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I had to stop in the middle of the second video in this series and come write this blog post – IT IS THAT GOOD!!

The first video teaches you an outline of how to be your own medical intuitive. Something I talk about a lot on this blog: My body is speaking to me, what is it saying?

The second video is a topic near and dear to every healing journey. Caroline Myss (one of the world’s top medical intuitives) talks about all the reasons people don’t heal.

Why I don’t want to heal.

Why giving up my wounds may not serve me.

If I am healthy… what privileges, benefits, lifestyle etc will I lose?

But even beyond that, Caroline challenges each of us to examine the ways in which we are putting our suffering onto others; how we are making others ‘pay’ for our own suffering. If that makes you angry, or indignant, then you doubly have to watch this video series!

Go here to sign up for the first video – it’s all free. And take your healing to the next level.

I don’t know if she’s selling something at the end of the course, but it doesn’t matter, the free training alone is a terrific value. If you want to go straight to this second video, on Why People Don’t Heal, then click here.

Caroline Myss – WHY You are Not Healing

11 thoughts on “Caroline Myss – WHY You are Not Healing

  • Thank you Jini so much for this … truly, it is the answer to my prayer … I wonder if you have any good ideas about how to find a medical intuitive to work with … I’ve had gut issues over 10 years now, the most recent was diverticulitis a year ago, but since then I’ve been unable to digest any more than 10 “safe” foods … very limited diet and I would like to clearly see what this is….

  • This video had me in tears as I realized that there are things in my life that I must move away from that have been the biggest parts of my life.
    When you mentioned the stomach and relationships and losing power I feel that I finally have to end my business, I have been struggling with this decision for years. The business is successful but it is draining my energies every day. I feel this drop in power you mention every time I need to make a decision, even little ones about the business.
    I am torn between trying to sell the business which would entail more involvement for me for a bit and possibly more money or just to sell what is in inventory. I would be leaving customers and letting go employees who have relied on me for 30 plus years but I feel that I am dying every day and I guess everyone will now have to take care of themselves. I feel guilty but hope for the future.

    1. Hi Judy,

      That’s a very difficult decision to make, but yes it is very important to give yourself time and space to heal. Working full time and taking care of business will require a significant output of energy as these are common saboteurs. Mind/body healing, setting good boundaries, getting plenty of rest, peace and moving out of a toxic living arrangement will help a lot with the healing process.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer care

  • Thank you for this teaching! You are teaching principals that work for anybody. Years ago I was taught this principal by a woman who loved God and it changed my life. And I have been teaching this for many years and I have seen people change radically. I tell people when I walk them through forgiving, “the sin goes goes out of your spirit and your soul and the goodness of God comes in to heal and restore.

    Unforgiveness blocks the power of healing. You don’t have to feel like forgiving because the feelings are usually too strong. You forgive as an act of your will.

    1. Exactly! I once tried EVERYTHING to try and forgive someone – but it was too BIG for me. Finally, I said to god, “I cannot do this. You will have to do it for me.” And god did. I opened to spirit, to a greater power – and when we request (or give permission – free choice, remember?) then the divine can move.

  • BTW – I purchased Carolyn’s course and IT.IS.AMAZING. Seriously worth every penny. I downloaded the audios to my phone (on airplane mode of course!) and listen to the them while driving. The Anatomy of Your Health is BLOWING ME AWAY!!

  • Hi jini, Thank you so much for sharing. I couldn’t find the third video. Also wondering which course you signed up for? I found your blog last night, downloaded and read your Intestinal Strictures e-book, and I’m about to order what I need for the Intestinal Stricture protocol. I think applying the teachings for Carolyn at the same time will help. Thank you for being a generous soul Jini.

    1. Hi Lana – you’re very welcome! If you click this link, it will either have the 3 videos listed along the top OR it will just give you access to the first one and then you have to sign up and they will email you each video, one by one.

      At the end of the 3 videos Carolyn offers her course in learning medical intuition for your own body. It is WELL worth the money for sure! But even if you can’t afford the course, these 3 videos are excellent 🙂

  • Hmm for some reason it doesn’t seem like it is showing the 3rd video or the course? First two videos were great 🙂

  • Gera – when I signed up, it released one video per week – so you may have to wait a bit and then they email you when the next one can be watched.

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