosed with endometriosis 6yrs ago,never had a surgery,no birth control,an no hormones. i really would almost feel as if i failed myself if i did an i think it would get worse or more complicated. the problem is i cant find anyone that agrees with me. i have only had ultrasounds and an mri my first ultrasound was a 9cm cyst an 6yrs later my last one was a 13cm cyst. not the full 6yrs but during this time i have tried so much from changing my bad life style like eating i now try to eat close to a paleo diet,i try to do anything anti- inflammatory,castor packs, citz baths, herbal teas really anything that can give me a chance. i have diminished some pain an increased energy but it has not shrank the cyst. i still feel i am getting somewhere i just need some guidance cause anything ive tried was my own doing an not supported or recommended by any doctor ive seen. please, any an all support an advise is highly appreciated an wanted.

  • Hi Amanda,

    I’m afraid that we’re unable to give you any guidance as we are not qualified to do so (Jini included) but Dr. Paul Goldberg shares methods and protocols with Jini and has read all of her books. He is a very rigorous practitioner and like Jini, has healed himself of a serious chronic illness, so he understands firsthand what you’re going through. We can highly recommend him.

    You can also watch this video for a detailed description of how Dr. Goldberg works and what’s involved with his healing approach:

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • I have read your document on the Intestinal Stricture protocol. What do you think about using the Nature’s Gift brand of DMSO cream? It is 99% pure DMSO and concentrated to 70% DMSO, 30% Aloe vera in a cream base. My skin can tolerate 70% DMSO without any irritation. I understand you require no substitutions but this seems to be the basically same ingredients just in a form that is easier to apply.

  • Hi Jill,

    Jini recommends the Nature’s Gift brand of DMSO and it’s the same brand we carry at the shoppe. However, for all of her protocols which require DMSO, Jini cautions against using products with additives (like the one you mentioned) because it can introduce more unknown variables into the healing equation. You can always try it and see but Jini did extensive testing with her protocols using just the pure DMSO with no additives so we can’t speak to the efficacy of the protocols if substitute elements are used.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Jini, I too am grateful to have found your website. I have at least 4 people in my life that are affected by abdominal complications for one reason or another and I always refer them to your website. As for myself Ive had two abdominal surgeries a hysterectomy and then later removal of the ovaries and after the 2nd one my doctor decided to clean up the existing scar tissue which ultimately produced more scar tissue. I have been in the hospital 14 times in the last 5 years with small bowel obstructions. The MRIs show a loop in my small intestine caused by scar tissue. I have found abdominal massage to be the one thing that has helped me relieve the trapped gas and or fecal matter and kept me from returning to the hospital. I am very interested in purchasing the absorb plus shakes however I am not interested in gaining any weight. How should I proceed? Also I noticed after doing almost any kind of exercise I would get a flare up, is this something you might be familiar with or have any information on?

  • Hi Karen,

    Absorb Plus can be used to maintain (or even lose) weight, just depending on your calorie intake for the day. You can also use it in a half-elemental diet alongside regular foods that you know will not cause any issues for your specific condition to manage the amount of calories. For more information, check out the two links below:

    Regarding exercise triggering a flare, I’m afraid we’re unable to comment on that as we’re not qualified to do so but we haven’t heard from anyone else who has experienced that so you should definitely consult your physician about that.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Karen, the post-exercise flare up can happen when the body is already using it’s reserves and energy to deal with infection or healing issues. So, as I write in LTYG, the best exercise is GENTLE, nourishing, rejuvenative exercise. Like a walk in nature and stop BEFORE you feel tired, or tai chi, or restorative yoga (not other kinds of yoga), or Qi Gong.

