For those of you who either hate going to the dentist, or can’t afford to go to the dentist… what can you do when you have a tooth that’s rotting?

Well, the first thing you can do is use wild oregano oil to kill any infection and reduce inflammation:

Then, you can make yourself a temporary filling until you can afford to go to the dentist:

1/8 tsp zinc oxide powder
1 drop eugenol clove oil (or wild oregano oil)

  • Mix until you have a thick putty
  • Your tooth must be DRY
  • Tamp putty into cavity with a rounded toothpick or dental tool. Tamp it down as hard as you can.
  • After tamping, floss down and pull through – don’t lift floss back up or it may catch and pop out the filling.
  • Put a piece of plastic wrap over the rest of the putty to keep it from drying out, so you can use it again.

You can get zinc oxide powder on Amazon or your local pharmacy may carry it.

As he says in the video, you can also use Black spruce gum – it’s amber in color and you chew it until soft, then insert it into your tooth cavity. It is also antiseptic.

How To Make A Temporary Filling for a Tooth Cavity

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    1. Hi Mei,

      If you are or think you might be allergic to cloves then you’ll definitely want to use wild oregano oil instead (or vice versa).

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      Customer Care

  • There is a lot of research being done on the use of eggshell toothpaste in the treatment and prevention of cavities. Eggshells or oyster shells will work to make toothpaste and can easily be made at home.

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