Why Am I Not Healing?

Why Am I Not Healing?

Many people contact me and they’re very frustrated because they’ve been following the appropriate diet, taking supplements, they’ve made lifestyle changes, but they’re still not seeing great results in their body. So let’s get into the different reasons people might not be seeing the results of their healing efforts quickly… 1. Expecting Results Too Quickly…


Where can I purchase a low-EMF phone?

If you are in Europe, the link below will take you to a site where you can purchase low EMF phones: http://www.emfields.org/phones/cordless.asp We’ve yet to find a company in North America who is selling them locally but the blog post below says that there is now a brand available in the USA: http://www.emfrf.com/index.php/emf-rf/company/owners-blog/low-emf-cordless-phones-now-available.html You can…

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