  • For years and I mean years I have been suffering from nerve pain in groin from hernia surgery some time ago. I wake up with and go to bed with this pain. I have had surgeries to try and free the nerves and have had a triple neurectomy(sorry if spelling is incorrect) but to no avail. I even tried an implanted stimulator but had it removed last year. There is a tremendous amount of scar tissue which if broken up could possibly help with this nerve pain. I take Vicodin as needed otherwise I couldn’t function at all and go to work every day. If anyone has experience or advise I would certainly like to hear. I’d be willing to try DMSO along with castor oil to try and help. Thx

  • Hi Jini, Im male and live in the UK; my story is somewhat complex as i had a perianal abscess and multiple fistulae which were treated over 14 separate GA procedures with setons etc. Ive completely sepsis free for over a year finally.
    However for the last 18 month (never before despite the surgery etc), i develop pain usually several hours post BM along the anal ring and sometimes going further back along the left levator ani muscles which are tighter.
    Im no longer constipated but had been when the pain first manifested,and have had pelvic physio and biofeedback which has helped me realise that a lot of the pain was straining etc on the now weaker levator ani muscles which i relax better using your techniques and a special stool.
    The pain however continues and I’ve isolated that it starts (or trigger point) is a BAND OF THICKENED TISSUE (SCAR?) ON the Left side of my anal ring (just a finger tip inside)
    sometimes just pressing on this improves things for several hours. I’m not spasming per se either and diazepam etc hasn’t really bee a help nor has cramp bark and herbal remedies.
    My pelvic physio (i have seen a couple but the best in London is a lady called Maria Elliot) mentioned scar tissue and the importance of releasing/softening it.
    Various Docs and CRS here don’t believe it is is LA syndrome per se but it is a wide definition, and i have to agree. I think the sheer act of defecation stretches this tissue and sets up the pain which can then radiate into the Levator ani muscles. having said that this pattern isn’t always consistent and I have poo’ed large volumes with no pain thereafter.
    Im intrigued by DMSO but also a little confused on the different preparations and the application. (should it be the pure version or the natures gift versions which i can get over here) Also if required, are you able to ship to the UK
    Warmest regards from London

  • Hi Dan,

    First of all thanks so much for taking the time to share your story with us. A good place to start if you’d like to learn more about DMSO is at the link below to another blog post Jini wrote about it:

    Jini actually uses the Nature’s Gift brand of DMSO; It’s the brand we carry in our shoppe and we do ship to the UK but if you can get it locally then it will be much cheaper. Just make sure to get the version with no additives (fragrance, aloe, etc).

    Also, you mentioned that your doctors don’t think you’re suffering from levator ani syndrome but, just in case you want to read about Jini’s protocol for that, you can check it out here:

    If you have any additional questions at all about DMSO or the protocols please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reply here, email us at, visit the live chat at the little blue box on the bottom right side of your screen (during normal business hours, PST), or call us at 888-866-7745.

    P.S. If you decide to try out the DMSO we’d love to hear how it works out for you!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi jini

    Great thread! Not sure if you would be ble to help me but I had a chalazion form when I was 5 months pregnant – let it go naturally well so I thought.. But now a year later the eye doctor claims that it is muscle bulge left on my lower eyelid.. Loss of connective tissue as we age he says.. I’m only 28 and very good skin over all. He tells me to use botox to relax the muscle .. Anything u recommend if you know anything before I say yes to that toxin. It’s really annoying me


  • Just like Lesley, who wrote in on May 20, 2014, my husband is fighting a losing battle with excessive scar tissue after knee replacement, revision and another total knee replacement. His condition is called arthrofibrosis. I understand that DMSO can help with scars beneath the skin and at this point we’re willing to try almost anything. More surgery just leads to more scar tissue and repeated staph infections. Can you tell me if Lesley or any of your other clients have had success with the DMSO/castor oil packs? Thank you very much!

