Jini Patel Thompson is a health writer and consumer health advocate who healed herself of widespread Crohn’s Disease (small intestine & large intestine). She has remained drug and surgery-free for over 19 years.

Jini is a recognized expert on natural healing for digestive diseases and has been featured on numerous popular radio shows like The Deborah Ray Show (syndicated to 76 different U.S. cities) and TV shows like Your Health Matters with Doug Kaufmann (syndicated to 113 different U.S. cities).

Her articles on natural healing have been published in journals and magazines in the US, UK, and Australia. Her DVD on healing colic in babies was recommended in the number one parenting magazine in the U.S. (Parents magazine, March 2006). And her books on digestive health have sold over 10,000 copies via the Internet alone.

She currently lives in White Rock, BC, Canada with her husband and three children.

Jini Patel Thompson

If you’d like to know more, then here’s an extended biography of Jini’s career and business lessons learned.

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  • Hello Jini,

    I had a chance to review your site and am trying to find out more information on the probiotic enema. Also do you have any protocols for treating chronic constipation? I am at my wits end and nothing seems to work for me, and I tried almost everything. If you could please email me I would very much appreciate. Thank you


  • Thank yo so much Jini! One quick question if you don’t mind- you recommend taking Vitamin C in ascorbic acid form to treat constipation. A lot of people, including myself, cant tolerate the acidic form. For me it causes indigestion and also irritates my bladder, especially at concentrations over 500g. I have no problem with Calcium Ascorbate since it is buffered, but will this not be effective for constipation?

    Appreciate your help


  • Hi Jini,

    I have always found vitamin C makes my diarrhea much worse.

    I dont know how to stop my chronic diarrhea I feel that I have tried just about everything.


  • Vit. C in ascorbic acid form is used to treat CONSTIPATION because it loosens stool (and in very high doses causes diarrhea). If you get my book on constipation, you’ll see that my comment is that ascorbic acid vit. C turns stool quite acidic therefore I prefer magnesium and other supplements to loosen stool and promote bowel movements.

    Vit. C in mineral ascorbate form (eg calcium ascorbate) will not loosen stools, therefore it is safer for people who tend towards diarrhea.

    For treatment of chronic diarrhea, full instructions are in my book, Listen To Your Gut – these include a healing diet, colonic massage and various supplements.

  • Here’s more on Vitamin C and acidity:

    Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, December 8, 2009

    What Form is Best?

    (OMNS, December 8, 2009) Vitamin C is commonly taken in large quantities to improve health and prevent asthma, allergies, viral infection, and heart disease [1,2]. It is non-toxic and non-immunogenic, and does not irritate the stomach as drugs like aspirin can. Yet vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is acidic. So, a common question is, what are the effects from taking large quantities?

    Ascorbic acid is a weak acid (pKa= 4.2) [3], only slightly stronger than vinegar. When dissolved in water, vitamin C is sour but less so than citric acid found in lemons and limes. Can large quantities of a weak acid such as ascorbate cause problems in the body? The answer is, sometimes, in some situations. However, with some simple precautions they can be avoided.

    Acid in the Mouth
    First of all, any acid can etch the surfaces of your teeth. This is the reason the dentist cleans your teeth and warns about plaque, for acid generated by bacteria in the mouth can etch your teeth to cause cavities. Cola soft drinks contain phosphoric acid, actually used by dentists to etch teeth before tooth sealants are applied. Like soft drinks, ascorbic acid will not cause etching of teeth if only briefly present. Often, vitamin C tablets are coated with a tableting ingredient such as magnesium stearate which prevents the ascorbate from dissolving immediately. Swallowing a vitamin C tablet without chewing it prevents its acid from harming tooth enamel.

    Chewable Vitamin C Tablets
    Chewables are popular because they taste sweet and so are good for encouraging children to take their vitamin C [4]. However, some chewable vitamin C tablets can contain sugar and ascorbic acid which, when chewed, is likely to stick in the crevices of your teeth. So, after chewing a vitamin C tablet, a good bit of advice is to rinse with water or brush your teeth. But the best way is to specifically select non-acidic vitamin C chewables, readily available in stores. Read the label to verify that the chewable is made entirely with non-acidic vitamin C.

    Stomach Acidity
    People with sensitive stomachs may report discomfort when large doses of vitamin C are taken at levels to prevent an acute viral infection (1,000-3,000 milligrams or more every 20 minutes) [1, 5]. In this case the ascorbic acid in the stomach can build up enough acidity to cause heartburn or a similar reaction. On the other hand, many people report no problems with acidity even when taking even 20,000 mg in an hour. The acid normally present in the stomach, hydrochloric acid (HCl), is very strong: dozens of times more acidic than vitamin C. When one has swallowed a huge amount of ascorbate, the digestive tract is sucking it up into the bloodstream as fast as it can, but it may still take a while to do so. Some people report that they seem to sense ascorbic acid tablets “sitting” at the bottom of the stomach as they take time to dissolve. It is fairly easy to fix the problem by using buffered ascorbate, or taking ascorbic acid with food or liquids in a meal or snack. When the amount of vitamin C ingested is more than the gut can absorb, the ascorbate attracts water into the intestines creating a laxative effect. This saturation intake is called bowel tolerance. One should reduce the amount (by 20-50%) when this occurs [1].

