ivanaIvana Bosek is a creative videographer who has been doing freelance work, as well as personal projects, for over 5 years. She is passionate about her projects, especially this one, as it is close to her heart. She has been planning and preparing to begin filming the Crohn’s Moans Documentary for over two years.

In this film Ivana will be looking for answers. She too struggles with the complicated symptoms of Crohn’s, and wants to do everything in her power to educate herself on what options are available. She will be getting all sides of the story and presenting the information for the viewer’s interpretation.

Ivana believes that each individual knows what’s best for their own body – what works for one person may not work for the next. Her main goal is to provide inspiration through sharing her journey and to combine dispersed information into one piece.

Ivana hopes by bringing this information together into one film, she will make it easy on those who don’t know where to start looking. She understands how frightening these conditions can be, and how hopeless it feels at times. She wants nothing more than to bring a light back into the lives of those who feel at a loss right now.

I invite you to learn more about this documentary and to consider lending your support to this project.


CLICK HERE for more info and a video about this film…

Crohn’s Moans New Documentary Film

7 thoughts on “Crohn’s Moans New Documentary Film

  • I look forward to this documentary. I too suffer with Crohn’s, which shows up different in so many ways. It took them 40 yrs to figure out my disease.Here is hoping your documentary helps many who suffer.

  • I just donated to the Kickstarter for this film yesterday. I really hope that Ivana meets the 20k goal for the funds. So far, 14k is raised with eight days to go.


  • CONGRATULATIONS to Ivana who met her goal on Kickstarter. I hope this documentary is picked up by the Discovery channel eventually. It is great that there are a wide range of interviewees.

    “Alternative” medicine is not so alternative anymore. I see a gastroenterologist at John’s Hopkins University Hospital. Recently, I was there, and I picked up a pamphlet about the JHU Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center. Dr. Linda Lee, who is the director of the entire gastroenterology dept. is also the director of the Integrative Medicine and
    Digestive Center.

    I opened this pamphlet and saw services offered such as cranial sacial (sp) therapy, reiki, accupuncture, naturopath consults…etc. No wonder, during my appointment with my gastro that I was able to tell him everything I was doing from the LTYG book, and he listened!

    I am glad Dr. Linda Lee started this department at Hopkins. Maybe Ivana will get more donations and have someone like Dr. Lee in her documentary.

    1. Hi Susan,

      Thanks for the comment and for sharing that tidbit about Johns Hopkins. We’re all looking forward to Ivana’s documentary!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

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