  • Hi Bobbi,

    I’m afraid that we haven’t received any feedback about using DMSO and/or castor oil packs for anything similar to what your husband is going through so we can’t comment about how effective it might be for him. If your husband decides to try either one we’d love to hear how it works out for him.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Bobbi,

    I haven’t tried the castor oil packs and DMSO on my knee regularly. I’ve only done it once or twice. I intend to try it on a regular basis to see if I can get additional range of motion. You are smart to avoid any additional surgery as it will just make it worse as well as the increased risk of infection. I am now 4 years out from my knee replacement and I have less pain and discomfort. I usually notice stiffness and soreness when the barometric pressure changes; a drop in pressure is most noticeable. I’ve learned to adapt to my limited range of motion. I’m a personal trainer and I can still workout and lift weights, ride my horse, and many other activities. I can’t ride a bike, kneel, or do anything that requires bending more than about 95 degrees in flexion. My extension is normal.

    How bad is your husbands range of motion? Does he have a lot of pain and discomfort? How long has it been since his last surgery?

    I also used massage and still use a whole body vibration machine to help with the scar tissue.

    I say go for it in trying the DMSO castor oil packs! I can’t hurt and can possibly help. Keep us posted with the outcome. I’m now motivated to try it myself. What has prevented me from doing so it the messy factor. I also need to resume doing abdominal packs for adhesions from multiple abdominal surgeries. Some of us just tend to make a lot of scar tissue, I wish your husband the best as I can totally empathize with what he’s going through.

    Best regards,

  • I wanted to respond to Kelly DO NOT USE botox next to your eye, botox is botulism it can migrate into your eye or brain. Read the side effect and risks it is pretty scary.

    Take 2-3 glutathione and vitamin c daily, collagen drink daily and
    Flax cold pressed seed oil daily this will help your skin

  • Hi Kimberly,

    I wish I had a better answer for you but we don’t have any experience or feedback from readers about using any of the things mentioned above for that particular application. We’d love to hear about it if you decide to try it, though!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • I take serapeptase by Serretia. it is an enzyme that helps break down post surgical scar tissue in the body among other things. Do some research and see if it might be worth a try-
    Vitamin shoppe sells it or you can get it online, Swanson vitamins is a great website!

  • With my peyronie’s and using DMSO gel, i was wondering, can i use apply the gel to my penis and immedately people my clothes on…. because i end up waiting around 30 minutes before putting my clothes on because im afraid it won’t penetrate completely within that time frame and will just wipe onto my clothes, and online some sites say don’t rub dmso on just paint/ on pat it on in a thin layer, and to wait around 20-30 minutes, any suggestions, on how to apply it for peyronie’s, and how long before i can get dressed again…sorry if you already answered a similar question, but im in a rush and don’t have much time?

  • Hi Mickey,

    It’s always best to allow the DMSO to dry first but you can always cover it with somethking like a non-synthetic (cotton, for example) adult diaper in your case if you need to apply and go.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi, I saw your recommendation using castor oil for Peyronies. I’ve had the condition for over a year now and was wondering if you’ve honestly heard of any positive results from any men trying Castor oil? If so can you share the recipe again, how often, duration? Any details would be appreciated.

  • No, sorry, we haven’t heard back from anyone with Peyronies. And keep in mind, it is not Castor oil that I think would produce the positive shift – it is the StrictureHeal formula. Using the same formula that we have been testing for the rectum should work well with genital tissue. You can download the eBook for free here:

    If you decide to try it, please let us know how it works for you

  • I had a knee replacement in Oct 2015. The ROM is not good. Went to therapy 3 x a week for 6 months. Had a manipulation in Nov. 2015 still have scar tissue I walk and exersice everyday. still not good. Can you help. PLEASE!!

  • I would find a myofascial release therapist in your area. Or a physio or chiropractor certified in Active Release Technique (ART). That’s what I would do.

