I called this blog ZIGGAZAG because it represents what I feel to be the best pathway through life and business. Expecting to get somewhere in a straight, uninterrupted progression is just setting yourself up for failure and recriminations. Plus, you miss so many of life’s delightful ‘detours’ because the Universe is a magical place and since when is magic linear?

In my experience, staying open, flexible, zigging and zagging like a good rugby player, yields the highest rewards.

Me – Jini Patel Thompson

My journey through life (thus far) encompasses two themes: Health and Business.

I started with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology from the University of Alberta (1989). Then worked as a journalist and magazine editor in Tokyo, Japan for two years, followed by three years in the music business in London, U.K. I then set up a telecommunications company in Vancouver, BC, sold it five years later and started a publishing company.

Today, I am internationally recognized expert on natural healing for digestive diseases. I healed myself of widespread Crohn’s Disease and have remained drug and surgery-free for over 19 years. I’ve appeared on numerous TV and radio shows throughout the U.S., giving people hope and vision for how they too can heal their Colitis, Crohn’s, Diverticulitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), using entirely natural methods. My books on natural healing for digestive diseases have sold worldwide in over 40 countries.

I also have a DVD on natural healing for Colic – recommended in Parents Magazine (#1 in the U.S.). And a line of Sleeptime Stories on CD for children aged 2-6.

My health articles have been published in magazines and journals in Canada, the U.S., U.K., and Australia. I currently live with my husband and three children in White Rock, BC, Canada – but I’d like to also live in Mexico or Panama!

Jini & Family in Puerto Vallarta

If you want to read more, here’s an extended bio of my business adventures and lessons learned.

3 thoughts on “About Jini

  • Hi Jinny,
    I am Yoshiko and live in Vancouver. Thank you for writing the wonderful book for IBD people!
    I had UC once before, but after the second inflammation, I healed it using alternative treatments, mainly Reiki and diet. I found more than 30 Japanese people who have been healed from IBD using alternative treatments. They are a pain clinic doctor, an acupuncture practitioner, a chiro practitioner, a dentist, a homeopathy therapist, an editor, and the patients of Ohsaka’s Chinese herb doctor. I could read their experience on the websites.
    The pain clinic doctor published three books explaining how he and his patients have been cured. He has 321 IBD patients. 103 of them have not use any western type of medicines and are free from symptoms more than one year. (Some patients were told that their colons should be removed.) He showed patients’ data in his book to try to show the proofs.
    I asked the publishing company to publish English version, but I could not get a reply. I suspect that they might be skeptical about me who healed UC practicing Reiki.
    I was so disappointed and do not know what to do next. If you are interested in I will send you the English translation, so please let me know.
    Best wishes,

  • Hi Yoshiko,

    I lived in Tokyo for 2 years – but never made it to Osaka, unfortunately. And yes, please send me the English translation. I’d love to read it! I will email you with the mailing address. Thanks!

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