I often get emails or comments on the blog here from people who are doing an excellent job of managing the physical component of their dis-ease (unease, imbalance). They are well-researched, rigorous and thorough. And they’re getting good results – just not the results they hoped for. Or it’s taking much longer than they thought it would. Or they’re doing great, and then ‘out of the blue’ they get a flare-up.

If you’re one of those people, then I want to speak directly to you now…

In looking at your healing journey, it would probably serve you better to switch your mindset around your body condition. Instead of having a framework of ‘seeking remission’ I think it would bring an ease and acceptance/love to your being to see your body as working in intimate partnership with your higher (spiritual) self. As being the messenger, or in Service, to your higher self.

So when you take that framework, you realize that – instead of things ‘going wrong’ with your body – when symptoms or pain or malfunction occurs in the body, it is simply a MESSAGE that you are out of balance somewhere.

The body, the earth, all of nature, naturally seeks balance/homeostasis. This is not a difficult or laborious state to achieve. So if your body is out of balance, in a state of dis-ease, the useful/helpful stance is to THANK your body for being willing to endure pain and discomfort on your behalf. And then to lean in and listen deeply to discern the message(s) your higher self is sending through your body.

Yes, we need to address the physical layer of healing too, but in your case, you have likely got the physical aspect handled. You know what to do. You are great at discovering and implementing new and helpful protocols.

Listening more closely to your body will enable you to discern better how long to stick with a protocol (eg. StrictureHeal, or Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol), how to vary it, when to take a break, when to resume again – perhaps you will cycle on and off for 5-10 years. And if you take this new viewpoint I’m offering here, this will further enable you to tune in better to your body’s ongoing needs.

So it’s not so much about what worked, or didn’t work, the way you expected, within the timeframe you expected. It’s more about listening to your body each day, throughout the day, and giving it what it needs… forever. There is no ‘cure’. There is no ‘remission’. Chuck that box out. There is simply the fluid, beautiful PROCESS of this ongoing dance with your body and higher self.

If you recognize yourself in what I’m saying here, then what I think will take you to the next stage of your healing journey, is to really focus in on the emotional/spiritual aspect of yourself. I highly recommend EFT Tapping, Hypnotherapy and somato-emotional craniosacral bodywork.

What is out of balance in your LIFE? In your relationships, your finances, job? WHY are you here on this planet, at this time? What is your soul calling you to, that you are ignoring or afraid of?

I also highly recommend this course by Caroline Myss – and the bonus series, The Anatomy of Your Health, is as powerful as the main course. Dig into that. It starts with 3 wonderful free videos:

Caroline Myss – WHY You are Not Healing

Namaste. Selah. Thank you.

Full Circle Healing – What’s Missing?

4 thoughts on “Full Circle Healing – What’s Missing?

  • Thanks so much for this, Jini! Yours is the only blog i ALWAYS open and read. 🙂

    With regard to EFT tapping, I have a question. I’ve watched various videos over time, and no one has ever explained one of the most basic questions about how to do it. I know where the various points are, starting at the top of the head and moving across the face, chest, and to the rib cage. But as people tap, I notice that they are repeating “reality” statements (such as “I’m feeling scared right now”) and then new, positive statements (such as “I’m feeling less scared now. I am calm and at ease”), but they seem to all be just speaking randomly, with no sequence to when to say what. Is there a pattern? Should you start with the fear and move to the new, positive statement? When? When you reach your sternum? For the next whole cycle? For the love of God, someone explain! 🙂 (I’ve also never heard any instructions about whether to use dominant or non-dominant hand, or to switch???)

    1. Hello Anna,

      This Jinis blog below has good info and contains a basic chart, as well as a link to the instruction manual:

      If you open the manual PDF, it addresses some of the things that you are asking about.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions that aren’t answered with those resources.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

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