Flower Essences Vibrational Medicine

Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine that has been used in Europe for hundreds of years. In this teleseminar, learn first-hand how this gentle, yet deep medicine works both to prevent and treat a variety of health issues.

Flower essences – you may have heard of Bach Remedies, or Rescue Remedy – are well known and popular in Europe. As flower essence alchemist Katie Hess says:

“Flower remedy elixirs are an aqueous solution that when taken internally or applied on the body, works through the acupuncture meridian system. The science behind it is called sympathetic resonance: when you have two tuning forks of the same key and strike one of them, the other tuning fork starts to buzz even though it’s not touching the vibrating one. This is because the invisible sound waves expand out, causing the second fork to vibrate in resonance.

The same happens with flowers. They are emanating waves that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but that strike a chord within us and as we re-balance our bodies and minds we experience more clarity, happiness, and peacefulness. When people find this hard to believe, I ask them how a cell phone works. We don’t question a cell phone, because we hear the voice on the other end. The waves emanate from the phone and send information through space. So we see this on many levels in technology. The difference is that what the flowers and plants has profound health benefits.”

Join Jini and Katie as they discuss how to best use and benefit from flower essences – both as prevention and in combination with herbs and diet for treatment. Katie also gives many examples of clients she has helped with particular health issues.

Or download it from here:
Flower Essences Teleseminar with Katie Hess
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3 thoughts on “Flower Essences Vibrational Medicine

  1. Got a question about hypothyroidism and crohns. I asked my daughter to ask her gastroenterologist to test her for low thyroid since it runs in our family and she is displaying some of the symptoms. She is feeling fatigue, has sensitivity to cold, always had very odd menstrual periods that make her feel nauseous, she has been prone to dry skin and depression. Can you get an accurate reading of a thyroid from a blood test? She is taking Humira..could that be symptoms from that ?

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