    Acid Balance in the Body
    Does taking large quantities of an acid, even a weak acid like ascorbate, tip the body’s acid balance (pH) causing health problems? No, because the body actively and constantly controls the pH of the bloodstream. The kidneys regulate the acid in the body over a long time period, hours to days, by selectively excreting either acid or basic components in urine. Over a shorter time period, minutes to hours, if the blood is too acid, the autonomic nervous system increases the rate of breathing, thereby removing more carbon dioxide from the blood, reducing its acidity. Some foods can indirectly cause acidity. For example, when more protein is eaten than necessary for maintenance and growth, it is metabolized into acid, which must be removed by the kidneys, generally as uric acid. In this case, calcium and/or magnesium are excreted along with the acid in the urine which can deplete our supplies of calcium and magnesium [6]. However, because ascorbic acid is a weak acid, we can tolerate a lot before it will much affect the body’s acidity. Although there have been allegations about vitamin C supposedly causing kidney stones, there is no evidence for this, and its acidity and diuretic tendency actually tends to reduce kidney stones in most people who are prone to them [1,7]. Ascorbic acid dissolves calcium phosphate stones and dissolves struvite stones. Additionally, while vitamin C does increase oxalate excretion, vitamin C simultaneously inhibits the union of calcium and oxalate. [1,2].

    Forms of Vitamin C
    Ascorbate comes in many forms, each with a particular advantage. Ascorbic acid is the least expensive and can be purchased as tablets, timed release tablets, or powder. The larger tablets (1000-1500 mg) are convenient and relatively inexpensive. Timed-release tablets contain a long-chain carbohydrate which delays the stomach in dissolving the ascorbate, which is then released over a period of hours. This may have an advantage for maintaining a high level in the bloodstream. Ascorbic acid powder or crystals can be purchased in bulk relatively inexpensively. Pure powder is more quickly dissolved than tablets and therefore can be absorbed somewhat faster by the body. Linus Pauling favored taking pure ascorbic acid, as it is entirely free of tableting excipients.

    Buffered Ascorbate
    A fraction of a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) has long been used as a safe and effective antacid which immediately lowers stomach acidity. When sodium bicarbonate is added to ascorbic acid, the bicarbonate fizzes (emitting carbon dioxide) which then releases the sodium to neutralize the acidity of the ascorbate.

    Calcium ascorbate can be purchased as a powder and readily dissolves in water or juice. In this buffered form ascorbate is completely safe for the mouth and sensitive stomach and can be applied directly to the gums to help heal infections [8]. It is a little more expensive than the equivalent ascorbic acid and bicarbonate but more convenient. Calcium ascorbate has the advantage of being non-acidic. It has a slightly metallic taste and is astringent but not sour like ascorbic acid. 1000 mg of calcium ascorbate contains about 110 mg of calcium.

    Other forms of buffered ascorbate include sodium ascorbate and magnesium ascorbate [9]. Most adults need 800 – 1200 mg of calcium and 400-600 mg of magnesium daily [6]. The label on the bottle of all these buffered ascorbates details how much “elemental” mineral is contained in a teaspoonful. They cost a little more than ascorbic acid.

    Buffered forms of ascorbate are often better tolerated at higher doses than ascorbic acid, but they appear not to be as effective for preventing the acute symptoms of a cold. This may be because after they are absorbed they require absorbing an electron from the body to become effective as native ascorbate [1]. Some of types of vitamin C are proprietary formulas that claim benefits over standard vitamin C [9].

    Liposomal Vitamin C
    Recently a revolutionary form of ascorbate has become available. This form of vitamin C is packaged inside nano-scale phospholipid spheres (“liposomes”), much like a cell membrane protects its contents. The lipid spheres protect the vitamin C from degradation by the environment and are absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream. Liposomes are also known to facilitate intracellular uptake of their contents, which can cause an added clinical impact when delivering something such as vitamin C. This form is supposed to be 5-10 fold more absorbable than straight ascorbic acid. It is more expensive than ascorbic acid tablets or powder.