  • Hi Jini

    I had a vasectomy in Jan of this year and have scar tissue at both vas deffrens which are pinching on nerves. What do you recommend ? I am based in the UK

  • Hi Woody,

    Jini hasn’t tested her protocol for that particular application so we don’t have any information about how well the ingredients would work (if at all). If you decide to put something together and try it we’d love to hear about it.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • I’ve been dealing w/ extreme pudendal neuralgia (or entrapment–not sure which) on the right side since about Dec. 2016 from an injury. Let’s just say that it can be excruciating! When it is really bad, it extends into the rectal and/or vaginal area on both sides. I had a badly injured disc years ago (which has healed 100%, I’m happy to say!), and this feels just like that–except in the groin area. OUCH. Have you had success with your protocol re: rectal strictures for this condition? I’ve tried cold laser therapy, myofascial release in combination w/ pelvic floor therapy, infrared biomat, etc. etc. Nothing has made a permanent difference. I came across your info. re: rectal strictures–and I’ve been told that I have a lot of scar tissue from a past injury to my tailbone and also an abdominal surgery when I was a kid. Sounds to me like your protocol for rectal strictures could work on this!

  • Six months ago, I had an accident which broke my wrist and had surgery. Now I’ve developed Dupuytren’s contracture at the base of two fingers. What do you think might help this condition and perhaps dissolve this?

  • Hi Denise,

    The protocol mentioned in the blog post above has only been tested on the GI tract so we don’t have any experience with using it to dissolve scar tissue on the hand. Let us know how it goes if you decide to try it!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • my husband has urethral stricture, it was formed by scar tissue after prostate surgery (TURP). Can he use the treatment described here?

  • Hi Irena,

    Unfortunately we haven’t received any feedback about using the protocol for that application. If you decide to try it in any capacity we’d love to hear how it works out!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • i got valley fever ten years ago wh/ was not dx for 2 years and it ended up in my brain at wh/ time they put a brain shunt in to relieve the pressure. succesful and long rosad to recovery. currently I an suffering from the aftermath of scar tissue. my spinal chord has loculations between T5-8 AND ID FLATTENED at t-10. my 4th brain ventricle is swollen due to scar tissue wh is causing pressure on my brainstem resulting in difficulty wlking w/o assistance. I am an acupuncturist so get alot of that tx as well as cranialsacral, daily yoga and meditation and juice everyday. I REMEMBERED CASTOR OIL PACKS FROM MY PAST STUDIES GOOGLED AND FOUND YOU. would appreciate your feedback.

  • Kimberly I encourage you to seek out Dr. John F. Barnes – the founder of myofascial release. You could read his book first: Healing Ancient Wounds and then you may feel a visit to one of his clinics would be helpful.

  • Jini,

    Are there any brands of DMSO (or techniques) that you know of that eliminate the garlic type odor mentioned? These products have been helpful in the 2 weeks since I started using them, but for my roommates’ sake, I think I need to find a way to eliminate some of the resulting odor. Thanks!

  • Hi Jake,

    We’re very happy to hear that the products have been helpful to you! Unfortunately, DMSO inherently comes with that odor and we don’t recommend any of the variations which contain fragrances or other additives like aloe vera. The best advice we can give is to stock up on candles/incense/etc for the house and to use a cologne that might help to mask the odor.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • This post is fantastic. I was released from the hospital today a five day stay that began due to excruciating cramps, vomiting and diarrhea that I put up with for two days prior to hospitalization because I thought I simply had a virus. Of course, this was a SBO which is commonly treated with a nasogastric tube through the nose (THE most painful thing ever) and then just waiting for the system to rest and hopefully the blockage will pass. I cannot believe there are non-surgical self-applied procedures as you describe that are not even mentioned by the physicians. I am certain the genesis of my problem is the surgery I had at 3 months of age to resolve a serious case of intecceception. I’m 54 now. I was getting discouraged that my only option was another surgery so I cannot wait to find a practitioner in my area who perhaps can perform myofacial release therapy. Thank you!!!

  • Hi John,

    Thanks for stopping by! If you have the therapy performed we’d love to hear your thoughts about the experience and results.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hello, can dmso be used if i have metalic staples inside, i guess since is surgical they used titanium, or applyig dmso far away is safe? thank you

  • Hi Mary,

    We aren’t aware of any interactions between DMSO and surgical staples but you should definitely consult your physician if you have concerns with respect to your specific situation.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

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