Just spent a day in L.A. being interviewed by Reid B. Kimball – who is making a documentary film on alternative treatments for inflammatory bowel disease. Reid is a real sweetheart, very down-to-earth and his sincerity shines through every question he asks.

After 3 hours of that, he interviewed Natasha Trenev, the founder of Natren probiotics – who knows just a wee bit about what’s going on behind the scenes in this industry! And then we all had dinner together.

Reid has already interviewed Jay Baluk from CrohnsBoy – who is the nicest guy and a real blast. And I understand he’s also been in touch with Dr. Silvio Najt, MD and Dr. Carolyn Dean MD, ND.

I can’t wait till he’s got the trailer put together and I will definitely be posting it here for you to see first up. It’s a very exciting project and will be a true service to all others newly diagnosed, or who are simply looking for a clear, in-depth overview of natural alternatives to drug and surgical treatment for colitis, Crohn’s, diverticulitis and IBS. Stay tuned…..

Crohn’s Colitis Documentary

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  • Hello,

    Really inspired by your website and some of the other stories I have seen out on the web. My 4yr old daughter got diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in Jan and we have started our quest to treat/manage/cure this naturally without drugs (which is the only option that is given by our GI). We have tried a few things including homeopathy, elimination diet, dietary supplements of pomegranate and turmeric root, probiotic (VSL#3) but so far nothing has worked consistently. We are getting ready to start SCD but nervous about doing it for one so young when we came across your website. I am really curious about your opinions on the different things that have been tried out there by other folks and yourself. We are also considering Ayurveda and wonder if you have any opinions about that. We would appreciate any leads on where we should start first and I understand that this is not medical advice. I am just looking to learn from your experience since I do not want to saddle my 4yr old with a lifetime of powerful drugs.

  • Hi Minoti, I actually have an entire chapter of Listen To Your Gut devoted to answering this question. You can see the entire Table Of Contents here:


    But here is the chapter that specifically answers your question:

    Chapter Eight – Treatments I’m Often Asked About ….. 377

    – Ayurvedic Medicine
    – Traditional Chinese Medicine
    – The Blood Type Diet
    – Specific Carbohydrate Diet
    – Detoxification Protocols
    – Colon Cleansing
    – Bacterial Soil Organisms
    – Plant Sterols/Sterolins
    – Kombucha Tea
    – MSM
    – Molocure A.M.P. Aloe Vera
    – Ashwaganda
    – Seacure
    – BC-9 Homeopathic Remedy
    – Trying New Products

  • Just to offer quick feedback from one of my clients who struggles with Ulcerative Proctitis, IBS, Celiac Disease, and Lactose Intolerance. She was unable to remain continent and lost her nursing job, despite her having tried every medication regimen she could try.

    I sent her a few boxes of the “Intestive” formula of SeaCure from Proper Nutrition. She began taking just the recommended 4 capsules a day, and within 4-5 days, she reported no incontinence anymore, or gas, bloating, or pain! She said it was literally miraculous for her, and once she forgot her morning dose, and her body “reminded” her about 10 hours later.

    Hoping it could help your young daughter.

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