    Ascorbyl Palmitate
    Ascorbyl palmitate is composed of an ascorbate molecule bound to a palmitic acid molecule. It is amphipathic, meaning that it can dissolve in either water or fat, like the fatty acids in cell membranes. It is widely used as an antioxidant in processed foods, and used in topical creams where it is thought to be more stable than vitamin C. However, when ingested, the ascorbate component of ascorbyl palmitate is thought to be decomposed into the ascorbate and palmitic acid molecules so its special amphipathic quality is lost. It is also more expensive than ascorbic acid.

    Natural Ascorbate
    Natural forms of ascorbate derived from plants are available. Acerola, the “Barbados cherry,” contains a large amount of vitamin C, depending on its ripeness, and was traditionally used to fight off colds. Tablets of vitamin C purified from acerola or rose hips are available but are generally low-dose and considerably more expensive than ascorbic acid. Although some people strongly advocate this type, Pauling and many others have stated that such naturally-derived vitamin C is no better than pure commercial ascorbate [2,9]. Bioflavonoids are antioxidants found in citrus fruits or rose hips and are thought to improve uptake and utilization of vitamin C. Generally, supplement tablets that contain bioflavonoids do not have enough to make much difference. For consumers on a budget, the best policy may be to buy vitamin C inexpensively whether or not it also contains bioflavonoids. Citrus fruits, peppers, and a number of other fruits and vegetables contain large quantities of bioflavinoids. This is one more reason to eat right as well as supplement.


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  • Hiya Jini!

    I’ve just been reading “listen to your ibs” and was reading about the natren probiotics. I’m in the UK and i have bought some natren probiotics from http://www.gandginfo.com as they claim to be the UK supplier of natren, however, after reading in your book about companies making products to look the same as natren, im now worried that iv spent alot of money on what could potentially not be the right product. They did come with little ice blocks which i was quite impressed by, but is there anyway of finding out if G&G vitamins actually is the UK supplier of natren and whether the products they sell are the genuine thing. Thank you!!!!

  • Right, iv just had a major browse of the Natren website, and under International Contacts it states that G&G are the UK supplier, so no worries there 🙂

  • Hi Jini,
    I noticed your protocol calls for bifidus. I would like to start your diet but I am concerned about the bifidus because I have tried 6 different kinds and they have all triggered terrible flares for me. Can I do the protocol without the bifidus?

    Thanks for your help,

  • ANY probiotic is helpful. So start with what you can tolerate and then gradually, even just a pinch at a time, add ones you don’t tolerate so well. Often, building up the other good bacteria (that you currently tolerate) can help normalize the gut environment to where you CAN tolerate species that previously triggered you. Also, be aware of the difference between “Intolerance” and the Herxheimer Reaction. See LTYG for details.

  • Hi Jini,

    I was wondering if you have looked into visalus yet to rest the stomach or for nutrition/vitamins in a shake. it is new on the market and have seen testamonials that it makes you feel better and helps with crohns. Because it is sold by “reps” I am sceptical.
    I have been looking at your website and thought if visalus is what it says it could be benefital.
    I have ordered your book to get the diet for resting the stomache and to start on your system.


  • hi jini,
    i am dr amol from india i am working in the faculty of ano-rectal surgery.
    fistula-ano is very common in india . near abt 20-30% of population & we treat it by KSHAR-SUTRA method.& got magic results. there is only 1% of recurrence. it is veryuseful process of AYURVEDA treatmentspecially fof high line fistula-ano.

  • DR. AMOL – I just watched a video on this procedure and I don’t know how people can claim it is not surgery with no cutting (the wire looks pretty sharp and cutting to me):

    I also cannot see how it would not create scar tissue and collateral trauma to the rectum, nerves, etc. Have you seen my post on natural treatment for perianal abscess and fistula?:


    Also of interest would be our treatment for rectal stricture and stenosis, get the free Instruction ebook here:


  • Jini,

    This is Paul from London, Ontario, Canada

    I’m only in my late 20s but being a bodybuilder has me with internal hemmerhoids. I have had 4 banding procedures and it’s been a week since my last and even though I hadn’t had a flare-up in a while, the rubber band procedure ignited a flare up and it’s been 12 days of torture! Constant feeling like I have something stuck there, burning, slight itching.

    I’ve been doing sitz baths, witch hazel, and ibuprofen! Slow recovery here and I’m sick of it and doctors spending 30 seconds on me and off I go for another 2 week recovery.

    When I check it out, my internal ones only protrude slightly when I’m having symptoms but are not visible at all when not…..

    What kit do you recommend and am I save-able?? Haha.

    Geesh, worst ever for a guy my age. Embarrassing to boot. Oh and makes training so difficult!!

  • Hi Paul,

    We have a really great protocol for healing internal hemorrhoids:


    The fact that yours are recurring though means you have to look at all the factors that are CAUSING them and you have to CHANGE what you are doing on an ongoing basis. So, depending on what your causative factors are, you may find these 3 videos helpful:

    Constipation Pooping Positions

    Self-Administered Colonic Massage

    Constipation Positions 2 and Rectal Prolapse Remedy

    *IF you only have time to watch one vid, watch the one above as I think the counter-pressure may really be helpful for you.

    And you may want to check out my book on constipation:


  • Jini,

    Thanks so much!

    I’m going to buy th ebook and give it to a local apothecary to make up the compound for me.

    I’ll also buy your book because I am certain that my IBS has caused this!

    Can’t wait to try the protocol!

  • Sounds good Paul! Please post back here and let us know how it goes. Also, you’ll see in LTYG that Quercetin is very preventative for hemorrhoids and I would also test yourself for wheat intolerance – which seems the be the number one culprit for slowing down peristalsis and making people push really hard to defecate.

  • The dates on these posting are from several years ago, am wondering if I’m in the correct place to ask a question or make comment? Will try. What are your thoughts of a 2 year old girl, being diagnosed with crohns? Only symptom is slight blood in stoop, periodically. Slightly lower iron level too. No known pain, sleeps well, eats well, plays, happy baby. Has always been give probiotics, don’t know what type.
    Diagnosis based on results of colonoscopy, endoscopy, small intestine (mre scan). Will begin a 80/20 liquid diet. 80% liquid. Thank you for any I help.

    1. Hello Connie,

      Thank you for your comment. We are still here and answering questions to the best of our knowledge. You can also contact us as well at service@listentoyourgut.com
      We have a lot of information on treating children as well. You can see several articles and information on this by searching children with chrons as well as at this link:

      Also all of the products Jini has found safe for children can be found here:

      As for low iron, this product may be very beneficial for her to digest:

      As for probiotic, that is a great supplement to use for her. However, we are very cautious in the which ones to use for several reasons. You can see more on Jini’s research on them here:
      Also the pink box on the left of this page you can get a free ebook about them:

      The probiotics we best recommend can be found here:

      The Natren Life Start may be of great benefit for a two year old.

      A liquid diet can also be very beneficial. Here a few links of recipes, shakes and products we like to use as well:

      Please let us know if you have any other questions, or can help with anything else.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi I have just found you and your eBook thank god I now feel I have hope to help. My husband cope with his recently diagnosed ulcerated colitis 16.12.2016.
    I live in the UK and do have some difficulty finding the recommended supplements
    But I won’t let that stop me, I will find a way to make it work. Also I have some probs with my thyroid any ebooks I can buy for advice you and your staff are a. Gift
    To us all thank you. Dorothy

    1. Hi Dorothy,

      Thank you for your kind words. That is so great to hear you feel some hope in treating your husbands condition. We do ship to the UK, but know some are unable to afford the shipping cost to there. We do however have a store that carries the Absorb Plus in the UK if that is something you are interested in. You can see it here: https://www.amritanutrition.co.uk/gut-support/sibo
      We do not have too much information on treating the Thyroid. However, Jini has used and recommends this product for thyroid support: http://shoppe.listentoyourgut.com/search.php?search_query=thyroplex&x=0&y=0

      Please let us know if we can help with anything else and we wish you and your husband the best in your healing.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hello Jini,
    I found you on the internet and it feels like weight has been lifted off me. I’ve recently had small stomach/bowel blockage and Im determined to fix this situation vs listening to my doctor saying, this will happen again. I would like to start on Elemental Diet with shakes and vitamin but I don’t know what to buy first or what to start on. Can you please direct me to your link for a starter or products to get first. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hello Tracey,

      We are glad you were able to find Jini’s great information and we hope you able to feel better through the information. I can give you a few links to start with to go through, then please let us know if you have any further questions. There are several things that can cause blockages, unsure if you got a specific diagnosis yet or not. So, we would recommend searching through the symptom pages to see what best fits your needs: http://listentoyourgut.com/heal-your-symptoms.html

      We would recommend looking into Jini’s Listen to Your Gut book for all her overall detailed healing information here: http://listentoyourgut.com/healing-resources/6/listen-to-your-gut-the-complete-natural-healing-program-for-ibs-and-ibd.html

      Then the IBD Remission Diet book can give you the best detailed information on the elemental diet: http://listentoyourgut.com/healing-resources/5/the-ibd-remission-diet-achieving-long-term-health-with-an-elemental-diet-and-natural-supplementation-plan.html

      If you are interested in using the Absorb Plus for the elemental diet you can see more on that here: http://www.listentoyourgut.com/absorb-plus.html

      The information on the website and books will give you recommendations of vitamins and supplements per your individual needs. You can also search through the shoppe more for information on all of those products: http://shoppe.listentoyourgut.com/

      Some people like to get the elemental kits on this page to get all the basics we recommend together: http://shoppe.listentoyourgut.com/absorb-plus-elemental/

      Please let us know if you have any other questions after going through this information.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

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